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I'm watching you... я тренер природа отдых озеро загар солнце Coach sun beach lake mma ufc russia man sportlife alexfitness медведи север bjj judo

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Jason Santiago


Comment from Jason Santiago:

Clips from my last training session with my awesome team before I leave for the Masters Worlds! Thanks for pushing me last night, I carry each of you to the mat with me this weekend! ibjjf MastersWorlds BJJ BrazilianJiuJitsu JiuJitsu Grappling MartialArts Judo training fitness fun family maxercise affiliate ribeiro 6blades competition practice uchikomi throwing passing rolling drilling drills workout strength conditioning nofilter

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Michał Schaefer


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Robota zrobiona 👌 judo bjj bjj4ever bjjnerd bjjfamily workhardorgohome bjjmotivation kosen_judoteampoznan

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🔻Personal Trainer


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Matt Sole


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Looking forward to meeting this legend tonight! ricksongraciejj daithicalvert jiujitsu mma brazilianjiujitsu muaythai oss fitness bjjlifestyle ufc boxing grappling jiujitsulifestyle wrestling kickboxing martialarts judo followforfollow competition repost nogi training bjjlife crossfit bjj4life gym lifestyle fight gi jiujitsulife ibjjf workout

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👑☯💯Briian Domínguez💯☯👑


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2do 💪💪 JUDO

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Conor McGregor autograph thenotoriousmma ufc striking fighter irish bellator mma usa brazilianjiujitsu judo octagon boxing money sambo karate kickboxing wrestling knockout mayweather conormcgregor british fightnight lasvegas submission sports dublin fitness espn tattoo fight bjj

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Kay-k Blaq


Comment from Kay-k Blaq:

Some real hard work put in with clout_s370 and sugarcanerey today,... this kind of work is exactly what elevates us all. Some of the fine details in attack and defence today was ridiculous,.. pleasure to watch and take part with these animals blaqpanthapersonaltraining blaqstarfightteam blaqstarmma mma ufc boxing kickboxing muaythai karate kungfu sanda sambo kravmaga judo wrestling grappling bjj jiujitsu combat martialarts fighters athletes justiceforgrenfell

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Divas Do Jiujitsu


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Regrann from roxane_bjj - Ne demeurez pas dans le passé, ne rêvez pas du futur, concentrez l'esprit sur le moment présent. Bouddha. . Les choses progressent, petit extrait d'une séquence sur la X garde par mon professeur adoré yvan_bjj , y'a encore du boulot mais les choses avancent et le moral revient, les efforts continuent ! . drill progress oss professor jiujiteiras jiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsulife lifestyle practice kimono ctrlindustries shoyoroll fitnessgirl focus repeat blackbelt bluebelt artesuave world training workout train mma nogi grappling judo newaza wrestling

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Tops Jiu-jitsu


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Repost sinixtrobjj ・・・ drill berimbolo topsjiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu bjjlife bjjlifestyle guardpass blackbelt bjjgirls bjj4life jiujitsu gi grappling wrestling bjjstyle jitser adcc ibjjf naga gracie oss mma kimura graciebarra submission leglock judo heelhook sapateiro sapateirojiujitsu

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Comment from Alex:

‪Go with the flow༄Day 2 Upper Body WO bjj mma trainhard traindifferent box judo wrestling trainingmask bootcamp competition‬

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edilson teixeira


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Hoje tive a satisfação de fazer o treino personalizado de um dos melhores atletas de MMA do mundo, ex bellatormma e atualmente lutando no akhmat_MMA na Rússia betaomma. Conte sempre comigo irmão! life lifeartesmarciais lifetreinofuncional lifemma feiradesantana sim artesmarciais funcional fitdance boxe jiujitsu muaythai mma judo fitness fit dieta alimentacaosaudavel treinofuncional emagrecimento qualidadedevida saude ufc bellator

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Comment from Alex:

‪Go with the flow༄Day 2 Upper Body WO bjj mma trainhard traindifferent box judo wrestling trainingmask bootcamp competition‬

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Brianna Kelly


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judo sexyfeet ilovebriannakelly pictureoftheday

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Judo Ramonville


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La direction du stage dirige le jury ce soir judo stage temple ramonville

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Nánási Fatime


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Photoshooting with the best ✌📷 hungary hungariangirl magyar girl woman fighter mma grappling jiujitsu wrestling boxing hmmaf immaf uww mynextmatch livewireteam wolfbody martialarts judo ufc bellator life fight hungarian sport photo shooting grandcanyon mars mountains

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Sensei Victor Cephas Jr


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karate bjj judo jujitsu mma cephaskaratejujitsu blackbelt roadtomastery funtimes motivation nevergiveup justdoit family martialarts martialartist

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Comment from Миш&Уля:

Лёгкая треня💪🏋🤗 ulianasb siestafit fitness sport trx trxtraining judo bodybuilding Russia motivation Love Yaroslavl Спорт ЗОЖ фитнес здоровье

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Alek Leśniewski


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Sam sex 💝🎃 judoboys judo summercamp

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Martial Arts Frequency


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One of my all time favorite undercover classic fight movies, BlackDynamite along with "FootFistWay"📽 Repost from officialmichaeljai - Black Dynamite is my baby. I have never been more proud of a film because I created the character, wrote the script and starred in it. Who knew it would become a cult classic with a huge following and then become a cartoon? Here is some advice I like to give to aspiring filmmakers...With my own resources, I shot the trailer for it myself just to get it sold...I wasn't given any handouts and I didn't wait for someone to come knocking at my door. If there is content you want to see in films and on TV, YOU have to create it yourself and put the work in to make it happen. 👊 . . . . . bjj nogi ufcfighter kickboxing muaythai karate kungfu boxing jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu submissiongrappling neverbackdown judo wizkalifa wrestling demilovato mmafighter taekwondo mixedmartialarts submission kravmaga mma jiujitsu sambo

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