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Comment from Chaneé:

When you love it... it will show! 📸: louie.allen

11 Hours ago

Tyler raftery


Comment from Tyler raftery:

SONG:They reminisce over you peterock clsmooth 90srap 90ssoul 🎵

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Comment from Deniece:

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Straighten It Out, Mecca and the Soul Brother (1992) 💯🎶 peterock clsmooth straightenitout meccaandthesoulbrother nowplaying returnofthemecca largeprofessor rhino theyreminisceoveryou hiphop 90shiphop

12 Hours ago

Jay Gary


Comment from Jay Gary:

tbt T.R.O.Y - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth peterock clsmooth troy hiphop soul music records vinyl goldenage numark jaytheconsultant

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Comment from LinesLikeDimes:

Fresh line from a great duo! But.... Pete Rock is the one who hyped the mic! Here he defined himself as dope in both occupations, being dope as an mc and definitely a dope Dj. Pete Rock & CL Smooth! TheCreator Creation swift Gold Hot professional PeteRock CLSmooth smooth line flow glory real microphone hype vibes djing DJ MC Culture hiphop different awesome Quotes Fly

15 Hours ago

Lucas Soares


Comment from Lucas Soares:

Hiphop Streets Hiphopdance Peterock Backtothe90s Hiphopbrasil CLSmooth Uberlandia Streetdance Troy Hood Freestyle

16 Hours ago

어제 사촌동생(11살, 버릇없음)이 나보고 ì–¸ë‹ˆ 근데


Comment from 어제 사촌동생(11살, 버릇없음)이 나보고 ì–¸ë‹ˆ 근데:

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You 그러다가 아 뉴욕하면 난 왠지 피트락이 생각나더라~ 하면서 이걸 틀면 됨 그러면서 피트락 프로듀싱은 참 째지하고 좋은데, 최근작은 너무 매너리즘에 빠진거같아 ㅋ 이러고 아 맞다! 째즈힙합이라면 아무래도 사운드프로바이더스가 정석이지 않겠어? 하고 웃어 그럼 막 썸남이 하하하하 하고 따라 웃게됨 그럼 하.. 이 샘플링센스란 ㅎ 하면서 고개 절레절레 하면서 감탄하다가 이제 서부로 가보자 하면서 다음곡 ㄱㄱ 쇼미더머니 showmethemoney

18 Hours ago



Comment from mexiiiico:

🇲🇽 【Got this at their live last month】 -------------------------------- 先月、 渋谷 の VISION にて開催された、 PeteRock と CLsmooth の LIVE にてゲット👍🏽 -------------------------------- エントランスで早速って感じにこのキャップとTシャツが売ってた😗 そりゃ買うわ!!(笑) シンプルでカッコいい♪ -------------------------------- hiphop unplugged music goodmusic hiphopmusic musiclife classic classics legend fashion cap 90s tokyo NY shibuya club vision 渋谷 クラブ ビジョン ファッション ヒップホップ 音楽

21 Hours ago

CL Smooth


Comment from CL Smooth:

That classic restoration work... Gettin it in 👊🏽 funkflex 98 restoration clsmooth nicky cmbcollision . . . . Repost from funkflex - Ok! My 1978NinetyEightOlds !!!!! Get there little by little!!! cmbcollision x Nicky x therealclsmooth fmfwhips mrchuckd_pe u see me!!!!

21 Hours ago



Comment from kohey_dj:

They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) / Pete Rock & CL Smooth [KHY EDIT] T.R.O.Y. のEDIT作りました!5/1にフリーダウンロード公開しますので是非チェックしてください👍🏻 soundcloud soundcloudmusic dj edit peterock clsmooth club hiphop music khy djlife abelton sendai beats

21 Hours ago

Masatoshi Aisaka


Comment from Masatoshi Aisaka:

①The Beginning Of The End - When She Made Me Promise【1971】 ②Tom Scott - Today【1967】 ③Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - They Reminisce Over You(T.R.O.Y.)【1992】 有名な曲だから知ってる人は多いと思う。 Pete Rockが手掛けた曲の中でも最高傑作であり、90's HipHopの最高傑作の一つとして挙げられる。 この曲は、Heavy Dのダンサーであり、亡くなってしまった「T-Roy」へ捧げた一曲。 25年経っても、今なお色褪せない、最高のクラッシクだ。 気持ちよすぎるPete Rockトラックに絶妙なC.L . Smoothの緩やかなフロウ。 掃いて捨てるほどある、メロウソングをサンプリングした楽曲では、Pete Rockの計算しつくされたトラックの足元にも及ばない。 サンプリングソースもオススメ。特に、Tom ScottのTodayはサックスプレイだけじゃなく曲全体を通して聴いた方が良い。名曲だ。 It is one of the best masterpieces of Pete Rock's work, and is listed as one of 90's HipHop's highest masterpieces. realpeterock therealclsmooth peterock clsmooth peterockandclsmooth theyreminisceoveryou troy tomscott today thebeginningoftheend whenshemademepromise hiphop hiphopclassic jazz jazzhiphop soulmusic soul ヒップホップ ヒップホップクラシック ヒップホップ音楽 ジャズ ソウルミュージック 90s music 音楽 音楽好きな人と繋がりたい

1 Days ago

Arjan Doeleman


Comment from Arjan Doeleman:

Happy kingsday kingsday koningsdag downwiththeking rundmc jammasterjay peterock clsmooth hiphop pixelart

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Comment from kostyle__:

The Forgotten. Some of my favorite rappers here. lordsoftheunderground saucemoneyspecialedclsmoothhiphop 90shiphop hiphopcds

1 Days ago


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// Pete Rock // Soundcheck // The Metro Theatre

1 Days ago

Steve Mc


Comment from Steve Mc:

Morning everyone sydney vancouver denver havana and portugal - I have to change up the format today because the music is my motivation today. It's all from the 90's - one of the greatest decades ever. I'm old so I remember getting all of these songs on tape or cd. Or recording it directly from the radio. The music today are classics from rockmusic dance and hiphop - pearljam peterock and clsmooth , and chemicalbrothers - I remember when muchmusic and nbainsidestuff would play these. But the wod today was partnersincrime partnerworkout with the lethal team of facebook and intuit - great job nim_alan 🗣 crossfitl5 "hold his hand please" 🤣. Great work crossfit weightlossjourney niketraining ----------------------------------------------------Workout today was rowing dumbellsnatch burpees ringrows and dips Its almost the end of the week and pops goes to the doctors. I have faith everything will work it's way out. cancer cancersucks - we are back at it tomorrow and we are going hard haveagoodday - fin 🙏🏿

1 Days ago

Karim R.


Comment from Karim R.:

peterock clsmooth troy hiphop 90slife

2 Days ago

Selective Hearing 🇬🇧


Comment from Selective Hearing 🇬🇧:

If you woke up today looking like Pete Rock and Cl Smooth, we feel you. Humpday WeekendSoonCome

2 Days ago

Rewind Records Bali


Comment from Rewind Records Bali:

👊🏾 45s C.L. SMOOTH FEATURING SKYZOO 👊🏾 45s limitededition clsmooth skyzoo hiphop hiphophonor hiphopculture rap records recordstore recordstoreday rewindrecordsbali bali canggu indonesia vinyladdict vinyljunkie vinyligclub gonediggin dustyfingers

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Comment from O.D.G.:

maryjblige maryj cd whatsthe411 remix uptown 90s classic notoriousbig craigmack heavyd puffdaddy seanpuffycombs peterock clsmooth kci hiphop hiphopsoul

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Comment from syvenn77:

Give me HipHop TheReal Hip Hop 🎶🎵🎶🎵 TribeCalledQuest Pharcyde PeteRock CLSmooth KRSOne SoManyNames

2 Days ago