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-Quien eres tu?, Por que me miras de esa forma? -sabes, creo que de alguna forma te conozco de algún lado, pero no puedo recordarlo, todo esta tan confuso. -Te siento familiar, pero no te reconozco. -Que raro que digas eso, por que yo si te reconozco de el todo. Por fuera has cambiado, pero tu esencia es la misma... * * * * #drawing #dibujo #art #acuarela #flowers #instamoment #inspiration #colors 🐬🍀🌷🌹🌸🌾🌝

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The future is not just female. The future is for those who are proud to have come from a female, for those who are proud to have been raised by a female, for those who are proud to have loved or been loved by a female. Because if you've done any of those things, you know just how strong and incredible and smart a FEMALE really is and how much RESPECT she truly deserves. Seeing such unity, passion, and words being turned into action all over the world today was incredibly inspiring (and has given me serious #fomo for not being able to make the march). I couldn't be more PROUD to be a female and to be raising a female today. ✨ {📸: @shopthecircular }

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Saturday night turn up in my fave @humblemuscle tank equipped with my @bforcebands equipment to really get the booty pump going strong 💪 I was tagged awhile ago by @ingyfit for the 10 non-fitness facts about me and am slaving away on cardio so I figured it's a great time to do it! 1. I graduated from UCSB in 2013 with a BS in Math and BA in Spanish. Contrary to popular belief for the people that know me at the gym, I have a desk job Mon-Fri and lifting is a hobby and passion. Go Gauchos! 2. My favorite color is PURPLE 💜💜💜 3. I have one older brother and three step sisters who have been in my life since I was three--aka basically real sisters and all four are in San Diego where I grew up. HELIX--YOU KNOW! 4. My favorite class of all time ever through school was AP Calculus. One of my bffs from HS and I really messed up the curve by getting 104% A+ in that class @maddybala 🤓 5. I played the violin from elementary school all the way partially through high school. I stopped playing because I wanted to dedicate after school to my sports and not practice my violin. 6. I played Varsity Lacrosse for four years in High School and my nicknames were Freshman and Red. Even when I was a senior. 😐 also played Soccer and Varsity Volleyball. I played Opp even though I'm right handed cause I'm ridiculously goofy footed. 7. Brody and I moved in together after dating officially for like 8 months? We didn't make it to two years of dating before he proposed 😍 this is fitness related--but we met at the Orange Super Sport 24 Hour. Shocking 😜 8. I have a cat named Bubba and he is one of my favorite things ever. I've begged Brody for a golden retriever puppy for over a year now and I will not be upset if someone gives me one for a present so he has no say. 😏 I picked out our golden at 6 weeks old, waited til 8 weeks to take him home and we had him til 12. He was the best dog to ever walk the earth promise. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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