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Moan Is Better


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Coach Cookie🍪


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I'm The Girl You'll Never Be 👧


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Closer To Your Heart 🌸👼🏼💫


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Because you are unique and unrepeatable! 🌈🌸🌹🌷🌺 Remember: change your attitude, thoughts or the place you live or work if you feel it. If you feel that you are stucking or it does not serve you anymore, does not motivate you to improve. Make some changes, be brave to leave your comfort zone, your familiar environment in order to get new feelings and stimulus. If you think about this a bit - if we would just go to that point, which we know the way what would we find? Would we find something new or different? No. Then move on, explore the unknown with fearlessness and grow. Good luck! motivation inspiration change selfdevelopment improvement keepgoing staymotivated stayfocused selfawareness consciousness growth closertoyourheart

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Moan Is Better


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Angela Zambrano


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Los domingos son para relajarnos, comer 😋 rico, saludable, compartir en familia así que les deseo un hermoso domingo Panquecas de manzana con mantequilla de maní 🥜 4 claras 40g de avena Media manzana 🍎 1/3 de media cuchara de mantequilla de mani Licuar y listo acompañe de pasas y cambur eatclean healthyfood venezuela healthymom miami lifefitness healthylife training preworkout postworkout meal fitness addict fitgirl healthy energy diet energydiet gym athlete change power yes happy day kisses

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Louise Lebowski


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Nadja 💕


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"Art is not supposed to change the world, to change practical things, but to change perceptions. Art can change the way we see the world. Art can create an analogy." 🌍🖌 art world change ichmalmirdieweltwiesiemirgefällt beautyofnewyork

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L i a 💕


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Il percorso verso l'autostima è composto da 3 fasi. Le 3 A: Accettazione-apprezzamento-ammirazione. Michael Hall ▪️📎luciagiovannini tuttaunaltravita autostima percorsovita change cambiamentiincorso accettazione apprezzamento ammirazione love instalove life instalife good

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The only real change comes from the inside chefslife truecooks change running progress goodvibes

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Moan Is Better


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Kiara Culmer, PT


Comment from Kiara Culmer, PT:

Repost healthy_lifestyle_dietitian ・・・ Sunday Breakfast ❤ Hard boiled a dozen eggs for the upcoming week. Great way to add some extra protein to my daily intake since I'm trying to build some muscle mass 💪 Include in your breakfast meal or on a chopped salad to boost your protein intake. Yes, I eat the egg yolk since I don't count calories. Heck, that's where all the fat-soluble vitamins are 😉

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Ashley B


Comment from Ashley B:

Bags packed, boarding passes, and butterflies, OH MY! It's almost time for this socal soaked sunchild to fly. 💫🌊After wishing on stars, shells, and four leaf clovers this case of wanderlust is just about over. I am thankful to all of those who have taken my hand, and shown me how to take an unconventional stand. D.C. --> NY--> Boston and the adventures they'll bring would not have been possible without my family and team. westcoastgoeseastcoast thepartybyostbahnhof groundgamela coasttocoast change power quityour9to5 worthit

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Melicha Dorset


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Everything and anything is possible. Happy Sunday ☺️changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife sundaymorning motivationalquotes livetoyourfullestpotential💯 liveonpurposewithpurpose

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Slime Network


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We are changing our profile pic💁🏼💁🏽‍♂️!!!!!! Can you help us decide? We need your help to change it.👍👍👍 To vote:💙 1. Follow us❤️ 2. Comment down below💛 (the first pic is pic number 1, second is 2, and so on) change name pic profile slime fun folllowforfollow followforlike glue spamforspam love yay help vote

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Marla Crossetti


Comment from Marla Crossetti:

Are you a High Roller? Would you swallow your fear to achieve something big? Or do you let fear run your life?

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Comment from MERCY GILL:

SAD BUT TRUE... The is no greater disability in society,than the inablity to see a person as more. "The Trends..." Comment if u agree↓

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People's Climate March Broward


Comment from People's Climate March Broward:

Keep the momentum going by attending the People's Climate March of Broward County! Help us cover the event costs by donating on our GoFundMe Page climatemarchbroward womensmarchflorida climatemarch peoplesclimate water resist ftlauderdale riseup sciencemarch marchforscience march science climatechange climate change sunday earth day earthday

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Becky ~ Fitness Profile


Comment from Becky ~ Fitness Profile:

: :CHANGE: : "The only constant in life is change" . We often seek change only when we're prepared for it and looking for a possitive and controlled change. The reality is, change occurs everyday. . Don't be scared of change - Embrace it! Use that momentum to accomplish your goals. ✨ This challenge, I have major fitness goals and professional goals. I know the energy from this tiuteam will help me harness CHANGE and bring me where I want to be! How are you changing life? Post below so we can encourage one another! . . . . tiu toneitup tiuteam toneitupteam tiumom tiuseattle tiubikiniseries bikiniseries2017 tiurunner change motivation fitness

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Chanell Hair Studio ❤️💆🏻💅🏻


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Que la lluvia no arruine tu Cabello 💁🏼✨💅🏻HAPPY SUNDAY 👌estamosabiertoschanellhairstudio mimateenchanell ilovechanellhairstudiosunday Magic Change Hair Style Beautiful Unique Woman Fashion Magia ChanellNailHairStudio

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