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Hanzel und Gretyl


Comment from Hanzel und Gretyl:

20 YEARS AGO TODAY 5/27/1997 was the release of our second CD "TRANSMISSIONS FROM URANUS"!! What a comet ride!⚡️✨💫☄️⚡️transmissionsfromuranus 20yearsold spacemachinebaby hanzelundgretyl howtimeflys

23 Minutes ago

Meei Thong


Comment from Meei Thong:

Officially 20 🙆🏻 528 Anything impossible before , Can just make it possible easily . Growing up is let's us live more mature rather then fall off . Not litter girl anymore . Every decision you make , You have to responsible for it . happybirthdaytomyself happybirthday 528 20yearsold

29 Minutes ago

Bintang NBS


Comment from Bintang NBS:

Makasih sayangku 😘 semoga semua doa yg kamu berikan ke aku bisa menjadi nyata dan PR buat tinggi kayak e susah 😅😅😅 makasih my beloved asa_kartykha i'll loving you forever 😍😍😘😘💕💖 birthdayparty birthdayfun birthdaycake happybirthday hapfun happyme happy tobesuccessful 20years 20yearsold

1 Hours ago

全王 🌸


Comment from 全王 🌸:

Yummy ! bananasplit 20yearsold family

1 Hours ago

Levi Jecker


Comment from Levi Jecker:

Had a great time this morning with my brothers at breakfast. It was nice of them to wake up early for my birthday 😂20yearsold

1 Hours ago

Ally Weick


Comment from Ally Weick:

Who knew 20 years old could feel so good, thanks for an amazing birthday morphlow summer break cute birthdaygirl 20yearsold chocolate cake babe

1 Hours ago



Comment from MyLifeAsHer:

Honestly couldn't have asked for a better family than the one we created 💕 Mommy loves her boys 💕💕 applejax jaxon jaxonbaker bakerboy babybaker bakerbaby mommasboy 20yearsold mommyandme southernmomma myfamilia myfamily myloves

1 Hours ago

lush frankieboy 👦🏼Eddie Bear👶🏼


Comment from lush frankieboy 👦🏼Eddie Bear👶🏼:

birthday BBQ happybirthday toome early cake walkingdead walkingdeadcake loveit lol candles blowthecandles yummy lush 20yearsold loveit brother happybirthdaytoome 5likesfor5likes 10lilesfor10likes likeforlike lovemycake happy cool lol brilliant family myfamily

1 Hours ago

Daniel Janoher De Vargas.


Comment from Daniel Janoher De Vargas.:

Autofelicitarme cada año por conseguir cumplir 365 días más, 20 años no es nada!! 🎂🎈happybirthdaytome 20yearsold birthday

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Comment from boattyzboatss:

Happy Birthday to me. 😝🎉 20yearsold ขออะไรดีๆเข้ามาหน่อย สิ่งร้ายๆขอให้ผ่านไปกับอายุ19 🙏

1 Hours ago

Строкова Анастасия


Comment from Строкова Анастасия:

С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ, Май Систер annbulbas сестратеплокостра🔥 20yearsold 27мая2017год

2 Hours ago

Mikey T


Comment from Mikey T:

Snot - Get Some came out 20 years ago today and in my opinion still relevant for today's music and one the best albums! So good and still in rotation for me. snot getsome 20yearsold stillrelevant greatmusic greatpeople crankitup sogood riplynnstrait ripdobbs

2 Hours ago

Mayte Ceballos Santiago


Comment from Mayte Ceballos Santiago:

Actually I am going to tell you why did I gonna be shave...because I wanted to different myself. As a result, I appreciate that I feel different than before. I am really happy and this is coming to true my dream! 💕bald shave words 20yearsold inspire cameraphone heart Credit: itsjohnguillermo ❤

3 Hours ago



Comment from Katelyn💥:

Memorial Day weekend at Madhouse 😈 can I just sleep here? ✌🏼20yearsold bodybuilding npc physique contestprep goodvibes memorialdayweekend 🇺🇸 beastmode muscle quads legs chestday cardio eatclean body girlswithmuscle trainhard focused abs positive weights ifbb selfie diet healthy fitness fit saturday grind fitnessmotivation ✨

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Nunu Way


Comment from Nunu Way:


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Comment from JJ:

Anakee❤️The pony who probably won more ribbons than I've ever had socks in my whole life!🤗Anakee20yearsoldreunionthebestponymyprettywhitestallionthebestmemoriesmadelemmiktikatalu

3 Hours ago



Comment from あかり:

・ ・ 20170527 ・ ◎サク 20歳 happybirthday 💫 シュークリーム、豆腐、プリン、サイダー、コーラからゆきののハタチはスタート❤︎サプライズ大成功!!バスケ部で2日も続けてバースデー会することとか、そんなないよな、笑笑 よかった、喜んでくれて。よかった、大成功して。 なんかめっちゃ汚くなったし、まじでいじめみたい😂ごめんね!!! 楽しかったし喜んでくれてよかった! これからもだいすき!よろしくね! バスケ部こーゆー時の団結力すごいよね。急に言って成功させる感じバスケ部らしくて丁度いい。お疲れ様です♡ ・ basketball birthday会saku20yearsold

3 Hours ago

Antonio Strainjev


Comment from Antonio Strainjev:

20yearsold 😁💪

4 Hours ago



Comment from 郭晏辰:

20170527 20年前小笨瓊の誕生日👶🏻 常常讓我擔心非常需要開導淚腺又宇宙發達的女子 希望20歲的妳能夠更堅強一點然後過的比妳的19歲更幸福一點 從12歲開始的每個生日都會有我 因為我們要一起陪伴對方長大變老👵🏻👭我愛尼~😆❤ (感謝旁邊那位已經習慣被霸凌的先生要好好照顧阿瓊哦🖐🏻)happybirthdaytomary20yearsold

4 Hours ago

🇯🇵Rin Okuno🇯🇵


Comment from 🇯🇵Rin Okuno🇯🇵:

skinner 痩せてた 休日の正しい過ごし方 bed-sheet dress fun mondaymorning 4yearsago 四年前の今日 変な遊び モデルごっこ 20yearsold

12 Hours ago