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BTS / 방탄소년단


Comment from BTS / 방탄소년단:

"iamhalsey & steveaoki ile BTS" | Twitter Güncellemesi 💞💞 | 방탄소년단 bangtanboys bts bangtan boys turkey parkjimin kimseokjin kimtaehyung jeonjungkook kimnamjoon minyoongi junghoseok jimin jin v jungkook rapmonster suga jhope aesthetics likeforlike like4like army bts.bighitofficial

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♡up bangtan's ass♡


Comment from ♡up bangtan's ass♡:

[ 052417 ] BTS TWITTER UPDATE · CAPTION :BTS with halsey & steveaoki · · Follow 👉bts_sam for more shiteu ✨ · · · bangtansonyeondan bangtan bangtanboys bts kimnamjoon namjoon rapmonster kimseokjin jin minyoongi yoongi suga junghoseok hoseok jhope hobi parkjimin jimin kimtaehyung taehyung v jeonjungkook kpop jungkook kookie fff f4f follow

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BTS - 방탄소년단💣


Comment from BTS - 방탄소년단💣:

--; 170525 BTS Twitter Update BTS with halsey & steveaoki ۵ ۵ 💎 Like our recents, please 💎 Go follow us ❄🐝❄ 7bts.squad ۵ ۵ ➳Tag Your Friends🌹 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 정국 랩몬스터 진 제이홉 지민 박지민 민윤기 花樣年華 정호석 김태형 김석진 슈가 랩몬수터 전정국 김남준 宋仲基 jimin bighit jungkook jin 홉이 방탄소년단 rapmonster junghoseok jeonjungkook minyoongi kimtaehyung bangtansonyeondan

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Park Jimin❤ (BTS)


Comment from Park Jimin❤ (BTS):

Nice!!!👏👏👏 ©midnight_showjm bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bangtan btsjimin bts parkjimin jimin chimchim btsjin jin btsrapmonster rapmonster namjoon btssuga suga minyoongi btsjhope jhope junghoseok btstaehyung v taehyung btsjungkook jungkook jeonjungkook jihope yoonmin vmin jikook bts.bighitofficial

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Just Another Fangirl ❤


Comment from Just Another Fangirl ❤:

BTS Official Update BTS with halsey & steveaoki - - I'm At Work ;-; Someone Save Me !! - - - BTS bangtansonyeondan KimNamjoon KimSeokjin MinYoongi JungHoseok KimTaeyhung ParkJimin JeonJungkook RapMonster Jin Suga JHope V Jimin Jungkook BTSXHalsey BTSXSteveAoki

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Comment from ARMY BTS 🇸🇪🇹🇭:

BTS & halsey & steveaoki ✌🏻️🔥 rapmonster suga jungkook jhope v jin jimin kimseokjin kimnamjoon junghoseok jeonjungkook parkjimin taehyung minyoongi bts ❤️

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Yoonseok/Sope ❤


Comment from Yoonseok/Sope ❤:

❤ 4/6 ❤ H o b i –––––––––– Tags 방탄소년단 bangtanboys BTS kimnamjoon kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok parkjimin kimtaehyung jeonjungkook RM Jin Suga JHope JIMIN V JK sope 솝 yoonseok hopega boyxboy 👨❤👨

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Comment from FOLLBACK YA 😂😂:

Selamat wisuda 🙌🌸 bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bulletproofboys jin suga jhope rapmonster jimin v jungkook kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok kimnamjoon parkjimin kimtaehyung jeonjungkook btsedit kpopedit btsmemes

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suga suggs


Comment from suga suggs:

jiminie~ . . . bts bangtanboys jimin parkjimin jungkook jeonjungkook hoseok junghoseok jhope suga yoongi minyoongi taehyung kimtaehyung btsv rapmonster namjoon kimnamjoon seokjin kimseokjin jin

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My Babies BTS 방탄소년단


Comment from My Babies BTS 방탄소년단:

Twitter Update: BTS with halsey & steveaoki • • • bts bangtanboys 방탄소년단 kimnamjoon rapmonster kimseokjin jin minyoongi agustd suga junghoseok hobi hoseok jhope parkjimin jimin kimtaehyung v taehyung jungkook jungkookie

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Comment from seraphele:

Love 😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . bts jeonjungkookie rapmonster jimin suga btsmemes btsbbmas v junghoseok hoseok jungkook jhope jin joongi bangtanboys bighit

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Comment from 방탄소년단:

Los amo👑💖 . . . . . ..kimnamjoonkimseokjinminyoongijunghoseokparjiminkimtaehyungjeonjungkookbtsjhopesugajinjiminjungkookkookieVtaebangtansoyeondanrapmonsteryoongitaehyungbangtansoyeondanfxfl4lkpoprapper

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Comment from クリスタル:

BTS with halsey & steveaoki - BTS_twt Update 170524 ✨ Im proud of them I'm literally sobbing! btstwitter kpopf4f bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys bts KimSeokjin KimNamjoon KimTaehyung JeonJungkook JungHoseok MinYoongi ParkJimin BTSV BTSRapMonster BTSJungkook BtsJhope BTSJimin BTSSuga BTSJin BtsUpdates BtsF4f Kpoplike4Like Korean KPOP

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Comment from ARMY BTS 🇸🇪🇹🇭:

BTS & halsey & steveaoki ✌🏻️🔥 rapmonster suga jungkook jhope v jin jimin kimseokjin kimnamjoon junghoseok jeonjungkook parkjimin taehyung minyoongi bts ❤️

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Comment from ❥Annyeonghaseyo:

Update official twitter.💕 ㅤ " BTS with halsey & steveaoki " ㅤ keipopei YouNeverWalkAlone bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys armyforever kimnamjoon kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok parkjimin kimtaehyung jeonjungkook bts

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Comment from 🥀🥀🥀:

S O F T - M O C H I . . .scrap:)REPOST CZ RIP THE AUDIO WOW) i fucked up the loop up but he looks cute so ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ . btsbtsedit kpopedit jhopeyoongijunghoseok parkjimin kimtaehyung kimseokjin namjoon jeonjungkook

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My Life Is A Meme

Comment from My Life Is A Meme:

i turned off auto capitalisation on my keyboard so now nothing capitalises its great. however this means that mu caption will have a lot more typos because i had to turn off auto correction to stop i correcting to I cr to nochueu • • • • • • Tags [ jin suga rapmon rapmonster jhope jimin v jungkook seokjin minyoongi yoongi namjoon kimnamjoon kimseokjin hoseok junghoseok hobi parkjimin taehyung kimtaehyung jeonjungkook bts army btsmemes kpop kpopmemes ]

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Bangtan - 방탄소년단


Comment from Bangtan - 방탄소년단:

Twitter update ❤❤ -

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13.11.2016 // be happy !!


Comment from 13.11.2016 // be happy !!:

so Jen is sick and she has so many exams to do so I just want you guys to leave a comment wishing her good luck at least it will make her a bit happier. we love you Jen and you can make it you will nail your exams trust me💙 - [tags] - jungkook v bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan army jin jimin jhope jungkookie suga rapmon kpopmeme btsmeme kpop kpopl4l taehyungie bangtanbomb fff lfl taehyung minyoongi kimtaehyung jeonjungkook junghoseok parkjimin vkook vhope vmin ~ allie

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Comment from sammy:

rat meets evil loli.kitty sara_bahaxoxo • • • jhope 제이홉 hoseok 호석 junghoseok 정호석 bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan 방탄소년단

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