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Comment from ~BrEw☕️Toe👟Dew🍈NEigh🐴:

Today I ended up getting lost in a real ghetto part of my city. It reeked of weed 42O000blaaaz-jkjk, and of alcohol. I wanted to cry every time I walked through a puff of smoke and the worst thing was my phone was at %5 perCENT. I'm surprised I'm still alive to be h0n3st.. doodle sketch jungkook jeonjungkook bunny bts bangtansonyeondan bulletproofboys 킬러kv 킬러jk kookie fanart 방탄소년단 전정국 정국

20 Days ago



Comment from A.H.:

JEON JUNGKOOK 🐰🐰🐰🐰🔪🔪🔪🔪 BTS bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan btsarmy BTSARMYS jeonjungkook jungkook btsfanart jeonjungkookfanart jungkookfanart BLOOD BUNNY KOOKIE 킬러jk 킬러jkfanart ARTIST artistsoninstagram sketchartist digitalart digital DIGITALARTIST LIKE FOLLOW killerJK 킬러kv

22 Days ago



Comment from silas:

킬러KV 🐰

37 Days ago



Comment from 🔮:

🐰🔫 killer jk au by 당번 (swipe left for progress) . . . art fanart sketch lineart inking ink inkbrush drawing watercolours red blood gore? gun bunny bts bangtanboys btsfanart jungkook jungkookfanart jeonjungkook kook kookie jk killerjk killer!jk au killerau 킬러KV 당번

44 Days ago



Comment from Sinna🌸:

Here is the sketches that I made for kookie killerKV or 킬러KV or killer!JK AU (credit AU /jung_kkuu on twt) Hope you'll like it😁❤ Recently I kinda obsessed with this character since I read the thread and detail from twitter (actually I read the translation from other link since the original one is from korean lol) So why not I try to draw it😆 . . [ PLEASE DON'T REPOST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION ] kpopfanart btsfanart fanart art sketch sketches drawing jungkook jeonjungkook kpop bts bangtanboys bangtanseonyeondan bulletproofscoutboys

46 Days ago



Comment from merisol☀️:

Clarendon looks surprisingly good on this lol 킬러kv 킬러JK btsfanart bts jungkook killerjk timbs evenifhesakillerhestillwearstimbs anyoneagainstthiscan fightme

47 Days ago

🌸Trashy Babies🍼🌸


Comment from 🌸Trashy Babies🍼🌸:

🌙Killer bunny 🐰🔪🌙 🌱-Cat🌸 bts bangtanboys btsfanart fanart jeon jungkook jeonjunkook art artistoninstagram artist sketch myart kpop au cute 방탄 방탄소년단 전정곡 국이 정국이 bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan jeonjeongguk jeongguk 킬러jk 킬러kv

63 Days ago



Comment from Ichikan:

Shit, i'm obsessed.. Killerjungkook jungkook drawing 킬러KV

79 Days ago


Comment from Diana:

Happy easter or something lmao . Cedits to /jung_kkuu on twitter for the Killer Kookie AU . . . . { art drawing pencil bts bangtanboys killerKookie Au 전정국 킬러jk 킬러kv happyeaster }

124 Days ago



Comment from 윤아:

° 정국 , 태형 ⛓💉 킬러JK 킬러v 킬러kv btsfanart fanart 전정국 김태형 뷔 jk th army

133 Days ago




Am I cute? 킬러kv 킬러vk 킬러jk fanart bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys jungkook jungkook🐰 AununsEvidenceOfLOVE

141 Days ago

Shira Bridget


Comment from Shira Bridget:

This is just a repost :)) I accidentally deleted the old one 😫😫 출처: 당번님 KillerJK KillerKV 킬러JK 킬러KV 방탄소년단 정국 jungkook bangtanboys bts fanart btsfanart kpop kpopfanart

141 Days ago



Comment from young_volcano:

Killer Jungkook bts jungkook btsjungkook jeonjungkook 킬러JK 킬러KV btsfanart btsart digitalart bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys jungkookfanart

142 Days ago



Comment from Ichikan:

I am now obsessed with killerjungkook shipped with secretary taehyung its just so cute i cant even kookv doodle btsdrawing 킬러KV 국뷔

150 Days ago

the nochuchu train is closed

Comment from the nochuchu train is closed:

...Jungkook? He's through. Welcome, Nochu. I hope you guys aren't getting tired of the KillerJK AU yet :') I had to :'))) I've been wanting to draw it since last year but my art skills back then prevented me from doing so :')))) I still can't draw full body poses ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡;) jungkook bts btsfanart jungkookfanart 킬러jk 킬러jkfanart killerjungkook nochu sketch blood killer_jk 정국 방탄소년단 btsfanartistso hitsulatteso turtleyoongoshouts 킬러kv cr: /jung_kuu on Twitter

152 Days ago



Comment from Sam:

A killer kook with another feel. . . . . Ok but i drew a super cool gun and ig crops it pls check out the full version on my twitter. . . . . 킬러kv killerkook jungkook digitalart conceptart character jungkookfanart wacom bts doodle sketchbook btsjungkook instasize btsfanart 방탄소녀단 방탄 그림 그림스타그램 instaart instagood artistsofig fanart digitalfanart clipstudio

155 Days ago

🌸카 타 a.k.a pink monster🌸


Comment from 🌸카 타 a.k.a pink monster🌸:

Un yuncoco 'cause hace caleta que no subo un dibujo💔 킬러kv 킬러jk art myart draw drawing artistoninstagram bts jeonjungkook fanart sketch

155 Days ago



Comment from Llama:

Reposting this to the "art" account --------------------- 킬러jk 킬러kv bts bangtan jungkook btsfanart jungkookfanart jeongguk

160 Days ago



Comment from sarah:

Old old drawings anime manga drawing art bts btsfanart jeonjungkook jungkook 킬러kv jungkookfanart blood iwanttodierippp

161 Days ago



Comment from NW🙊:

Loser will never be a winner!🔫 킬러kv 020317 cr.kookiechimm . Bts Jungkook btsfanart

169 Days ago