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7 Days ago
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  • intersectional.queer
    @harvey.kendra.art dude it's time. The gays™ are gonna take control of everything
  • harvey.kendra.art
    @macfarricy76 Ah, you're totally right. Everything should just stay the same, and gay people don't read comics today. Plus, making characters gay changes the entire integrity of the story and definitely doesn't allow comics to reach out to a wider audience. PC culture is minorities wanting to take over, not simply wanting to see more of themselves represented in the media. Makes sense now.
  • macfarricy76
    But changing 70 year old characters to appease PC culture, is PC, you fucking retard @harvey.kendra.art
  • harvey.kendra.art
    @macfarricy76 dude for the love of f*ck you know gay people exist right like... existing isn't being PC. Get over it you crybaby
  • intersectional.queer
  • macfarricy76
    The only reason I care at all is because people who make shows and movies are constantly moving toward PC and changing characters that everyone knows and loves, and it's obnoxious and they do it with everything
  • intersectional.queer
    @macfarricy76 you're getting upset over a fictional character being in a relationship with a girl. Think about how sad that is.
  • macfarricy76
    Fuck that, why do they always need to change characters from their base? Harley quinn is only a character because she was made to be the jokers bitch
  • lebaneselgbt.2017
  • lainiesmith
  • _kalsey_
    Ivy was always suuuper nice and sweet with Harley *😉😏*, cant wait for this!!!
  • thechickensfeet
    Honestly I'm pretty happy mainly because Leto's joker is actually fucking horrid, maybe i can watch this dceu movie without wanting to stab myself in the gut.
  • athenas_diary
  • masturbashion
    @meg.mgc !!!!!
  • kfeministartist
    Ivy and Harley should be together that's love and companionship nit the mess and abuse the Joker brings