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kimuratrapstar chillin like a villain. 📸roobeeo bjj mma jiujitsu deathsetapparel nyc photography design

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In The Zen Garden


Comment from In The Zen Garden:

Our littlest ninjas drilling bridge and roll/ hip bump sweep. A great class this morning! . . inthezengarden bjj bjjgirls bjjlifestyle bjjkids jiujitsu jiujitsugirls jiujitsubrotherhood jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsuforeveryone martialarts kids active healthy familyjiujitsu exercise sport ninja

32 Seconds ago

Stelios Panagiotou


Comment from Stelios Panagiotou:

Day 1 of the Crossfit Kids specialty course was superb at the wonderful city of Athens! Looking forward for day 2 and for more knowledge and wisdom to built the new generation of young nak muays!!! boxing kickboxing thaiboxing muaythai mma bjj jiujitsu submission wrestling combat sports crossfit gym fit fitness exercise martialarts art lemesos limassol cyprus athens greece crossfitnorthzone kids children crossfitkids 2017 fightandfitnessco

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Donna Aurit Silva Delao


Comment from Donna Aurit Silva Delao:

Rmnurocktonkidsclass rmnunationsunited rmnu rmnurockton judo jiujitsu

1 Minutes ago

Giacomo R. Zanini


Comment from Giacomo R. Zanini:

Missing them a lot!! Saudades monstras desses dois + a barriga! Sigo nesse caminho das batalhas nos tatames como uma forma de auto conhecimento. Espero deixar para minha família exemplo de resiliência em todas as áreas da vida. Felizes são aqueles que não se fazem de vítimas das circunstâncias e que lutam pelo que acreditam com um sorriso no rosto sem se preocupar com o resultado mas com o aprendizado. deusnocomando truenorthjiujitsu truenorthbjj familia jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle resiliência exemplo rolemodel

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Faith • Family • JiuJitsu


Comment from Faith • Family • JiuJitsu:

💥GOTTA STAY HYDRATED💥 AllYouNeedIsFaith ThankYouLord Blessed FindYourSelf FreeYourMind bjj bjjlife bjjlifestyle jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle MMA Keto Ketogenic KetoDiet Grappler GUAM ProgressOverPerfection HealthFreak healthylifestyle healthyfoods activelife activelifestyle fitness fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle Grind nevergiveup championMindset Humble DareToFail

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Cristiano Cardoso


Comment from Cristiano Cardoso:

Começando sábado com dignidade!!! oss alliancegoiania alliance jiujitsu treinotop

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Comment from sky:

Jiu-jitsu legs and I don't care. I had such a fun week with all my friends and mom this week. We will keep training hard to be the best we can be. jiujitsu bjj gym friends mom family mma graciesouthbay hardwork

1 Minutes ago

Tom DeBlass


Comment from Tom DeBlass:

Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone!!! What an honor to train with this hero today, Pisey Tan. Tan lost both of his legs in an explosion in Iraq. However, that doesn't hold him back. Also, don't be fooled this guy is tough as hell! I will say though, he's a bit dirty, he was attacking my legs like a mad man and I couldn't attack back!! 😂😂. The honor was mine brother, thank you. jiujitsu bjj grappling adcc mma bjjphilosophy jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu jiujitsuforeveryone bjj bjjlifestyle bjjforeveryone adcc motivation discipline healthy fit happy perserverance pressure relentless vet hero

1 Minutes ago

calebe galesco


Comment from calebe galesco:

Heeyyy sabadão Alto astral!!! almeidajj ateofinalalmeidajj caioalmeida blackbelt jiujitsulifestile jiujitsusavedmylife jiujitsu fpjj cbjj ibjjf

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Comment from Felipe:

Jiujitsu 🎵💣

1 Minutes ago

Matheus Mattos


Comment from Matheus Mattos:

No esporte, quem mais perde é quem não pratica 👊🏾 Oss atletismopedalnatacaonikerunningnikeplusnikevscocampicofthedaylike4likeniketriathlonbjjossjiujitsucorridacorridaderuarunrunningrunnerspeedogarmin

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📸 roobeeo with the sick shots. Looking to do a new lapel patch soon 🤘🏽 bjj mma jiujitsu deathsetapparel nyc photography apparel

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Piotr Fręchowicz


Comment from Piotr Fręchowicz:

Good sparing session done today 😀 at Berserkers Team Warsaw 💪 ground_game cleantastebatony fizjomove optidiet bjj jiujitsu capitol poland warsaw sparing team berserkersteamwarszawa ilovebjj gi nogi submission adcc ibjjf brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle ilovebjj blackbelt dream big

2 Minutes ago

Tyler Hickey


Comment from Tyler Hickey:

The only sport where snapping and strangling someone is legal😜 We do it for fun😬Good hard rounds with alejandro_moyano26 👊🏼jiujitsu

2 Minutes ago

Matt Secor BJJ


Comment from Matt Secor BJJ:

Saturday Morning Jiu-jitsu! MSBJJ BJJ Jiujitsu brotherhood GracieJiujitsu 1percentbettereveryday

2 Minutes ago

Josh Hinger


Comment from Josh Hinger:

Try to shoot a single leg on me... pay the price. Knee to the face. 🤜🏼🤕 The not so gentle art. nãoeartesuave atosjiujitsu watsonmartialarts bjj jiujitsu monkeytape moskova greaterthan habroksports stlouis jiujitsulifestyle atos truth is he ran his face into my knee.

2 Minutes ago

Jane Can Too


Comment from Jane Can Too:

For a long time I did every single intro lesson that we have in this school. Sometimes when I hold pads for the new big guys, they try to blast through the pads. I don't know if they do that to impress me, or something else going on. But I feel that people underestimate me. Maybe because of my size, my gender or my silliness. It used to bother me, but it doesn't anymore. Whenever someone acts like that, I try to look as bored as possible when they kick the pad. Women are told all the time that we are not strong, or capable of doing some things, or that we are too fragile. Women know that that's ridiculous. It's all about executing the technique the right way. It's not about muscle. ALL women should do martial arts, not only for self-defense but also to realize their full potential. Whenever you train, you get this sense of confidence, it radiates, and people don't want to mess with you."

2 Minutes ago

ciaran brohan


Comment from ciaran brohan:

Post bjj coffee with the ruffnecks jd_stellablue murtyhussain_ emmetgorman5

7 Minutes ago

Casey Oxendine


Comment from Casey Oxendine:

Calling the action and catching up with the fighters yesterday, during day 1 of the UMMAF nationals presented by valorfights . Excited to be back on he mic alongside vincesports as we kick off the semi finals at 4pm today.. LIVE on flocombat !! mma mixedmartialarts ummaf bjj jiujitsu kickboxing muaythai wrestling karate taekwondo championship nationalchampionship

11 Minutes ago