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Pablo Otálora | FITNESS COACH🏋


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DíadelLibro con 24h de retraso, y es que hoy me ha llegado este pedazo de libro, el de una de mis películas favoritas.🇺🇸💪 No podía no acordarme de mi hermano faustofobia , que está viviendo esta historia en sus propias carnes, aguantando como el campeón que es. Apenas dos meses, y estás de vuelta en casa. FUERZA, BRO. Te quiero. . libro lectura elfrancotirador americansniper ChrisKyle army seal America Irak motivation inspiration heroe hero amazon

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Stephanie Klipple


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"You have to slow your heart rate, stay calm. You have to shoot in between your heartbeats." - Chris Kyle SK: In HONOR of the ChrisKyleFrogFoundation... I share my ultra sexy selfie, wearing my ChrisKyle hoodie... nofilter 🇱🇷❤️🇱🇷 americansniper patriot warrior navyseal lighttheworld heartbeats USA specialforces frogmen usarmedforces dontmesswithus wefightevildoers greatandexcitingthingstocome gogetterslovelife yesweare fitness sexybeasts positiveenergy sunrise sunset friendsallovertheworld loveallaround icu rn nightshiftnursesarethebest😘 happydaysahead y'all❣️

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EST. FEB 2, 2017


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US Navy Special Warfare (SEAL) Never Forget The Legend special forces sof oaf specialforces usarmy usmarines usnavy usairforce usnationalguard uscoastguard usmilitary futuremilitary ilovethemilitary usa usmc usaf usn uscg usng goarmy military kickass badass awesome thebest SEAL chriskyle neverforget

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Alyshia Nortmann


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Kate Wagner


Comment from Kate Wagner:

Because when bobby_henline tells you he is gonna be in town, you invite that guy into your home and get to talk to a real HERO. . And he is already cringing at my use of that word, but after sitting and talking with him for the last three hours, and learning about his tireless efforts to inspire, entertain, employ, and encourage veterans, and not just veterans, but survivors of all forms of trauma, he is a hero to me. . As he put it tonight when describing ChrisKyle (from AmericanSniper): "he isn't a hero because of what he did downrange. He was just doing his job. He is a hero for what he did for veterans after he came home." . After meeting him for the first time today, I can say he is truly one of the nicest people I have met through the military, and getting to meet him is yet another reason I'm thankful for the blessing in disguise of my OTS class date being delayed yet again. . And how cute is his PTSD dog, Daisy??? I really wanted to keep her, but stealing from a war hero is probably frowned upon. 🤔🤔🤔 . veterans hero inspiration military friends lifeisgood goodtalks alwayswelcome usa murica god bless america survivor burnsurvivor war comedy movies music hedoesitallfolks honored blessed family sunday sundayfunday bravo748 gotburns passion

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朝方計画順調☕️ 今週も頑張ります💪 M4M4cqbrmod0chriskyle

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GI Joe_Rama


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The green boys paid their respects to the legend also a true Texan Chris Kyle. outback muskrat footloose ltfalcon chriskyle thelegend deviloframadi americafuckyeah gijoenation honorourmilitary

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Pablo Danek


Comment from Pablo Danek:

Love this punisher hat. So much respect for chriskyle and the navyseals that wore this symbol, as well as all that have served to protect the freedom I enjoy. grateful, proud and unashamed of the hard work they do to fight the evil that faces the world today. That's about as political as I'll get on social media anymore.

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Hunter Paul


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New patch. chriskyle airsoftobsessed

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Tom Seliga


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Nice trail run. Just me and my beatsbydre If team.meagainstme.ocr has an opening, I'd love to join. Can't believe what an amazing trail system we have here. woods trails chriskyle flooded naturesobstacles nwa meagainstme pushyourself trainforlife consistencyiskey

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CJ Vieweg


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When your in Texas you wear something that is a tribute to the best sniper in the world ChrisKyle Texas Dallas FTWorth Americansniper Seal Navyseal Legend DFW plane planeride training prisma prismafilter forgedclothing

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Sunday gunday man I love sitting here and enjoying this beautiful view........ the sunset is pretty cool too hope y'all are having a great Sunday god bless America 🇺🇸 Freedom on Patriots american america pewpew progun patriot patriots patriotic patriotism texas🇨🇱 texans lasvegas shooting gun guts guns gunrange gunfamily gunstagram freedom freedomfriday freedomisntfree ilovegod iloveguns ilovetexas ilovefreedom cowboys chriskyle gruntstyle proudtexan

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American Sniper🇺🇸🎯


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RIP to the legend Chris Kyle 🙏😔 americansniper chriskyle navyseals navy usmilitary rip legend sniper usa sealteam3

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Comment from AKP:

A quiet moment.

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Comment from Benny:

My kind of favorite book. 📙 American Sniper tells the story of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who completed four tours in Iraq from 1999-2009. The book describes Kyle’s upbringing in Odessa, Texas, Navy SEAL training, and combat experiences in Iraq. memorieshonor chriskyle tacticalgearmilitary militarybluenavy army militaryspouse militarylife marines veterans varsityblue usmilitary stormblue squadron motivation workout training healthystrong followme trainlifestylebook

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Frank Rideg


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Official Military Support Page


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