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Comment from Ronald Franklin:

"So Gone" music video is finally out. Thanks to all the guys who had put effort to make this a banger 😘🔥. All the credits goes to @evaevk11 - queen of fitness 💪 @jawedelberni - the stuntmaster who had also previously worked in one of rithik roshan's movies. @sercantunc_ - the crossfitter and a hardworking bodybuilder and finally @bdavis1260 - the pro skater and a cool guy. Sorry if i have missed out anyone. All did great 💙 Enjoy the song. (Linkinbio) #music #rapsong #sogone #franklife #hiphop #motivation #hit 🎥

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Comment from Rachael Natalia:

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Comment from Albert Roberts:

When your fake smile is pretty obvious. #franklife

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Comment from Sean-bo:

Happy birthday to this young 82 year old. Thank God for granting another blessed year for my pa .keep being the inspiration you are to me. #FRANKLIFE

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Comment from Amy Cotterill Wilson:

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