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Comment from GHOST💀:

Reprise du kick ce soir , enfin les sensations reviennent encore blessé mais bon ca n'arrêtera pas l homme... Petite video je me fait niquer pcq le negro n'ai pas arrivé à l heure 🙏🏾✅💀 blackboyfighterfightfighthardfightingfightclubfighterlifeworkhardkickboxingkickboxerkickboykicksaddictkickbackkickbridefitnessfitnessparkfitlifefitboyfitnessmotivationfitnessaddictabsabsworkoutabdosabdominauxcongoghost💀🥊

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Kuba Kozaczuk


Comment from Kuba Kozaczuk:

Ekipa 😊💪👊 polishboys fighters kickboxing lowkick sportfamilie clipeusarma k1 tournament underarmourwear trecwear poland patriots

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Tiago Franco


Comment from Tiago Franco:

Família 👊👊 aqui reina a boa disposição, companheirismo, amizade e entreajuda 👌👌 gym workhard familia duramuk kickboxing teamduramuk treino training friends instaphoto fitness_portugal fitnessportugal treinopesado energy

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Niki Fitness


Comment from Niki Fitness:

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Comment from jesse._james:

Last week's k1 fight kickboxingmuaythaijoslinsmma

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Thyago Santos


Comment from Thyago Santos:

Afiando as Mãos vivianaconsultoramk evoluindo a cada dia 👊👊💪😆 stillusacademia sagakombatteam forjadonoaço treinopesado Funcional academia academiastillus muaythaigirl muaythai kickboxing k1rules box foco thyagotntteam

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•• zααяσυя ••


Comment from •• zααяσυя ••:

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Comment from Coco:

My 4th fight January 25th 2014, the day after my 18th birthday. Time sure does fly and I'm glad to say I'm still doing what I love every single day. tbt mma bjj kickboxing boxing

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iLoveKickboxing FV


Comment from iLoveKickboxing FV:

Ready! Set!! Go!!! It's Tricep building time.🥊💪🏼

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Michael Davern


Comment from Michael Davern:

Light work with 'The Wick'🦍🥊 1st light sparring session in sooo long!🙈 TheWick SbgTullamore Mma Kickboxing Bjj

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Тимур Хан


Comment from Тимур Хан:

Когда не съел батончик 😩😒дрыщи тоже люди?🤓 boxing gd gm gn fight coach fighter muaythai punch health k1 mma ufc health fitness gym venum fairtex kickboxing champion moscow russia mixfight sport bjj спорт guy training model pattaya fightmart

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Capri by Fraser, Brisbane


Comment from Capri by Fraser, Brisbane:

jennalee_crawford getting in some exercise while travelling. YES we have kick boxing punch bags! differentbeat

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MMA Cage of Bones


Comment from MMA Cage of Bones:

Vídeo novo no Canal do YouTube galera! Juntei as melhores Encaradas desse mês de Março nas pesagens do UFC e Bellator! Link na biografia!!! Inscreva-se no canal!!!!/ 🇺🇸 This is just a post about my last video on YouTube! Best Faceoffs of March! You can check it out if you want to. Link in Bio. ufc bellator mma cageofbones youtube jiujitsu bjj muaythai wrestling karate kickboxing judo oss

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Blake Marshall


Comment from Blake Marshall:

Last night muay thai class! muaythai squad goals elite mma training kickboxing bjj

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Andre Daltrey


Comment from Andre Daltrey:

Just finished a session in my gym messing about with Core Exercises & Isometric Work based on what Bruce Lee used to do. It was challenging & good fun. 👍 I love this quote from Bruce Lee, and it's one that I endeavour to live by! brucelee isometrics isometrictraining coreworkout ardtrainingcamp homeofchampions bethebestyou boxing kickboxing hardworkdedication aĺwayslearning rolemodel enterthedragon

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Amrit Ghatore - London UK


Comment from Amrit Ghatore - London UK:

Being taught and raised by my sensei has been a blessing!! Nuff said! 🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. love ripped spartan karate goju martialarts bodybuilding leanbody fighter mma repost punch london gymlife knockout fight muscle gym thaiboxing motivation fighting power knockout weapon boxing ufc sports sikh kickboxing singh

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Best Of MMA


Comment from Best Of MMA:

thenotoriousmma the magician mma ufc martialarts mixedmartialarts boxing kickboxing muaythai wrestling judo karate taekwondo bjj jiujitsu sports combat alpha savage respect swag fitness motivation fitnessmotivation fight fighting mcgregor conormcgregor funny lol lmao

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Konstantsin Makhankov


Comment from Konstantsin Makhankov:

В 10-ом раунде они особо добрые 😁😁😁👊🏻💪🏻👊🏻всемспорт бокс бгуфк ЗОЖ makhankovgym boxing bgufk muaythai kickboxing k1 combatsambo mma pankration всемдобра

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Comment from Valy:


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Cheryl Floris


Comment from Cheryl Floris:

Sometimes you gotta just roll with the punches 👊🏼 Has my schedule been on point today? Not in the slightest! I'm behind by about 6 hours 😝 I pouted about it for a hot minute + realized I just gotta buckle down and take er one step at a time 🙌🏼 Why? Because FEELINGS DONT CHANGE YOUR LIFE -- ACTION DOES 🤘🏼 You have to learn to push through feelings, moments of upset, setbacks and hiccups because they're all temporary (as long as you let them be), your goals + vision are FOR REAL - don't allow momentary thoughts to throw you off track of what you seriously want 💥 This just means I'll be working into the night, but baby I got big dreams to pursue + the sacrifice is incredibly worth it 😏 POWER SCULPT - YOU ARE MINE ✊🏼 fuckyeahfeelings highvibe stilldonthaveadresser

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