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•sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly•

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Comment from Lauren Torres:

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Did you ever feel like you just don't enough credit ????? 👉women, we run the WORRRRRRLD! Today I need to : -Help some people commit to their health journey -Clean the house because's been awhile 😂 -Get over the post-midtour out of routine-ness that is still lingering -help with homework -Entertain my 4 yr old while homework is being done -cook dinner -Make a meal plan and grocery list -Answer ALL the messages -Host a team call tonight (stoked!) -continue working on my upcoming New coach mentorship! -And I still got my workout and reading in! name a FEW things If you are a women in today's world Momma Milspouse Fur mom CEO/girl boss Empolyee 》WHATEVER《 I'm sure your list is LONG and you're forgetting to recognize that you are a freaking BOSS for getting it done!!!!!! HIGH FIVE to all the boss ladies who just get it all done! 》I give you credit -I see you-I recognize YOU! TIP: instead of letting it get you down, let it EMPOWER the crap you .. like "HELL YES MY LIST IS LONG AND HELL YES IM GONNA GET IT DONE!!!!! " Who run the world??? #girls #likeaboss

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#repost Melania Trump ~ Not only is Mrs. Trump going to be our First Lady to be, she is first and Formost a mother to Barron Trump. As in many parts of the world, a president/emperor's wife is seen as the mother of a nation. A role model of what is healthy and life giving. Every person's struggles in life are only their own. Learning from our past, forgiving and moving forward will help make America great again! As modern doctors try to catch up to the fact that 'food is medicine'. We will all look forward to improved changes to our health through good clean, organic, non-GMOs (labelling of toxic GMO foods and crops), decreased use of Cancer causing vaccines and flu shot for children, especially those under the age of 3, clean drinking water without the toxic fluoride and chlorine, clean air without all that toxic heavy metals spraying into our skies under the guise of the fake Global Warming to get more taxes agenda. The expansion of agriculture, especially cattle, the growing of more organic non-GMO clean crops will build a better America for all citizens here and around the world. The world is watching, Mr. Trump! Please get America out of this economic depression created by the puppets of the rich illuminati elite families. Looking forward to seeing you in the White House. *P.S. Nobody can do health better than the new age Chiropractors and Naturopathic/natural medicine/holistic doctors - they will 'cure' you, not only treat your symptoms...wink, wink ... #RedDeer #sprucegrove #stalbert #Wetaskiwin #Burlington #mayor #judge #lawyer #student #university #sheriff #deputy #college #donaldtrump #hillaryclinton #congress #senator #governor #ambassador #doctor #dentist #professor #atheist #specialforces #armylife #navylife #marinelife #militarylife #airforcelife

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Today I dare you to rock what you've got, unashamed, unafraid, and unapologetically. Hair a hot mess? Ain't no thang. Slip up at work? Psssssht all good. Mistakes happen. Whatever little annoyance threatens to rock the boat of your manic week, I dare you to look it in the eyes and give it a wink, smile and use the power of positivity. 》You are fierce, strong, unstoppable《 Grab today by the you-know-what and rock it out. 》And whatever shit you've got going on (and we all have some shit), darling, just fucking own it. Because nothing is as powerful as standing tall in yourself. #befierce #unstoppable

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Goodbyes are always hard... But this one was the worst! But I hope these 6 months will fly by fast so I can be in your arms again. I love you Sweetie, just be safe and work hard!!! I miss you! 💔 #airforcelife #distancemakestheheartgrowfounder

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#repost BIKERS FOR TRUMP is a large group of more than 200,000 people who vow to defend and protect Trump on Inauguration Day from violent protestors, many funded by the illuminati elite families. Chris Cox, the founder of 'Bikers for Trump' says his movement started from support of how outspoken Trump has been and their dislike of how the country has been run. The Bikers for Trump group will work with the local Police to protect the innocent and Trump from protestors. In the event that the anti-Trump protestors start causing trouble, the Bikers for Trump will form a wall to block off protestors. Chris Cox says that they are there to ensure that there is a 'peaceful' transition of power for Trump. Many of these bikers are coming by bikes and buses from Texas, Arizona, Santiago, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and from many far away places. The Bikers for Trump, many of who are patriots and veterans, represent the over 6-8 million bikers countrywide, will also be putting on the 58th Inauguration half time Show before the parade in honour of the veterans, with the blessing from President Elect Trump. Bikers for Trump movement is on Facebook under 'Bikers for Trump 2016'. There they are accepting 'GoFundMe' Donations if anyone wants to contribute to their cause. May those we want to cause trouble for our President Elect be put in their place. We the people want Trump in office!!! 👊🏼 #biker #reporter #donaldtrump #hillaryclinton #specialforces #armylife #navylife #marinelife #militarylife #airforcelife #army #navy #marine #marines #coastguard #airforce #navywife #armywife #marinewife #airforcewife #usnavy #usarmy #usmarine #general #admiral #nationalguard #kernel #troops #infantry

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Comment from Barry Tuck 🇺🇸:

Wear Your Smile Proud 😃 I'm speaking/teaching on "Counting Your Blessings" Friday. This is something I used daily as I went thru my difficult time in 2012-2013. This difficult time wasn't aired on Facebook and only a very few people knew what was going at that time. Those few people were my ROCK! 👫 During this time I would journal at the end of each day what I'm thankful for. I believe if you can't change your environment (ex. Work) then change your perspective. 🤔 🚫I began to eliminate negative words from my vocabulary and replace them with mindful thought. How you react is in your control, and when you count your blessings, your thoughts, emotions, and actions change. It was then I could live my days in peace. ❤️I must give credit to two great people that have helped me gain peace of mind. @amymorinauthor And @lisa2motivate Phenomenal leaders with great books. 📚 👍Wish me luck as I share my knowledge with these awesome folks tomorrow!

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Comment from Lauren Torres:

1 Days ago

This 👌 I'm not even playin' 😂 when I get into the shower, I can sort thoughts and calm down. Some of my best thoughts come from the shower. This morning I really needed those life thoughts. The end of this tour with big life changes, the kids acting out and the selling of the house has got me all outta sorts. Now I just need to get a wine glass that would work in the shower and I think I'd have the perfect combo 🙌

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