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Dubai Blogger/Brand Influencer


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Really I'm so happy to start workout 9rounduae , 30 minutes body transformation with a kickboxing training 👊👊👊👊 . I keep my self always fit . كنت سعيد جدا لبدء التدريب ب نادي 9rounduae ، ٣٠ دقيقة لحفاظ على لياقة جسمك . انصحهم بشدة 👍👍👍 . . dubai mydubai visitdubai fitness fitnessmodel 9round Gym kickboxing kickboxer fit indubai dubaibloggers dubaiblogger dubaiblog

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испугался 😁😁😨 . . . . . . mma ufc bjj boxing fitness muaythai jiujitsu kickboxing wrestling martialarts fight gym fighter crossfit judo karate fit grappling bodybuilding mixedmartialarts brazilianjiujitsu fighting mmafighter taekwondo muscle champion wmma bjjlifestyle thaiboxing gymlife

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Renzo's Legacy


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* Fundamental knowledge about safety habits. * Basic foundation of boxing. *Kickboxing as a self-defense. *Three fundamental of street self-defense : awareness, anticipation and action. *Self-defense techniques Nidan Salvatore Tranchina Black Belt Second Degree Reserve your space now at kickboxing kickass boxing selfdefense miami protectivestyle protectyourself miami kendall cuongnhuvenezuela cuongnhu mma👊 mma martialarts healthylifestyle fitnessmodel shotokan aikido awareness anticipating

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Luciana Silva


Comment from Luciana Silva:

Quando vc ama o que faz, não vira um fardo e sim uma paina!!! academiacoliseum kickboxing mulhernotatame mulherquetreina sistemabruto amo

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Follow the Fighters


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Let's make this happen! Repost pieterbuist danawhite ufc ufceurope seanshelby NickHeinMMA apparently bitched out of UFCRotterdam ,let's do a catch weight & give the fans a🇳🇱boy I'm ready !!!!

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UFC Las Vegas 🔹


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A man with dreams needs a woman who believes. ❤❤❤ King &Queen Follow ufc_vegas family love

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this guy had been literally on 8 kickboxing lessons plus small lessons with me focusing mainly on basics and technique almost every day and I can see nothing but huuuuge progress he did.. sharpening technique.. getting condi.. even getting creative with combos when i ask him on what he wants to work tonight.. plus the power he can generate.. damn boy..😀 . . . . . kickboxing gymlife slavlife slovakia fightlife training progress

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Jonathan Canévet


Comment from Jonathan Canévet:

Every day gives the opportunity to progress 👍 motivation ambition competition sport martialarts sportdecombat kickboxing mma glorykickboxing ufc dream

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Matt "the Fury" Fuentes


Comment from Matt "the Fury" Fuentes:

Great pro training with the homies today 🤙🏽

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Susanne Dekker


Comment from Susanne Dekker:

😂 my hands are so shaky that i couldn't even make a clear picture 😂 filters make it even worse... 75min of kickbox training 🥊 shakyshaky kickboxing kickbox training nofilter gloveson letsgo

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Master Rod Bohorquez


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shimmyungdo masterrod herbalife kickboxing

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Çok özledim! 💔 goodnigth iyigeceler gutenabend спокойнойночи selfie fit fitfam fitness fitnessmodel bodybuilding kickboxing mma boxing motivation spor gym love beard instalike instalove instagood instagym istanbul lviv

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Meninas De Ouro Rio


Comment from Meninas De Ouro Rio:

Já conhece nosso treino? Agende sua aula experimental e vem treinar com a gente! 🥊💪🏼

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Kampfsportcenter Dimos


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Thaibox/K1 Stunde Dienstag 22 August TeamDimos austria vienna kickboxing boxing thaiboxing onefamily allforone wien österreich gym studio kickboxen thaiboxen boxen

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Melanie Kühweg


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Ahlan yoschida


Comment from Ahlan yoschida:

Se o campo é de batalha eu to pronto pro confronto!🇧🇷💪👊 samurai_insano sempreempé soco_chute_porrada k1rules kickboxing boxing muaythai

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