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Amanda Snidow


Comment from Amanda Snidow:

I'm an apostrophe I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see I'm just a product of the system, a catastrophe And yet a masterpiece 🎶 Imagine Dragons . . . . journey bereal imaginedragons songlyrics lyrics words selfie selfies growth music alternative

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Comment from Pandage:

27~06~17 Day 150 Went shopping with a friend and Then to second hands stores with my Father :3 ~Niffler warm tattoo reader bigbang outdoors photography pictureoftheday light journey hiking home grass field family denmark sky sunny sunburn adventure mother nature book blogger boyfriend blue clouds city father camera

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В Баре довольно протяженная набережная с пляжем. Хотя, если честно, пляжем это трудно назвать) Но все же. Можно арендовать лежаки, а можно под деревом на травке лечь, как мы😁 *************** Bar, Montenegro. *************** nasvoixdvoixtravelstravelersmontenegrocrnagorasummerphotophotoofthedaytagforlikesjourneyнасвоихдвоихпутешествияпутешествуйснамисвоимходомчерногорияфотофотоднялетоотдыхморемирвокругсветапляжbarбаргород

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Photographer, journalist, wife


Comment from Photographer, journalist, wife:

Давно хотела рассказать вам про одну очень крутую и полезную программу, которую разработали трое очень талантливых парня из Днепра 😎 Wayme - это ваш маленький гид, который всегда с вами. Для пользования программой вам надо лишь скачать ее и взять с собой наушники. Скачать программу можно абсолютно бесплатно 😊 На прошлой неделе мне удалось испробовать приложение в действии. Это было нечто! Ты вроде один-на-один с городом, а с другой стороны - тебя ведёт очень приятный голос, который не просто показывает красивые уголки города, но и в интересной форме (с шутками-прибаутками) рассказывает историю города, его жителей. И хотя в Днепре я живу практически с самого рождения для себя я открыла много нового. А самое классное то, что автором туров от wayme может стать любой человек. Может им станешь именно ты?😉 Чуть не забыла: на iOS приложение работает уже целый год, а на Android полная версия выйдет к конце лета, так что ждём с нетерпением 🤗 Больше информации вы можете найти на их официальном сайте 😋 wayme отзыв путешествия город днепр фотоднепр Украина изнанкаДнепра фотограф фотография архитектура дверь лето фотографднепр photo arhitecture shoot door summer journey joy photographer art photo_Dnepr Dnepr Ukraine instashoot mood

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Comment from George:

This was a nice warm up for biceps! Arms Gym Gymtime Gymrat WeightWear Fitness Training Gainz Bicep Journey Fat2Fit

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Dmitry Kovalenko


Comment from Dmitry Kovalenko:

London is the capital of Great Britain 🇬🇧 LondonjourneybigbendoubledackerrainydaysUKGBEnglandRussiavibrantcitycitysiteseeingstudentkingslondonhappynessgoodspiritsstreetattractionparliamentwestminsterabbeyelizabethtower

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Comment from Randa:

Стою такая вот тут 🤔горы греция дельфы пейзаж вид природа серпантин nature travel journey greece delphi instalike instagood incredible view amazing adventure trip sky mountain girl goproshot gopro beahero beautiful scenery like4like follow4follow

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Farima Berenji


Comment from Farima Berenji:

The 7 Sema retreat is almost full!! There is currently 1 spot left, If you are planning to come please register asap. Four full days of whirling, Sema, Zikhr, sacred dance, ancient shamanic rituals and healing sessions with Farima, it's sure to be a transformative and magical journey! Those who do not do the full retreat can still participate in the evening events. More info visit or FB: Farima Dance dance dancer dancing sanctuary travel journey enchanting silkroad spiritual mystical sacred sacreddance canada bc persiandance iraniandance goddess awakening sufidance whirling sema sufiwhirling whirlingdervish middleastrendance cumberland events performingarts workshop retreat festival

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Madeline Faulkner


Comment from Madeline Faulkner:

Tonight I am doing a little reflecting whilst chatting to some lovely ladies 👭 Why am I reflecting? Because when somedays you look at how far you have to go and you say to yourself it seems impossible to do and finally get there and really puts a negative cloud around my journey So what do I do? I pull out a picture of myself 3yrs ago and compare to a recent photo to motivate me again and can see I was in such a bad shape and this caused so many health problems including a huge pressure on my easphogal problems so I was in pain and suffering everyday Today I am happy. Im healthy. Im a curvy size 10 again and im not having any problems with my easphogus pains and no more need for invasive surgery which doesnt help my condition. And Im just so happy to have come so far in 3years. If you are reading this I want to say thankyou for taking the time and please share this with anyone you think is feeling the same. Or maybe you are feeling this way and just need that bit of extra motivation to get started. ❤❤ motivatemyself journey healthjourney icanhelpyoutoo

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RUUHEE Official Store🏝🌞


Comment from RUUHEE Official Store🏝🌞:

Купальник монокини RUUHEE👙 Без косточек☝ бархатный Размеры:S(ОГ:72-80 /ОБ:78-85), M(ОГ:80-88/ОБ:85-91), L(ОГ:88-96/ОБ:92-102) Цена: 1900 ₽ Доставка по всему миру БЕСПЛАТНО🛫🌍 купальникморепляжодеждакачествобикинибикиниминиподзаказповсемумируженщиныbiquinipushapruuheeswimmingnaturalcolorbodybustfreedomwomenswimsuitseaпутешествиеjourneytrevelcruiseswimwear

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Comment from Leo:

cosmos crown journey happyplace

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Ondřej Vlk


Comment from Ondřej Vlk:

Dnešní přejezd Tureckem byl fajn , ikdyz si se mnou počasí trochu hrálo. Přijal jsem tři pozvání na čaj a nechal za sebou 700 km! ovlkridetomongolia ovlkaroundtheworld Turkey longway to go ride mongolia journey alone on BMW r1200gsa czechman czechboy Traveler Travel nomad world asia followme tommorow Georgia

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Comment from SF:


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Yogaion Retreats


Comment from Yogaion Retreats:

Regramming my seasoulsister seasoulstories love you my seamermaid ❤️shot by lukasbudimaier ocean oceansoul soulsurfer surfingthewavesoflife surf longboard surfergirl travel glide journey seasoul

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Lacey Quinn


Comment from Lacey Quinn:

Looking for recommendations on smart fitness watch. Has anyone used the FitBit Charge 2 or the FitBit Blaze? What do you like and dislike? I'm open to others if you have other suggestions.

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The Pole Studio


Comment from The Pole Studio:

Наша красивая, нежная, лёгкая )) фото komarov_production Repost annetta_anna (get_repost) ・・・ 👰 fiancée tendresse rêve art mood love inspiration weddinginspiration wedding bride me journey flowers decoration флористика невеста декор вдохновение свадьба нежность красота

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Comment from #changechick:

Happy Hump Day bloomers!!!!! Can't believe how quickly the days are flying by now that we've passed this year's half way mark! Today I'm back at McMillan Chiropractic Centre in Traralgon. I'm fully booked out but have vacancies after school holidays! It's been a week of revelations personally as I share some of my journey and step into a space that is quite vulnerable for me - social media. Acknowledging that you are stuck is half the battle and probably the hardest and most confronting. You don't necessarily need to define where you are going, you just have to realise there's an aspect of life RIGHT NOW that you wish to change. You'll need to put on your BIG GIRL PANTS and roll up your sleeves and be honest with yourself - be your own cheerleader! You're not alone, remember you just have to decide to change and figure out who might be able to support you on the first step forward. I promise you the steps get easier as you get going. You can choose to change xxxx changechick kinesiology wellnesscoaching youcanchoosetochange cheerleader gippsland traralgon spiritual workingmumma mcmillanchiro ichoosetochange embracechange letgooffear journey soulbiz youvegotthis biggirlpantson

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Jes Albro


Comment from Jes Albro:

Albino donkey spotting...or baby unicorn. Not sure. . . . travel adventure wanderlust world awesome trip journey outdoors instatravel travelislife adventureisoutthere travelgram donkey albino unicorn assisi italy animals nature

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Comment from Signe:

"To me, women’s empowerment means surfacing the conditions you need to thrive and then intentionally designing your life in a way that unlocks your potential. It means unapologetically going after the things in life that will make you the happiest human you can be. It means letting go of stories that no longer serve you and taking ownership of how you want to interact with the world. It means choosing to love yourself today, rather than someday soon. Most of all, it means community - cheering on other women and being vulnerable enough to get the support you need, too." - katie.g.jackson Founder, SIGNE

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Dar Hussain


Comment from Dar Hussain:

INDIA EXPOSED ON INTERNATIONAL LEVEL SUPPLYING WEAPONS TO ISIS TERRORISTS AND HAVING STRONG CONNECTION WITH TERRORIST ISIS NETWORK ************** India a Country 2nd in list of countries selling weapons to ISIS terrorists proved by Britain Armament Monitoring Committee. Today, we understood why Indian workers Females & Males freed by ISIS terrorists few years ago, it is All because they have strong connection with world most horrible terrorist group ISIS. ISIS terrorist is a group who didn't release a single person from their control whom they later either behead or killed horribly or Females raped and sell in the market. We are shocked how India able to freed it's more than 20 workers who were even non Muslims.? This news showing Indian agencies who have government license for selling electronic bomb use items during the war to the country (Turkey) who gave shelter to terrorists ... Why people not blame India as terrorist supporter country ? Why there is no sanction if they supply weapons to terrorist networks? journalist journey journaling journalists freedomtower isis bbc presstv iran irani lebanese aljazera islam Muslims Qatar qatarairways iraqi syrian syria America americano Russia russian germany europe switzerland finland afghanistan pakistan oman

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