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Comment from みさと:

* これも梅かなぁ? 花も綺麗やったけど、 青空も綺麗やった( ´ ▽ ` )♪ この調子で毎週末晴れて欲しい💓 * * * 洗濯機第2弾回し中でもう脱水段階やけど 洗剤入れた記憶がないような... 第3弾必要か(。-_-。) * * * * * 梅(多分)春花空🌸オリンパスミラーレスオリンパスペンspringflowerflowersblossomplumtreepinkblueskyblueskyolympusolympuspenpen📷

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Comment from milkchic:

여행 풍경 하늘 sky skyblue blue bluesky travel travelph

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Beth Bugdaycay


Comment from Beth Bugdaycay:

Every young (or not so young) jeweler knows which fed ex office is open until 9. This is her story and it's about protection. Protection against the only real enemy we have: ourselves. Bc let's face it: people are busy. They have better things to do than wish is harm. This is for us. For that obsessive voice inside that questions every move we do. protection modernheirlooms writeyourownstory scarab godhelpsthosewhohelpthemselves initial champleve blue scarab

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Comment from bikesss:

nature TagsForLikes sky sun summer beach beautiful pretty sunset sunrise blue flowers night tree twilight clouds beauty light cloudporn photooftheday love green skylovers dusk weather day red iphonesia mothernature

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🌙It's A Switch Flipped☀️


Comment from 🌙It's A Switch Flipped☀️:

Reading is my lifeline • • • • • ye crybaby baby lanadelrey lorde Halsey melaniemartinez book read theme blue

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Comment from •Aesthetic'n'shxt•:

💦•Drown in the light•💦 tumblr tumblrgirl aesthetic aesthetictumblr aestheticallypleasing purple blue bathtub neon lights glowsticks water

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Harita Udayashankar


Comment from Harita Udayashankar:

clouds sun dreams blue

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Comment from Jon:

Blue Fountain fountain blue water cool nightout

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Georgia / Capricorn


Comment from Georgia / Capricorn:

🖤👽F.A.K.E-B.A.B.Y👽🖤 makeup toomuchmakeup nomakeup manikins latex benye missedthis black blue nose cheek cheekbones chin elf nyx eyebrows eyes contour bareminerals colortattoo horror grey js jeffreestar jeffreestarcosmetics anistasiabeverlyhills modernrenaissancepalette modernrenaissance hudabeauty hudabeautyrosegoldpalette

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Dani Dodge


Comment from Dani Dodge:

Number two! 97 to go! 99dogs . . . . art artist creative create paint watercolor mini puppy dog doglovers blue colorful painting instaart instaartist happy

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Comment from •Aesthetic'n'shxt•:

💜•Don't judge honey•💜 tumblr tumblrgirl teengirl aesthetic aesthetictumblr blue purple collarbone lips chocker bathtime private

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Hatsunemiku 🍃


Comment from Hatsunemiku 🍃:

spacer blue yellow aesthetics tumblr

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James Milne


Comment from James Milne:

WIP • 2.5 gram tabular Barra De Salinas Tormaline ~ DM to inquire •

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Joao Ribeiro


Comment from Joao Ribeiro:

Algarve, Portugal algarve Portugal visitportugal Travel Traveling Explore Exploring Vacation PicOfTheDay holiday PhotoOfTheDay trip Sky water Blue Nature sun followme summer follow Beach

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Courtney Bruneau


Comment from Courtney Bruneau:

Above us only sky' sky blue clouds enjoylife livelovelaugh

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Comment from

A mix between blue calvinklein and a microphone shuremicrophones and a partner and a the wish to sing to spend a nice practice evening. God bless.

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hierz faye


Comment from hierz faye:

potpot cute

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Alexandra Elena Todd


Comment from Alexandra Elena Todd:

There's something about the salty breeze in your hair 🌊 I saw a family of dolphins 🐬 dance around the boat & a baby crab peek a hello on the ropes 🦀 . . . . Crab Dolphin Dolphins Sea Boat Ocean Yacht Sail Cruise Florida FL Sky Sun Sunshine Sunshine Photo Blue Aqua Marine

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J.X.YONG (Alexious)


Comment from J.X.YONG (Alexious):

Morning walk series. Part 2 snapshot . . . . . . analog film emulsion vsco vscocam filter customized custom colour morning light trees sky blue warm vibrant sunlight lensflare dx fseries hue highlights shadows modification dye up angle

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Comment from hippiewitchvibes:

unreality. . she liked the taste of that word on her tongue. it crept around her mouth and sent her on a journey, plunging into the depths + folds of her imagination. . in a sea of blue she emerged, with dream catchers in her eyes + stardust caught in her soul. . cyborg, cyclops, cyber nerd. a fleet of filters surround us. which do you use to look at the world? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••poetry poem poet reflection write writing art artsy artistic selfie selfportrait iphoneonly filters blue dreamcatcher stardust modern magical mystical portrait hippie hippielife hippiewitch cyborg cyclops cybernerd imagination unreality abstract mirror

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