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Comment from Artefeed:

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Comment from rr.695:

جاي من الاكسبلور لايك+فولو💜 vine video ufc mma art boxing wwe wrestling karate kickboxing bjj jiujitsu knockout muaythai traning Apaka mcgregor champion diaz ufc196 warrior مقاطع_فيديو العاب_قتاليه كاراتيه البطل ممنوع_الرحمه

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Marcos Quiros


Comment from Marcos Quiros:

Training with the champs. Goblinskilzbjj ATT Bjj nogi gi

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Patrick Meza ⚫🔵⚫


Comment from Patrick Meza ⚫🔵⚫:

If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you BJJ SilvaArmy LetsRoll JitsuLife AloisioSilva jiujitsu BreakPointGi breakpointfc breakpointfcathlete

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Chris A 🇬🇷♎️🥋


Comment from Chris A 🇬🇷♎️🥋:

It's all about perspective. selfdefence hapkido zeusacademy mentalattitude perseverance martialartslife indomitablespirit taekwondo bjj fighter perspective

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Felipe Huk


Comment from Felipe Huk:

É desse jeito Só quem tem respeito carrega no peito A medalha da vitória, traz a glória (dito e feito) (8 checkmat dalgallopresentes conebox borgofitness dalgallocell bjj foconamissao blessed gratidao oss

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UFC Gym Australia


Comment from UFC Gym Australia:

Looking for a new fitness challenge? UFC GYM Wetherill Park has put together a team to take on the 7km Spartan Race in Picton on the 6th of May! This is a unique opportunity to work together and test your perseverance, endurance and mental strength. To join go to: and register for the May 6 - 7km race. Make sure you join our team name "UFC Gyms WP" for the 3pm wave and enter discount code "SR1UFC17" at the checkout! Once you've entered email our Fitness Manager Ray at to confirm your booking. Get to the finish line and show yourself what you're capable of 👊

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Rafael Grecco


Comment from Rafael Grecco:

Treino finalizado !!! Hoje foi porrada !!!! 👊🏻💀halfhalf halfhalftatuape alliancetatuape bjj jiujitsu surfjiu treino hard porrada oss

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Comment from wrestling_kingz:

Stone cold 💀 wwe wwf ecw tna luchaunderground wwenetwork impactwrestling prowrestling wrestling wcw johncena therock wrestlemania bulletclub njpw nxt roh raw smackdown ufc mma goldberg bjj stonecold steveaustin ajstyles hhh undertaker therock

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Ricardo Almeida Jiu Jitsu


Comment from Ricardo Almeida Jiu Jitsu:

Congratulations Jeff on your promotion!! rabjjrabjjacademyjiujitsu jiujitsuwayoflifebjj

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Comment from Aya:

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Shebaro JiuJitsu Tier1Training


Comment from Shebaro JiuJitsu Tier1Training:

No GI Friday Night! 6:30-8:00! Come train! --- nogi tier1tf tier1trainingfacility tier1_trainingfacility alanshebaro nousdefions bjj jiujitsulifestyle training conditioning wedefyfoundation brazilianjiujitsu shebarojiujitsu jiujitsusaveslives wedefyfoundation jiujitsu4life jiujitsuforlife jiujitsutimes blackbelt mission22 mckinneytexas texasbjj

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Clay Wente


Comment from Clay Wente:

Zucchini lasagna for dinner tonight, keeping it healthy while tasting great! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsutravel bjjglobetrotter bjj bjjlife bjjlifestyle jits jitslife brazilianjiujitsu brazilianjiujitsulifestyle mma mmalife ufc fitness gym surf surfbjj trainer trainerlife crossfit weightlifting nutrition yoga yogaforbjj paleo

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Comment from April:

Stayed for the adult class and watch Daddy, glwhalen practice. brazilianjiujitsu bjj family adultclass Edmondok

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True North Jiu Jitsu Academy


Comment from True North Jiu Jitsu Academy:

Kids class every Tuesday and Thursday ▶️ 6:30 to 7:30 PM truenorthjiujtsu truenorthbjj jiujitsu jiujitsuforlife jiujitsulifestyle bjj

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Erik Purcell


Comment from Erik Purcell:

It feels so good to finally see my school mpr_mma listed on the ibjjf website as an official Blackbelt bjj jiujitsu academy Time to get some wins... sergiopenhabjj

3 Minutes ago

Luis Brito MMA


Comment from Luis Brito MMA:

Relato de um aluno feliz🤔🔥🔥🔥🏆Grande General. Passando aqui pra registrar e agradecer a ajuda no projeto carcaça pro casamento ehhehe Duas semanas, 4 aulas. Iniciei com 112kg. LuisBritoFightSchool LuisBritoMMA IGE InstitutoSocioEsportivo Brasil VictorSorrentino FabianoGomesHighPerformanceSchool Fugare DioSport MMA UFC BJJ hey Brasil oss TownSushi

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Anthony Medina


Comment from Anthony Medina:

Grind practice TrainHard bloodsweatrespect bjj ufcgym checkmat brazilianjiujitsu

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Comment from RUBY 🌸:

More takedowns 👊🏼 thanks for the sneaky snaps!

4 Minutes ago

Heather Lamb


Comment from Heather Lamb:

tbt last year in Vegas About that time👙🌞🤓 bikini sun springbreak throwback tan vegas lastsummer fun goodtimes fit gottagetthatbeachbody girlsthatlift poolparty

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