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Anthony Atler


Comment from Anthony Atler:

armylife trainingtobeatgoku sexyman cavalryscout sergeant

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Thomas Giø


Comment from Thomas Giø:

Σκηνακια ημέρα 3η armylife camp green view ⛺ tentview instadaily instagreece ig_greece

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Comment from toshie__moshie:

Graduated today! And deadliftandpizza wore his dress blues just for me lol. So glad this is all done and my babe could be here for this one since he wasn't able to go to my BCT grad. 🤗💕🇺🇸 mi ait texas army armylife teamkennedy jesha flex muscle eyebrowsonpoint motd inregulations hush infantry 11B relationshipgoals swolemate

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macy guthridge


Comment from macy guthridge:

Trail rides::adventure hikes. survivalbeach puertorico adventureisoutthere adventureawaits getupanddosomething armylife armywife trailriding horsebackriding hiking hikingadventures beachlife tropicaltrailrides sincerelytayyp curtisguthridge

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Morten Jensen


Comment from Morten Jensen:

Aussie photobomb and 40+ degrees. 📸 kjaerheine

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Gizle Manchester


Comment from Gizle Manchester:

We had a beautiful sunny weather lately. Here I am crawling on the grass to take this gorgeous view of beautiful My. Rainier. Happy allergy day! ibetyouwanabehere ifnlovephotography pnw wanderlust landscape mtrainier pnwlife jblm jblmphotographer spring washingtonstate armywife armylife travelbuddy youtuber youtubevlogger

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Faith, Hope, and Lavender


Comment from Faith, Hope, and Lavender:

Being a first time Mom, I worry. Little things and big things. I'm amazed daily how strong my daughter is. Always watching and always looking forward.... Literally. Oh and the hair band makes her look like she has a football head. No worries there. 1 year appt went great. 😂 jkinstachallenge

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Alen Dzekic


Comment from Alen Dzekic:

Træt efter en lang og hård felt øvelse ArmyLife GivAgt StramOp

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Sam Arndt


Comment from Sam Arndt:

Sometimes you just have to take a selfie in your Mommin' Like a Boss shirt from thetrendypear to commemorate the wednesday that you ✅had your makeup on before school drop off ✅talked your four year old down from an epic tantrum ✅found the egg shell before you ate the egg ✅drank your coffee while it was still hot and ✅made it to your kindergartener's play on time . . . . . . . momlife mompreneur wahm lawofattraction confidence makeupbyme armylife fitnessmom fiercesociety makeup lashesonfleek workfromhome fitnessmodel redheadedbeauty makeuplove veganmakeup makeupinspo embraceyourself aboutface innerbeauty purplehair

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Comment from Tae✌:

From sexy to babyboy😏❤ - - - taehyung V taetae🐰 bts❤️ bts👑 bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan jin jhope jungkook jimin suga rapmon RUN army armylife kpop korea kpoplovers koreanband

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Sergeant Gonzalez


Comment from Sergeant Gonzalez:

If you wear the Army Uniform or an Army Veteran 🇺🇸 Stay "FRESH" my friends‼️ Sharp, Crisp, Focused, Determined, Motivated, Successful, and everything else associated with staying on top of your game‼️ iamarmyfresh armyfresh usarmy goarmy usarmy armyfreshfitness usarmysoldier recruiter usarmyrecruiter professional armylife military successful career usarmy armyfresh goarmy future_soldier_center militaryfreshnetwork dopemilitary staff_sergeant_fesender

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Comment from Elliott:

The Army runs on Starbucks. ArmyLife

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Pakistan Defence


Comment from Pakistan Defence:

Follow pakistandefence ___________________________________________ pak pakistan pakistani pakistanarmy pakistannavy pakistanarmyzindabad military army armylife armyswag forces soldiers armyliving armedforces soldierslove defence strategy swag uniform grace graceful militarythings defender defenders defendtheland motherland fauji fauj faujiswag army💕

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Comment from Nurmaliaessa:

Look at his smile ♡♡ taehyung ahhh 😍😍😍😘😘😘 . Good night everyone ♡♡♡ . bbmas bbmas2017 bangtanboys btsindonesia armyindonesia armylife bangtan bts❤️ kimnamjoon kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok parkjimin kimtaehyung jeonjungkook rapmon jin suga jhope jimin v jungkook bts billboards2017 billboardmusicawards

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Sergeant Tavaris Hood


Comment from Sergeant Tavaris Hood:

BasicTraining might be physically and mentally challenging, but it's an experience you'll never forget. futureleaderofamerica CitizenSoldier NationalGuard SoldierLife ArmyLife

26 Minutes ago

💎LLH💎 K👑


Comment from 💎LLH💎 K👑:

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🇫🇷 French Operations 🇫🇷


Comment from 🇫🇷 French Operations 🇫🇷:

Série G.I.G.N 👍🏼⚠️🇫🇷👮⠀ ⠀ Photo tiré du film "L'assaut" sorti en 2011 et qui raconte l'intervention du G.I.G.N sur la prise d'otage dans un avion à l'aéroport d'Alger.⠀ 9 membres du G.I.G.N on été blessés lors de l'intervention 🚑.⠀ Les otages ont été tous libérés et les 4 terroristes tués. ⠀ ⠀ french armeedeterre forcespeciale commando helicopter weapons defense army armylife specialforces entrainement gendarmerie gign

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Ww2 Collector


Comment from Ww2 Collector:

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen. Militairy tracks 2017

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Comment from THE ROOSEVELTS:

As we celebrate "All-American Week," lets look back at the 82ndAirborne Division which celebrates it's 100th birthday this year.

32 Minutes ago

Morten Jensen


Comment from Morten Jensen:

151 Days ago