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Casey Cartwright


Comment from Casey Cartwright:

Best movie to end a great Memorial day Texas ChrisKyle AmericanSniper FrogMan SealTeam3

1 Hours ago

Curt Liddle/North Powder/OTC


Comment from Curt Liddle/North Powder/OTC:

Wearing the burnt orange tonight in honor of some of my favorite Texans. Hook em' Horns texas ckffdn chriskyle amandapriefert tayakyle marcusluttrell

1 Hours ago

Joshua Allen Wiley G.


Comment from Joshua Allen Wiley G.:

This is for the veterans that fought and died for freedom like they were Spartans that have been reborn. memorialday memorialdayweekend soldier usa veterans warriors army marines airforce navy navyseals coastguard usranger mikemurphy sealteam wardogs chriskyle greenberets honor fighters freedom brave may we be inspired by your fighting spirits and may we honor you along with our victorious warriors that are with the Lord in the peaceful heaven. HOOAH because you guys inspire me everyday to fight hard and go hard with a disciplined mind and heart.

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Comment from wyattoa:

A Kilt Lifter for the Fallen 🇺🇸 memorialday tempe asu pattillman mikemurphy dannydietz matthewaxelson chriskyle michaelmcgreevy marclee spcwheeler kiltlifter fourpeaksbrewery

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Bren Hood


Comment from Bren Hood:

Rest in piece Chris ❤. Thank you to those serving and those who have served your service today is not nearly as appreciated as it should be. God bless the fallen 🇺🇸❤ chriskyle thelegend

3 Hours ago

Bri Nicole Vallejo 💕


Comment from Bri Nicole Vallejo 💕:

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation:: honoring God, Country, and families who serve. Dedicated to helping military and first responders. 🇺🇸⚓️ GodBlessAmerica FrogFoundation ChrisKyle Merica

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Comment from ThingsThatKeepMeUpAtNight:

bibliophilebookpile Day 29 - War Stories (in honor of Memorial Day in the USA)... I haven't read too many books about war. With the exception of "The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared", these are all on my to-read list. Although I'm never excited to read about war, let's all hope we learn from the wars of the past and have all future major wars confined to the pages of books and the images on screens as purely works of fiction. We can do better. . . . 📚📽⚔🗡💰✒🔫💉⚖🎥📚 thanksforyourservice | soldiers | war | warstories | memorialday | memorialdayweekend | theartofwar | suntzu | warandpeace | tolstoy | americansniper | chriskyle | thehundredyearoldmanwhoclimbedoutthewindowanddisappeared | jonasjonasson | filmadaptation | americanhistory | wartimes | warbooks | history | classicbooks | classic | booksnotbullets | bettertimesahead | hope | peace | wecandobetter | wecanbebetter | humanity |

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Low Country Wildlife


Comment from Low Country Wildlife:

There are men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have everyday. Don't ever forget those that gave their all for us! realhero chriskyle frogfoundation america neverforget memorialday

4 Hours ago

Annabel Rose


Comment from Annabel Rose:

Remembering our Texan Hero hero chriskyle memorialday salute sunday navyseals

4 Hours ago

Jamal Tahirkheli


Comment from Jamal Tahirkheli:

Reppin' chriskylefrog on this Memorial Day. God bless those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. MemorialDay ChrisKyle AmericanSniper AmericanHero Freedom USA

4 Hours ago

Ruth Medina


Comment from Ruth Medina:

About to Murph...wish me luck👊 inshot MemorialDayMurph InMemoriam TheLegend ChrisKyle Forged StayHumbleHustleHard StreetParking💪 CrossFit LiveLoveLaughAndCrossFit TheCrossFitLife PuroPincheGainz CrossFitGirls EatTrainSleepRepeat

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Comment from Skullkrusher:

Memorial Day...watching "American Sniper". Thank God for people such as these. memorialday somegaveall americansniper chriskyle beardlife

4 Hours ago

Richard Chae


Comment from Richard Chae:

Today is a day we celebrate the lives of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, today is the day we thank the families who raised the awesome men and women that gave their life for our freedoms. memorialday murph herowod chriskyle remember neverforgotten

4 Hours ago

Andy Woods


Comment from Andy Woods:

Memorial day movie time RIPDreese RIPMcCants RIPBrown NeverForgotten Heroes ChrisKyle

4 Hours ago

Rafael Yagami


Comment from Rafael Yagami:

Um chocante relato para uma vida controversa, trágica e cheia de sacrifícios sniperamericano chriskyle americansniper livro film book leitura dvd oscar clinteastwood bradleycooper

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Matt Carey


Comment from Matt Carey:

Today we remember the fallen heros. 💪 chriskyle memorialday

6 Hours ago

Cris Genc


Comment from Cris Genc:

Remember the lost, remember the fallen these men paid the ultimate sacrifice. So many men and women have letsremember them and honor their service today neverforget NavySeals charliekeating chriskyle brianbill murph navy army coastgaurd marines airforce memorialday somanyliveslost neverforgotten rememberthetroops

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Comment from txcarpenter77:

Honor. Memorial Day 2017 chriskyle memorialdayweekend2017 texas

6 Hours ago

Chris Mojo


Comment from Chris Mojo:

More than just day off...remember the fallen . . . memorialdayweekend memorialday fallenheros chriskyle murph michaelmurphy navy marines army navyseals rangers delta recon corp specialforces devgru semperfi airforce coastguard vetrans military militaryheros medalofhonor purpleheart kia mia sealteam6 sniper scout

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Leah Nicole


Comment from Leah Nicole:

🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸 God Bless ALL THE MEN & WOMEN! Even my daddy who served in the Navy! ❤️ MemorialDay EveryDay ThankYouToAllWhoHaveServed FreedomIsNotFree GodBlessAmerica LandOfTheFree BecauseOfTheBrave ChrisKyle AmericanSniper MuchRespect NotJustADayOffOfWork ShowSomeRespect ToOurVets TheFallen AndTheirFamiliesToo ThankYou . ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 **********************************. Repost tayakyle (get_repost) ・・・ Like you, this weekend I am thinking of war, service and sacrifice. I am thinking of heroes like Michael Monsoor who threw himself on a grenade to save his brothers who had no escape when Michael did. I am thinking of warrior friends we buried and their families. I am also thinking of Chris. This is the picture in my mind as Chris enters heaven. A radiantly smiling Jesus clasping Chris around his chest and shoulders as he exclaims, "Welcome Home!" This is what I imagine for all of our warriors. I can share this with you having no shame. I am grateful our society understands and appreciates our warriors. I know it wasn't always this way. I ache for those who came home from Vietnam unable to talk about their brothers in arms who died next to them, let alone share pictures like this one. They came home to an upside down society. My heart breaks for the children whose warrior parents died in Vietnam and were told not to talk about it for fear of what hateful things might be said about those who lost their lives in the fight. Please join me in remembering all of our nation's heroes who died serving us. And this Memorial Day, please join me in going back to right some wrongs by reaching out to those who lost loved ones in Vietnam. Let's let them know we remember them. We remember they showed up. We remember their sacrifice. God bless our warriors from all of our nation's wars. God bless their families. And, God bless you!

6 Hours ago