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Thomas Rozdzynski


Comment from Thomas Rozdzynski:

Orginiazed chaos = fun ROL Style rolacademy rolstyle orlandpark orlandparkjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle bjj bjj4life jiujitsu rozdzynskibjj rozbjj kidsbjj rolkids

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Comment from ابو:

Молодого chirmaev7 уболтал прогуляться, а то, то и дело спал на сборах))) сборы grappling uww unitedworldwrestling surgut bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle surgut_insta surgutinsta instasurgu grapplinguwwспортвсургутезалборьбыcoachсургутосургутsurgutdayssurgut_instasurgutsurgutbjj grappling bjj brazilianjiujitsu ibjjf oss ADCC

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Gracie Gym - Plano, TX


Comment from Gracie Gym - Plano, TX:

A little more about Rolles Gracie Seminar! rollesgracie carlosgracie heliogracie crolingracie jiujitsu jiujitsu4life jiujitsulifestyle teamcrolingracie bjj brazilianjiujitsu fight fitness martialarts oss samurai selfdefense badass fariaspartans Texas art photo follow IBJJF

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Top Boxer Custom Boxing


Comment from Top Boxer Custom Boxing:

Hi folks Here here is custom made chamo body shield for coachJuri Hope you folks like these customboxing boxing customboxinggloves boxinggloves topboxer custommadeboxinggloves oldschool topboxercustom craftsmanship bjjboxer champion training jiujitsuleather fitness handmade bestcoach mma coach customboxingtrunks conormcgregor personaltrainer luxury muaythai kickboxing ufc mitts custommitts Order your custom made gloves and gear by email at

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Jason Mitchiner


Comment from Jason Mitchiner:

People ask me what it takes to become the greastauthorofmygeneration? Lots of reading and writing and hard work of course. The kind of hard work you are willing to sacrifice everything you have, even if it's your own life to achieve your goals. That kind of hard work you know? Every great mma boxing muaythai wrestling bjj judo surfing(etc) champion knows what I'm writing about. antiochla antiochuniversitylosangeles marinadelrey losangeles hollywood california chrisssytina c4jforever nakedauthor jasonwilliammitchiner

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Croccifixio Morningstar


Comment from Croccifixio Morningstar:

trainor103: "For those who are looking on how to use the bag to its full potential. This snippet is take from the tutorial I did for the warriorcollective on perfecting bag work. The importance is not to merely treat the bag as a bag. Think of it as a person and interact with it the same way you would if you were sparring or fighting someone instead of simply just beating on it. On the first of July I'll actually be taking the first seminar the Warrior Collective will host. The seminar will be for the Make-A-Wish foundation which is a charity that helps terminally ill children by using the funds to give them one special wish. If there is anyone interested in attending then please contact the Warrior Collective for information on this great cause....also don't forget to check out their YouTube channel for the full tutorial along with a host of others. ------------------------------------------ kstarlegacy drillsbuildskills muaythailife muaythaifighter muaythai thaiboxing warrior mma ufc bellatormma champions inspiration muaythaistrikers boxing sports motivation fitness wrestler judo fighting fight kickboxing bjj jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle mixedmartialarts kickboxing martialarts oldbury birmingham"

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Muhammed Şefik


Comment from Muhammed Şefik:

Just my life........... bjjbjjlifestylebjjgirlspolishgirllike4likeselfielikeforlikel4lbadasscutehandsomenaturetagforlikestagbomdiapicofdayallshotsfollowforfollowfollowforlikeinstafollowinstalikeloveiphonesiaigersshoutoutboanoiteamazinglindatweegramtbt

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Robert Abú


Comment from Robert Abú:

🏆 My Young Fighters 🏆 The Future 🏆 JiuJitsuLifeStyle BlackBelt Bjj ABGT AbuBrothers MacacoDNA GoldTeam MacacoGoldTeam Champions oss BlackTrunk ufc ufcFitness mma mmafitness mmagirls RespectYourBody PraCimaMemo ChampionsFactory Submission Fitness Respect GetReady KeikoSports JesusChrist TheLionOfJudah

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Comment from Esquaredlife:

A better action shot rockies . . . . Esquaredlife18 bjj jiujitsu bjjlife kids children child kidsfashion arbonne childhood fun kidsfun kidsphoto childsphoto cute love life kiddos igkids kidsstyle kidsmodel family brotherandsister beautiful inspiration igdaily motivation instagood

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Carlos Miguel (Arcanjo)


Comment from Carlos Miguel (Arcanjo):

"Em homenagem aos meus brother guardeiros" guardaaranhastyle bjj oss👊

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Jiu Jitsu


Comment from Jiu Jitsu:

Triângulo de mão... bjjgi bjjpurplebelt bjj jiujiteira jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle artesuave

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Photo Gallery


Comment from Photo Gallery:

якубовичbjj 😎🌚

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Tanja Kalliosaari


Comment from Tanja Kalliosaari:

Shouting makes your athlete to do better? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, but it sure was entertaining to watch :D shout coachfromhell? boxing boxer fight fighter hit fit pro blackandwhite canon sport sports sportsphotography mma bjj kickboxing muaythai thaiboxing judo jiujiutsu mma martialart mixedmartialart photography ultimatephotoartist tanjakalliosaari experiencetheultimate

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Andre Sena


Comment from Andre Sena:

Parceria nas fotos e nos tatames meu brother luanrobmamed 👊🏼🥋.! bjj jiujitsu jiujitsukids kidsbjj bulldogff fpjj cbjj mma brazilianjiujitsu vistawring wringjj ufc graciemag crossfit brazil preparacaofisica maromba orgulhodanutri altorendimento malacridanutricao vinesmotors bjjgirl PatrocineUmAtleta ApoieUmAtleta euatleta ibjjf 2017 brownbelt wring_jj graciebarra gbgranjaviana

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Bruce Reikow


Comment from Bruce Reikow:

bjj brazillianjiujitsu ricksongracie thechoke thebest champion motivation positivity strength focus

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Comment from ufc480Chris:

(UFC Fight Night 64) Mirko Cro Cop def. Gabriel Gonzaga via 3rd round TKO. ufc mirkocrocop mma mixedmartialarts ko tko knockout tapout boxing kickboxing thaiboxing muaythai taekwondo karate groundandpound grappling wrestling graciejiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu

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Comment from Marcelo:

bjj brazilianjiujitsu 🤙🤙🤙

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Comment from TechNACITY:

This saturday Abhaya Tournament. Every type of zzzteam hat and meanstreetsmissionwear hat you can imagine! . . .bjj mma bjjgraduation bjjhat brazilianjiujitsu TechNACITY skillnwilln iamcanadian abhayatournament grappling bjjcloyhing bjjhat

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Fight Central


Comment from Fight Central:

Link in bio - we hope you dig the gear. Thanks for all your support fightcentral mma ufc martialarts mixedmartialarts boxing kickboxing muaythai wrestling judo karate taekwondo bjj jiujitsu sports combat alpha savage respect swag fitness motivation fitnessmotivation fight fighting sale shop

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Comment from bjjelite:

Repost mariavars with repostapp ・・・ bjjbjjlifebjjlifestylebjjgirlbjjgirlsbjjwomangirlsingisbjjforlifejiujiujitsujiujitsulifejiujitsulifestyletrainingjiujitsu4lifeilovebjjjiujitsugirljiujitsugirlsbrazilianjiujitsurussiamoscowsportgirljiugirljiugirlsjiugirlcantstopwontstoptrainhardplaysoftdoordiegirlscanroll Today my husband kicked my ass at the jiu jitsu class 😜 but anyway, he's my husband!❤️

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