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🇮🇩Desta Oganda


Comment from 🇮🇩Desta Oganda:

The journey is history in the life. tereliye mereliye journey life history like4like likeforfollow liker likess likes likescam likes4like

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Laura Balestrero


Comment from Laura Balestrero:

Last few days in the city of angels. . losangeles california america usa land lands landscape landscapes landscaping landing photo photography photographer photographers pic pics picture angel wings ootd fashion travel trip adventure world journey citywalkla whatliftsyou graffiti

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Comment from dstravelgram:

Elantra ami . . ecopark lake lakeside sunset instamoment instatravelling igtravel tourism travelphoto travelpics traveldeeper travelgram traveltheworld travelgo travelblogger Journey mytravelgram getaway wanderlust wanderer nature naturally naturephotography worldbestgram worldhotz naturepics natureshots naturegram wow_nature

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Big Mair


Comment from Big Mair:

First day in Cali and and one training session down. Yes it was legs today but I wanted a bench pr in the Mecca and I got it. It was a bit ugly but I'm counting it. And finally starting to squat again. It was not fancy but I had to post it since I was in golds. Gonna go cry now cuz my legs are done Bench 315 single 345 single (5 pound pr) Squat 225 for 5 ( needs lots of work)

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Candice Betrosian


Comment from Candice Betrosian:

CALLING ALL MEN AND WOMEN! 🔊Husbands and Wives! Girlfriends and Boyfriends! Sisters and Brothers! 👩🏻👨🏽👧🏻👱🏼‍♀️👦🏽👱🏻 We are looking for individuals who are ready to HUSTLE. Who are ready to get FIT. Who are ready to BUILD muscle and GAIN strength! 💪🏼 We are looking for people who want to be a part of a POSITIVE group helping to encourage and motivate each other towards success! 👭 We want people who welcome support. Ones who are willing to learn and are open to advice. Those who appreciate the helping hand and ready to take their goals and CRUSH THEM! 👊🏻 Our groups offer all these things and more! We can set you up with: 1. Workout systems PROVEN to work! 🏋🏻‍♀️ 2. Nutritional plans that are fool proof!🍽 3. One meal a day that will be the absolute HEALTHIEST part of your day!🍎 4. 1-1 PLUS group support. 🤝 5. And a 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE if you follow it and it doesn't work! 🤑 You really can't get this opportunity anywhere else! 🚫No gym, no studio, no smoothie place, etc. ❌ Everyone deserves to be FIT and HEALTHY. No one deserves to feel tired, weak, bloated, lazy, grumpy, miserable, self-conscious, negative, etc. DONT WAIT for everyone to start bombarding the gyms and health places in January. START TODAY! START NOW! And START with all the changes happening right from your own home! Aug 23-25 I am holding a special EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peak into what my challenge groups can offer you. I'll be live to answer questions and more! Message me or comment below for more details! I'm here to help! committed commitment success journey fitness hustle muscle buildmuscle gainmuscle gainconfidence beproud beproudofyourself loveyourself feelgood feelgreat sundayfunday workoutathome healthyme healthyyou commit succeed pride

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Shakti Cat


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My tribe. friends tribe vibe trust connection communication openess weareone beautiful life journey circle respect family lovedones goodenergy rewire novascotia lochaberlake dock tattoosessions goodfolks heart happy summer2017 ... I love you all liv.sunshine eleanorlprice chancebayne johndavidphotos patchy_owl

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Ari Kiswanto


Comment from Ari Kiswanto:

Masih Liburan!!!! Jump, jump, jump!!! 😎 instagram instapicture instapictures instapict jump beach island instatravel travelgram travel trip instatrip instatrips journey photography instaphoto indonesiaphoto vacation holydays

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M É L A N I E 🌸


Comment from M É L A N I E 🌸:

. Today we went crabapple picking at my Grandmamans!! They are delicious! . . How did you spend your weekend? . . . . crabapples foodisfuel fruit summer summereats healthysnack foodisfuel cherries antioxidants healthyfood healthychoices fuelyourbody healthbenefits fuelup nutrition listentoyourbody refreshing simple morning calm relax happy journey fitness fruits vegetable healthyfats

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🍏Apple ∞🦄


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lazyday takenbyme takenbysupennapa wanderlust journeytravel travelblogger travelphotography traveling panvaree panvareeresort suratthani hometown goodvibes khaosokratchaprapadam

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Stephanie Strong


Comment from Stephanie Strong:

Tonight was a 2 mile bike ride followed by a short power walk, then some arms, legs, and abs. It was hawt!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I still look at myself and think about how far I still have to go! Still at least 5-10 more pounds (although I am at Lifetime), and LOTS of toning! I hate that I do that! Why is it so hard for us to see how far we have come? I am so much healthier than I was 2 years ago! I know if I am CONSISTENT, work the plan, track, drink my water, exercise, and weigh-in weekly, I will continue to see positive changes! It is not going to happen overnight! . . . . WW weightwatchers trackinglife healthy journey mywwjourney smartpoints lifestylechange bettertogether lifetime becauseitworks beconsistent

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Journey Reye Sinks


Comment from Journey Reye Sinks:

I keep dancing to my own beat. I don't need no-one to dance beside me! Stars are out and I'm as wild as the sky, dancing with the moon in my eyes. Reflecting off my skin, some kind of shine that'll dazzle the eyes. She's screaming at the top of her lungs and setting off fireworks with her heart! Yes, she's the miracle that can't be tamed, she's the whole world's melody. You feel her in the wind, that's a journey my friends. staywild stayhappy wishyoudsurpriseme dancinginthestars wildheart gypsy lover poet journey missyoubaby wishyoudproveotherswrong

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Wanderlust Chelsea 🌺


Comment from Wanderlust Chelsea 🌺:

When you get laid off and realize you can't afford a eurotrip anymore but it's ok because your boss owes you overtime so you will still be able to go somewhere else 🎆 || mickeymouse mickey disney california disneyland californiaadventure journey adventure wanderlust explore experience travelgram instatravels travelinsta

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Comment from Mar:

Nyhavn boats and houses 🛥🚤🛳⛴🚢🏫🏩💒🏢 . . . latepost copenhagen denmark nyhavn harbour boats travel wanderlust journey art photography nikon water color reflection thisismyeurope world myatlas travelstoke europe

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Jenk Zaokneng


Comment from Jenk Zaokneng:

The taste of traditional Takengon food .. Masam jeng dan cecah angur nya juara bgt. . 💚 🍴 . . . tanahgayo acehfood acehtengah takengon gayo acehgayo indonesia kuliner traditionalfood food instafood instagram instagood foodphotography instatravel instatrip instataste tastyfood journey indonesiafood trip photography aceh delish deliciusfood delicius 💋

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Comment from Isuyu👻:

Embrace the journey.. 😎 rooftop journey destination motivation inspiration destiny photography takearest therapy ontheway tanning sunnyday boats story moving motion relax lifequotes south thailand เ ก รี ย ม . . ☀😂

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Wanna Runaway


Comment from Wanna Runaway:

Beautiful deer by mimskyle. I love this guy's pics. wannarunaway travel adventure explore journey wanderlust outdoors nature moodygrams instatravel travelgram roamtheplanet folkgreen folkscenery wondermore

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Tina Truax


Comment from Tina Truax:

Life Adventures ❤ arrow life opportunity adventure journey openheart

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Comment from Naho:

夏休み * の始まりだー❣️ * * * 空 sky blue 青 碧 蒼 ダレカニミセタイソラ イマソラ 成田空港 チャイナエアライン chinaairlines 旅 旅行 trip Travel Journey wanderlust なほの旅記録

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Comment from promisetowrite:

Life's a beach and sometimes there's a railroad

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Jamie Rusnell


Comment from Jamie Rusnell:

Working on these hamstrings! workingonitall! fitness wintertime creates summerbodies me journey hamstrings progress strength singlelegdeadlift

239 Days ago