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Liz Hamburger


Comment from Liz Hamburger:

Tuesday Thoughts • • • This long weekend has been absolutely awesome. 🎳 I've been bowling🍹Discovered my love of gin and tonic 🚘 Out in the convertible 🔥 BBQ with friends and laughing until I couldn't breath 🏃 Exercising outdoors 👪 Seeing my wonderful family 🏍 Out on the bike and getting some sun in Southend ⏩ Seeing the house progress finally 🕉 • Things are so good at the moment, and just so grateful for everything that's come my way in the last few months. Looking forward to a new working week 👌 • positive vibes gratitude thankful holiday weekend tuesdaythoughts laughter happy higherconsciousness friends

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COACH Adriano®


Comment from COACH Adriano®:

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Margie G


Comment from Margie G:

"The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude." ~Jeff Miller memorialday thankyou remembrance america gratitude chasingsunsets bayarea

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Keita Nobilo


Comment from Keita Nobilo:

The Law of Attraction is based on frequency. Basically whatever vibration your body is emitting will attract vibrations of the same (people, situations etc) Vibrate at anger and you attract more anger. Vibrate at gratitude and the Universe sends you more situations to be grateful for. How do we control what frequency our bodies vibrate at? By the thoughts we think. Throughout the ages many famous figures have all said the same basic premise is what is the most important – Your thoughts create your reality. Any chance you get, change the negative thinking in your head to positive. Especially around self talk. If you find this hard or are new to it then a good way to start is imagine you were someone you really care about such as a child or your Mother. Next time you do something you are unhappy with, imagine what you would say to someone you care about? You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t anyway!) say “You’re so useless, typical of you to muck up” So don’t talk that way to yourself. Next time you look in the mirror imagine what you would say to someone you care about? You’re not going to say to your Mum or Child “You are so ugly, no wonder no-one likes you” So don’t talk to yourself like that. We have so much more power than we realise, start thinking positive CONSISTENTLY and life will amaze you. mindfulness lawofattraction indigoinsights positivethinking gratitude energywork energyhealing peace frequency goodvibes

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C Ø R I N N λ H λ N C Ø C K


Comment from C Ø R I N N λ H λ N C Ø C K:

{PALS}... Robin on the left & Cliffy on the far right have trained together every week for the past 6 years!!! I just adore them!!! Today Rob brought her hubby along... a pilot for many years, he had always heard about this 'PILATES' business & it's only taken 6 years to get him to try it!! Connections & commitment! Love what we help to create here our beautiful studios! gratitude

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Comment from Captiv8.sharon:

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Permaculture Design your Life


Comment from Permaculture Design your Life:

The oak tree update, I'm sure you will agree it's looking really cool at the moment. thepollengardens permaculture permacultureplants garden gardening green organic abundance happy flowers beautiful nature naturephotography photography macrophotography photooftheday motherearth wildflowers botanical wildlifephotography gratitude greatful naturemacro lovenature countryside instagood allotment heath heathlyliving love

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Clare Elise


Comment from Clare Elise:

Little un was super impressed with the car and at meeting noddy yesterday ❤ How cute is this little picture 😍 happydays 😍 toddlerlife instalike clickinmoms motherhoodthroughinstagram mumsofinstagram mumsofinsta funtimes toddlermom milkshaketv happy gratitude familylife sussex mommylife mummyblogger

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Jana Farella,Realtor@Sotheby's


Comment from Jana Farella,Realtor@Sotheby's:

happymemorialday Freedom - the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Growing up during the Cold War and communism, and hearing about people being shot in the back as they tried to swim across Danube River, made me question the "authority" at a very young age. Passing out at one of the Concentration Caps/Museums after seeing the memorabilia of the atrocities, definitely was a day I'll never forget. Finding out about the high registration of radiation in Germany after the explosion in Chernobyl, on BBC London radio station, while the news in former Czechoslovakia minimized the magnitude of the explosion, was definitely a big eye opener for me... I know millions of people have paid the ultimate price for my Freedom. I hope our civilization will come together, and I hope that one day there will be World Peace ✌️ 🌎🌍🌏💙 There are moments when I feel like pinching myself, like here, when I'm holding the American flag attached to one of the most exquisite Rolls Royce, in the middle of one of the most iconic Real Estate offices in the world, located just a block away from one of the most beautiful beaches on this planet! 💙🇺🇸🙏🏻 So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You to the service men and women, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America 🇺🇸 thankyou worldpeace beautiful life love worldpeace america celebrate freedom newearth frequency gratitude pacific sothebys international realty inspire instagram followers

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Leticia Hughes


Comment from Leticia Hughes:

"Happiness is not a goal... it's a by-product of a life well lived" Eleanor Roosevelt 📷 marcdasharknz happiness gratitude travel nofilter thedailyadventurer

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Mahrukh Campbell


Comment from Mahrukh Campbell:

Live your life, forget about your age, the time or how long it will take. Live your life by your compass, with new adventures and new direction. . . life liveyourdream livebig livelifetothefullest believe faith gratitude experiences notabouttheyime enjoy lifeisajourney herbalife changinglives biofeedback wellness newbeginnings newdirection livelovelaugh byacompassnotaclock fitness enjoyeverymoment ownyourlife joinme

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Comment from Edith:

Today I'm grateful, nothing is ever perfect but there's always the perfect side of everything. Let the year 34 begin in gratitude and love!!! 💕🙌🏻birthdaygirl . . . birthday love happybirthday happy birthdaycake bday friends celebrate candles birthdayparty instacake candle instabirthday instabday celebration gemini cakedecorating happiness thankful blessed grateful love soul gratitude inspiration goodvibes

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Comment from TJ:

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Jamie Glazier


Comment from Jamie Glazier:

T R U T H 🙌🏻 Try these & watch you smile more 😉 mindfulness happiness kindness gratitude smile positivity gonow tryit oresle stress anxiety willcomeknocking

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Psychic Ziva🔮


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Comment from catherine:

Are you seeing 11:11 A LOT?! - You aren't alone! Many people are. It's a sign of being on track or getting a nod from the Universe. It's comforting.🌟 - It's also associated with Twin Flames 🌜🌛and often both partners will begin seeing it at the same time and usually at the beginning of their relationship. - Other commonly seen numbers are triple digits like 555 or 333. - If you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again, play with it some! Receive it as a gift from the Universe and if your curious about its meaning, there are plenty of sources for finding out specific meanings! - Enjoy it! It's just you and the Universe dancing together! - ✨✨🌟✨✨

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James Governale


Comment from James Governale:

Well another happy Birthday under my belt! Started with a killer worker and came around to some delicious desert. sweetwaterrestaurant 'Food of the Gods" - Chocolate cake in chocolate soup sea salt olive oil & hazelnut ice cream :) So good! birthday celebration sweetwater desert chocolate cake hazelnut icecream yummy candle gratitude

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🎼Daily Inspiration🎼


Comment from 🎼Daily Inspiration🎼:

People that value you don't deserve you. Simple as that. Rub them off your life.

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Psychic Ziva🔮


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Comment from ALLA VITA:

our flag, moving with the wind, reminding us of their sacrifices • • we honor + lift up this reminder as a token of our gratitude, today + all the days to follow. thank you. forever grateful, xx ALLA VITA onelove weareone memorialday

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