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Maurício Ribeiro


Comment from Maurício Ribeiro:

tatubjj mauricioribeirobjj solonmateusbjj blackbelt soulfightersbjj bjj jiujitsu artesuave bjjafter50 tijuca campogrande ilhadogovernador QGTJK ctmr cssa bardoadao brazilcombat worldchampion lasvegas semdesculpa mimimizero respeito humildade Repost ClickArtSuave Treino de Jiu-Jitsu as 10 h dia 23/08.

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Katie Holloman


Comment from Katie Holloman:

My morning alarm clock, I'm in this picture...somewhere lol findme bjj jiujitsu goodmorning goodVibes

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Comment from 엄준용:

하이퍼플라이X조짓수회 하이퍼플라이코리아의 도움으로 재밌는 이벤트 진행하여서 참 좋았습니다. 재밌게 운동도 하고 상도 받고 감사합니다. 조짓수회 주짓수 하이퍼플라이코리아 하이퍼플라이 운동 bjj jojitsu jiujitsu bjj4life YCTH doordie 도복 래쉬가드 티셔츠 gi rashgard tshirts

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Académie Jackson Paulo


Comment from Académie Jackson Paulo:

👋🏻AJP schedule available on our website / Cours et horaires disponible sur notre site web plus d'infos sur les tarifs bientôt disponible ! 👋🏻 . . . . .Inscrivez vous sur notre site pour recevoir les derniers News et Actualités : AJP academiejacksonpaulo planning schedule cours horaires class jiujitsu jjb bjj brazilianjiujitsu fitness fitnessmotivation training great day sun nextseason spetember lille france fitnessgirl fitnessjourney soon bts

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Shamsudin Magomedov


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Shamsudin Magomedov:

Over Under Pass Counter With Triangle Choke [No-Gi] Полная версия с объяснением на bjjsquad brazilianjiujitsu grappling moscow bjj

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Luke Antony Thomas


Comment from Luke Antony Thomas:

Fight week haircut! Massive thanks to nathanspartan1991 for fitting me in at salty_beards_barber_co 👌🏼 fightweek haircut barber barbershop no1barbers mma k1 bjj excited adrenalinefightnight

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BUD RUNNING THROUGH THESE M*therf%ckers 🏃🏿👊🏿💫😵 CLICK LINK IN BIO 4FULL BREAK DOWN 😜 Check my predictions 📽 ....... fight ufc mixedmartialarts mayweather mcgregor entertainment music boxing mma combatsports kickboxing ufcnews wrestling martialarts bjj boxingnews fitness gym chat analytics fighter news fox saturdaynight motivation happy youtube latenight training tired 😎👊

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R a n i e r i P e g o r a r o


Comment from R a n i e r i P e g o r a r o:

Brazilian mafia... oss rogergracie gymbox london intense bjj oss graciejiujitsu wednesday grabandpull sparring porrada brasil friends spartan rgateam pancadaria monster

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First Fight Center


Comment from First Fight Center:

Praticando o Jiu-Jitsu você faz amigos, muda seu corpo, alivia o stress, ganha autoconfiança, aprende a se defender entre outros inúmeros benefícios que a prática proporciona! vemprafirst jiujitsutododia firstlifestyle jiujitsu bjj firstfightcenter bluebelt ilovejiujitsu jiujitsuaddicted bjjlifestyle jiujitsuviciados

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Shaun Saunders


Comment from Shaun Saunders:

likeforlike like4like followforfollow gym jujitsu bjj gymtime gymlife

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Chris A


Comment from Chris A:

I've got my game face on for Masters Worlds 😜. See you all in Vegas tomorrow! carlsongraciejiujitsu wefightforcarlson carlsongracieteam carlsongracieteamaz oss bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu competition training masters mastersworlds ibjjfmasterworlds2017 lovingaf spirtual peace cgt cgtarizona

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Comment from AllianceLaPeninsula:

"Fighting is not a physical thing It is a espiritual thing" RicksonGracie quote mental body spiritual Oss bjjlifestyle bjj jiujitsu Jiujitsustyle

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Rafael Rebello ATT


Comment from Rafael Rebello ATT:

Repost ajchid What a summer... bjj originusa originbjjcamp2017 jiujitsu campvega amazing friends dog rebellobjj maine

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Rich Harris


Comment from Rich Harris:

Know your roots. lineage bjj ICONJJ

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Dayton Martial Arts


Comment from Dayton Martial Arts:

Make more new friends and better old friends! Your kids are so focused and strong! Better grades come with improved athleticism and your child does better in school and other activities. Learning practical self defense gives your child the words and emotional strength to speak up for themselves and to ask for help when they need it. Come join us this Summer and see why the Asian Arts Center is the top martial arts school in the Miami Valley. focus grows with strength! You will need a lot of practice Want to know what excellence in training looks like? Earn your trophy sand accolades! It's hard so train hard!!!!!! Can you help me build power, lose weight, increase confidence, develop speed and agility, become an athlete? How would you help me? Tell me, show me, and inspire me in 30 Seconds and post with 30secfitclub to win a small prize, and if you are a personaltrainer or Gym or fitness business owner or martialarts karate taekwondo bjj judo jujitsu boxing mma School owner of simply a fitness or wellness coach or enthusiast, you win big as you get better at telling your story in a way that engages and moves. You wouldn't mind a little more success would you? smallbusiness bellbrook inspiration success motivation kids daytonohio vandalia dayton kettering

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Tomoshige Sera


Comment from Tomoshige Sera:

Aoyama closed .... 9/18にカルペディエム広尾でリーボック杯を行います。道場内マッチなので普段試合に出ない方でも気軽に出場できます💪 出場希望の方は各道場のエントリシートに記入してください✏️ 豪華な賞品がいろいろです🤓 carpediembjj carpediem カルペディエム 今を生きろ 柔術 jiujitsu bjj リーボック reebok

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Comment from ADAPT NO-Gi & MMA:

Good to hear the former champ is back on the mats, and on the road to recovery. MattHughes ufc ruthless_rl timsylviamma1 hughes submission bjj nogi wrestling mmafighting mma martialarts mixedmartialarts danawhite countryboy triggonomics davenport iowa miletich mfs

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🥊🥊 нартадыгеяроссиякраснодаркбркчрммагрэпплингbjjкроссфитспортакадемияединоборствacbakhmatfightnightsprofcprimeselectionm1unionmmaсамбобоевоесамбодзюдотайскийбокск1спортивнаяборьбамотивацияпанкратионемельяненкосемьякоманда

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TRIALS Mixed Martial Arts


Comment from TRIALS Mixed Martial Arts:

believe mma mmalife mmalifestyle bjj bjjlifestyle bjjlife grappling nogi kickboxing muaythai muaythaifighter fitness coloradomma noco fortcollins

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João Paulo Barroso


Comment from João Paulo Barroso:

Fraco não é quem perde, mas quem desiste, tal como forte não é quem vence, mas quem luta. Um lutador enfrenta e enxerga os obstáculos como oportunidades para aprender e evoluir. . deashibarai bjj faith love peace family wife home

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