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Comment from zoomhd:

ANZAC Post... While I am against aggression and war, I am also aware of the need for a capable defence force. To all the men and women of the ADF, past and present, Thank you for your service! I decided include some photos of each of the arms of the Australian Defence Force from the Avalon Airshow. Royal Australian Army adf army helicopter airpower anzac royalaustralianarmy thankyou

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thesofasurfer on eBay


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Army Black Knights Digital Camo ACU Pro Combat football helmet. All hail West Point! goarmy army💕 Army westpoint cadetlife usa military

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Steve T


Comment from Steve T:

Day 275 of 22 push-ups. Please share this video. Someone might just needs this. Each push-up is a life taken by suicide. To those that are serving and are away from there families I salute you. navy usmc army airforce uscoastguard Please share this post so that it may reach someone who needs this. The number for the Veterans Crisis Line is: 1-800-273-8255 select option 1. You can also text 838255 I did 22pushups! I am pushing up in an attempt to raise awareness to the fact that on average, 22 AMERICAN VETERANS will commit suicide TODAY! Please spread the word that veteran suicide is not the answer and take the 22pushupschallenge. 22 service members is to many lives to be lost on a daily basis. A new video will be posted each day. The goal is to raise awareness for our Service Members who are battling this demon. 22kill 22pushups endthis crusheverything 22nomore mission22 mentalhealth veterans ptsd 22istoomany even1istoomany movement22 evenoneistoomany mission_22 fratres_custodis 22pushupchallenge pushupchallenge keeppushing 22toomany family lovelandohio true8 repost igy6 letscheckonafriend ILiveFRESH buddycheck mi22ion 9onyourside

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Comment from SeaSprayImages:

A picture from this mornings ANZAC service. bermagui digitalphotography sunrise motorcycle motorbikes anzacday army vintage anzacparade southcoast

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Mary Hunt


Comment from Mary Hunt:

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Todd Johnson


Comment from Todd Johnson:

Time to meet the neighbours .. .? army

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BTS/ 반탕


Comment from BTS/ 반탕:

ThE STRUggle - - - - bangtan army bts suga jin jungkook rapmon v jhope jimin

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LM10 Secondbrands


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J (16)


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Comment from OFFICIAL JIHOE *blue Tick*:

Twinkle twinkle AugustD , You are all I want to be , Why tf are u so far? U can have me in yo car👀 ~ don't mind me I'm tired~ • • Tags~ yoongi minyoongi suga btssuga daddy bias sexyyoongi sexysuga bts bts❤ bts👑 bts❤️ bts💕 bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bangtansonyeondanarmy army btsarmy bts2017 kpop kpop👑 kpopbts kpopislife

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Comment from curiouscaseofawanderer:

In honor of Jimin and Jin armwrestle: jungkook and Jin armwrestle. Who's it gonna be? Eomma Jin or Maknae Kookie? army bts suga yoongi v taehyung rapmonster namjoon hobi jhope

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Catarina Augusta


Comment from Catarina Augusta:

▪️▪️Anzac Day and Poppies everywhere...▪️ I remembered about this NZ short movie, which I've just watched recently ( I reckon it's from 2009) introduced by a kiwi friend.... Very good to watch today!!! ▪️ anzacday poppiesforpeace soldiers poppy poppyfilm truestory choices redemption worldwarone army anzac

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Comment from WeAreBTS:

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Amy Lovell


Comment from Amy Lovell:

Just a few of the attributes that make up members of our military. army westpoint stone carving courage service

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Comment from Francesca:

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