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Marius Pontmercy


Comment from Marius Pontmercy:

Rest in peace! Michael was my childhood hero, I was just in love with Paddington Bear. He's made me feel like I could fit in, and being different is good. Thank you so much Michael🐻 ~"In London everyone is different, and that means everyone can fit in"~ ripmichaelbond paddington paddingtonbear hero

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Comment from F E L I C I T Y B R A N D:

Leading the pack goldleader captainjimbo rodgerthetroops hero james.r.gunn glastonbury2017

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Comment from Jillian:

Screaming Raw Chicken Man: the hero you didn't know you didn't need. . screaming rawchicken man hero pink cartoon drawing sketch imsorrythisisathingnow

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Star Wars Games


Comment from Star Wars Games:

10 Heroes at Launch because of 10 Slots in the alpha-Build of battlefront2 ?! starwars dice motive criterion alpha hype hero

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The Creative Extreme


Comment from The Creative Extreme:

Captain Infinity is the 262nd character profile from The Creative Extreme's project365! We finally meet the legendary Captain Infinity! Read about his adventures and find out what happens after the Portal has been opened! The Legend Grows! HUZZAH!! comics heroes villains superhero supervillain villain hero marvel DC heroesandvillains epic official originalcharacter art originalart character characterdesign army captain infinity madam zero earth eternity key portal save sky shadow

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Samuel David Tovar Marquez


Comment from Samuel David Tovar Marquez:

Lets complete the phrase! 😉 Got it? Hit Like if you agree! 👈👍 ¡Completa la frase! Lo lograste? ¡Like si estas de acuerdo! Complete Challenge Reto Desafio Quotes Motivational Inspirational Future Goals Marketing Branding Hub DigitalMarketing MarketingDigital Hero DigitalMarketer Management CommunityManager FollowMe Follow Love Beautiful Help Instaphoto HechoEnVenezuela Entrepreneur Emprendimiento Merida Venezuela

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Comment from Cocopets:

Ba-ba-ba-ba-BATMAN!! 😅 Pedido listo para un cocofan muy especial 🐶 tamaño: large. Traillas cocidas, más resistentes y con todos los súper poderes que tu peludo necesita 😊✌ Envíos a todo el país por medio de Servientrega ó si estas en Bogotá y para mayor comodidad, entrega en nuestro punto directo en Villa del río ó en la estación de transmilenio de Madelena. 👌 Agenda tu pedido por medio de nuestro Whatssap 📲 310-8788778 dogs dogsofinstagram doglover adoptanocompres bogota Pets Accesorios perro dcuniverse ilovemydog doglover movies iromman batman hulk captainamerica Héroes superhero hero art marvel collar correa comic mascota ligadelajusticia bogota

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By Ramsha Soofi & Sohaib Ali


Comment from By Ramsha Soofi & Sohaib Ali:

Yalghaar: An Attempt on Turning Heroes into Legends? A series of raw, personal, unedited thoughts, here is another raw take written in the blog. Link is in the comments, and website is mentioned in the bio. Cheers. 😊 yalghaarfilmofficial yalghaar blockbuster film art silverscreen actor theatre action Pakistanicinema hollywood action drama superstar magic canvas army hero legend moviereview patriotic power avosooficado

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Vigilante Fitness


Comment from Vigilante Fitness:

Took this dork for a run in the rain today. germanshepherd runbuddy

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Comment from Patti:

Please give if you can.. they are helping the YULIN dogs from being tortured and killed and eaten.. Repost maryanns.animal.shelter.dream (get_repost) ・・・ Please donate to help these survivors of Yulin! 🙏🐶😺 chris.360 Ms. Yang needs help with animals saved from Yulin. friendsofyang ・・・ It has been a very emotional time for our Italian rescue team partners working with Madam Yang saving as many dogs as they could from a slaughter house in Yulin. There were dead, dying and sick dogs everywhere. Madam Yang wasted no time in arranging medical supplies to be administered to these wretched creatures. The members of the Italian team were on hand to help clean and give these animals the cuddles they so desperately wanted and needed. What horrors these animals have seen is beyond our understanding. They have seen their families and friends killed before their very eyes in the most horrific ways possible. A Chinese volunteer was saying in this video \"they're all family pets stolen, they're so sick & smelling so bad, makes you want to vomit.. this is too heart breaking\". And Madam Yang is heard saying emotionally holding a severely injured pup \"he smells so bad, stop talking for now, I'm afraid I can't persist, we don't have enough people!\" All animals rescued will be transported to Madam Yang's shelter in Tianjin & be cared for along with the existing 2000 animals there. Without the support from our kind donors, there's no way Madam Yang could continue to care for so many. Please please donate via PayPal at or our gofundme link in bio. endthetorture endthecruelty savelives friendsnotfood endtheviolence voiceforthevoiceless hero dogrescuer rescue Yulin China yangxiaoyun animals dogs cats enddogandcatmeat

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Oscar Wendt Fanpage


Comment from Oscar Wendt Fanpage:

Oscar hat heute schon trainiert😍💚Das Phantasialand war richtig cool 😏Freue mich so ,wenn ich Oscar nächste Woche Wiedersehen kann😍 OscarWendt17OW17proudHeroderbeste

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Comment from Ann:

BIGBANG10TheExhibitionAtoZTaipei Artist BIGBANG Challenge Dream Enjoy Fantastic Group Hero Icon Journey Korea Love MADE Next Original PMO Quality Relax Stage Time Unique VIP WorldTour XOXO You Zero BIGBANG10TheExhibitionAtoZ BIGBANG '17Jun28'

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Comment from LaSabri.Piedona:

lasabrigamer lasabrimiama saschinaisreal❤ mylove myfamily myhero hero passion forever my❤

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Comment from Frittelement:

AirDesign Hero. Beatiful wing! First distans flight with the wing in the awsome mountains in the north of Norway. airdesign hero paragliding awsomenorway mittlekeland mittfriluftsliv

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Comment from LovApple:

AGONIDA-SKETCH. 🐺 story She's a hero . She's beautiful . She's Magic . Not only a predator not only a wolf . Her name is Agónida. . She felt in love with the moon 🌙long time ago and is amazed every night at any time it appears.

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"Total Policing"


Comment from "Total Policing":

The legendary British Transport Police officer who fought off the three attackers of the London Bridge Attack with just his baton has been named. PC Wayne Marques was temporarily blinded in one eye as the three attackers slashed at him with their knives. He charged at one attacker with a baton delivering a powerful blow before being attacked by another terrorist. Getting in a brawl, PC Marques took on all three of them before receiving a knife to the leg and further injuries to his hip, ribs and eyes. All of this because: "This guy on the floor is pleading for his life and the attacker stands over him and continues to attack him." , "I take my baton with my right hand and I rack [extend] it. I take a deep breath and I charge in." - A real hero who deserves recognition for his bravery. Running towards danger when no one else will. BritishTransportPolice BTP Hero PCMarques ThinBlueLine LondonBridge BackTheBlue BritishPolice

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Comment from atienhiddleston:

If you don't know my story?! Please! respect me like I'm a special person as you knew it before. I tried harder to respect yours.. kuro sketch moody marshmello blackandwhite photo sayonara photoofday day holiday takeitof justanother storm vsco vscomalaysia clumsy alonetime home cat hero frealluv life emperorsnewclothes

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The Paragon

Comment from The Paragon:


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Hawaiian Paddle Sports


Comment from Hawaiian Paddle Sports:

Yesterday we had the most amazing day snorkeling in Honolua. Thanks to our guide Chris for capturing this encounter!

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Arty Farty


Comment from Arty Farty:

realhackneydave jealous_london 🌞 day in London in fact the whole of the united kingdom amid the horror of late whycantwealljustgetalong 💛💙💓💙💛 grenfelltower londonbridge

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