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strato_gears releasing the hounds with this sick patch work. It even glows in the dark! Follow patch.hub for your dose of porn DM for a feature. Patch Hub, feels too good to stop watching. gun guns gunsdaily gunporn 2a america merica usa shotgun rifle pistol pewpewar15 igmilitia firearms 9mm 2ndamendmentedc freedom comeandtakeit gunrights art ccwbadass 3percenter shooting mpc morale military

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regram theconservativecrony What a savage 🙌🏻 • Check out my Facebook page! Link is in my bio • 👇🏻Partners👇🏻 republican.trails / the_honest_politics rightwayusa / floridaconservatives indicthillaryclinton / outlaw.usa _conservative_princess_ / conservative_116 conservatives_in_colorado / clubtrump politics_rides_american_pride conservativepublic / rebelrepublican / brunetteandpolitical californian._.conservative theproudestpatriot / gay_nationalist • illegal american draintheswamp sorrynotsorry 3percent patriotic inspirational 2a patriots 2ndamendment libertarian like nationalism gop libtards rightwing deplorable maga president news funny followme america politics USA Trump DonaldTrump republican guns constitution

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Comment from Marines:

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Definitely Not Seth


Comment from Definitely Not Seth:

Good for the unitedkingdom , increasing the security of the country because of another possible attack. Despite cnnpolitics putting single quotes around imminent, severe, and critical. There may actually be a threat to hopefully deter from occurring. Also cnn managed to write two articles about the same interview and both articles talked about the same thing (last image) 👍.... I'm curious how many people actually read these, comment something below if you read all of the comment. Thanks. maga realnews political politics 1a 2a 10ams trump trumptrain trumpadministration makeamericagreatagain us USA usa usa🇺🇸 fakenews feminismiscancer manchester England britain terrorism gunfreezonesdontwork gunfreezone isis arianagrande prayformanchster

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Mark Lem


Comment from Mark Lem:

When you hate cardboard IDPA prado pewpewlife 2a effyoucardboard cardboardlivesmatter

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True. 🔴🔴 JOINT INSTAGRAM: rightwingsavages Partners: 🇺🇸 The_Typical_Liberal 🇺🇸 theunapologeticpatriot 🇺🇸 DylansDailyShow 🇺🇸 keepamerica.usa 🇺🇸Raised_Right_ 🇺🇸conservative.female 🇺🇸 too_savage_for_liberals 🇺🇸 Conservative.American DonaldTrump Trump 2A MakeAmericaGreatAgain Republican Liberal Democrat Ccw247 MAGA Politics LiberalLogic Savage TooSavageForDemocrats Instagram Merica America PresidentTrump Funny True SecondAmendment

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Outdoor & Survival man


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Howdy, What do you think about outdoor camping? tag your friends in our photo!📷 📷 This shot was captured by victorinoxswissarmy📷 Follow our feed for the most awesome survival gear. pocketdump mothernature knivesofinstagram campfire bladeporn natureseekers camplife customknife survivalskills tactical everydaytactical trees outdoorsman igmilitia knifeobsession knifeart mountain knivesdaily knifefanatics woodsman knifemaking instanature edcgear 2a grailknives survivalist glock shelter usnfollow knifeporn

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GunsAz ✳


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Never to early for wheelgunwednesday ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Repost sob8604 ・・・ Another Frenchie for the collection. The Modèle 1892 revolver, also known as the "lebel revolver" this classic single/double action pistol was the sidearm of French officers during WW1 and was in service all the way into the 1960s with some French Police units. This example was produced in 1922 and fires the 8mm/92 round typically an 120gr round traveling at 740ft/s. curioandrelic milsurp militarysurplus weaponx weaponsdaily gunchannels gunshow gunporn model1892 frencharmy ww1 revolver wheelgun 1776 2a igmilitia follow vintage militaryarms dailyweapons like4like livinghistory likeforlike igdaily instadaily gunsdaily

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🎲🎲EF Design🎲🎲


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💙💙0️⃣1️⃣💙💙- CNC milled from grade A Aluminium Anodizated - 12mm / 1/2 inch thickness - Sanded and Polished finish - 1 hole 1 inch for keychain ring and other item - paracord hole💙edccustommultitoolknuckvapepornpocketdumppocketvomiteverydaycarryjapanknucksaleknucklifetacticaltacticalcooldailybadassthorfirebrothersoftheironfistknifeefknuckfidgetknucksofigknifestagramjoytechgearsavebeadbombdefendthesecond2avapespinner

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Comment from Korwinism:

Go vote for me, and support me in any way possible! You must like the comment with my name to vote. Thanks!!! PARTNERS: British_conservatarian 🇬🇧 libertarianflorida_v2🇺🇸 classicalliberty🇺🇸 right.side.pride🇵🇱 clashspride 🇺🇸 freemarket101🇺🇸 minarchy🇺🇸 thomas.woodsist 🇬🇧 english.liberty🇬🇧 american.revolutionary Hashtags: Korwin MAGA Trump Altright lol manifesto freemarket ronpaul libertarian politics freedom 2a 1a right fascist communist nazi conservative liberal libtard l4l f4f followforfollow likeforlike obama clinton

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Always by my side 🤷🏼‍♂️ . . glock glock19 lokitactical trijicon kenziesoptics inforce gunporn gunsdaily sickguns gunlife pewpew pewpewlife weaponsdaily firearmsdaily tactical 9mm merica 2a progun gungrabber

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Cliff Chiang


Comment from Cliff Chiang:

"I know what you're thinking. 'Did he fire six shots or only five?' Well, to tell the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you better ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?" - Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry, 1971)

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Shootist Tactical


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<---swipe A quick cover up of some microcell stippling. No dremel, just an iron, some sweet tea, and about 45 minutes of time. downanddirty oldschool coverup guns gunporn stmilitia gun gunsdaily 2a tactical gunsofinstagram gunsofig weaponsdaily pewpew shooting nra gunlife sickguns merica igmilitia glock america sickguns igguns gunsdaily gunchannels firearms stippling cerakote

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Zorn Holsters


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Repost tacticallyfitdad ・・・ Pocket Dump and representing some silencerco today! 👍👍👊 -- -- ________________________ glock glockinc zornholsters gerbergear fenixoutfitters wiseguy wisemencompany 511tactical tactical freedom america 2a 2asupporter EDCCoffeeCo coffee pistol 9mm guns gunporn saturday nra sickguns badass concealcarry TacticallyFitDad united2a wise_men_company concealednation concealed_carry_nation extremegentleman 2agun

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Action Target


Comment from Action Target:

ajht_instructor_mike - "30 rounds 50 feet" - Action Target rangeAJ Harris Tactical - - - actiontarget gunrange rangeday shootingrange indoorrange actiontarget guns ar15 sbr gunsdaily gunchannels welikeshooting 556 2a 2ndamendment pewpew recoil rangeday gunrange indoorrange

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Comment from rigid_alloy_llc:

Mr. Cool getting ready to bang some steel. rimfire savagearms 2a varminthunting rimfiredaily precisionrimfire guns pewpew teachemyoung merica 22lr 22mag 17hmr

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Action Target


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Action Target range mcqueeneygunclub from dailygundose - "Tag DailyGunDose for a feature! 💥" ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Repost 📸 mcqueeneygunclub ・・・ "Are we doing this Full Auto Friday thing right??" actiontarget indoorrange shootingrange gunrange rangeday weapon weaponsdaily weaponfanatics sickguns dailybadass gun gunsdaily gunhub 2a LAW goinghott

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What do you think of yanayogis with the Bennington flag? 🔥🔥 - Tag a fellow American patriot who would proudly wave this flag. And check out "The Bennington Flag: A Pre-Constitutional Symbol of Freedom" on to learn its fascinating history! 🇺🇸 76

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