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매디슨 ⚘


Comment from 매디슨 ⚘:

im about to go camping with one of my buds and i lowkey dont wanna go bc i dont know her family very well and its making me feel sick from being anxious:( • • • - tags 》김남준 김석진 민윤기 정호석 지민 뷔 정국 bts bangtanboys bangtan jungkook jeonjungkook jin kimseokjin v kimtaehyung jhope junghoseok rapmonster kimnamjoon suga minyoongi parkjimin jimin army bangtansonyeondan bangtanarmy //•

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Rée - she/her


Comment from Rée - she/her:

These pictures make me soft • • • bangtanboys bangtan bangtansonyeondan bts jhope junghoseok parkjimin kimseokjin jeonjungkook btsmemes kimnamjoon minyoongi rapmonster yoongi agustd kimtaehyung kpop yoonseok yoonmin

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Comment from YOU GOT NO YAMS:

Pt 5 I really like this theory. It makes sense that each of the girls represent the members themselves and their "partner" member, as well. It's a nice conclusion for Jin to be able to "turn back time" to before his "date", which represented him going back to find happiness. But he realized he couldn't when his date, who is a symbol of Jin and turning back time, doesn't go well since she is killed. So Jin taking of his sweater from the HYYH and Wings era represents him letting go of the past. He was trapped in that room the entire story, trying to go back in time to change things do all the members could be happy, but they couldn't. So there wasn't really a "happy" ending, just an ending for Jin of letting go. bts bangtansonyeondan kimnamjoon namjoon rapmonster kimseokjin seokjin jin minyoongi yoongi suga junghoseok hoseok hobi jhope parkjimin jimin v kimtaehyung taehyung jeonjungkook jungkook 방탄소년단 btsimagine btsimagines bangtanimagine bangtanimagines btscomeback loveyourself

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Comment from 붐날♡:

Highlight Reel BTS 방탄소년단 LOVE_YOURSELF Highlight Reel 起承轉結 - - - - - - - >BeyondTheScene BTS 방탄소년단 ARMY KimNamjoon RapMonster 랩몬스터 KimSeokJin Jin 진 MinYoogi Suga 슈가 JungHoseok 제이홉 Jhope ParkJimin 지민 Jimin KimTaehyung V 뷔 JeonJungkook 정국 Jungkook <

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all for the mochi boy fanpage


Comment from all for the mochi boy fanpage:

BHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAYHAYGAYAYGAHAHHAGAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAGAH 😂POOR JIMIN idk if I'm supposed to laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bts boy group boygroup korea south southkorea koreanpop pop wings btswings jhope v taehyung kimtaehyung park parkjimin jimin yoongi minyoongi suga min jungkook kookie rapmonster jin jien

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Min Yoongi☀️| Suga 🌸 | 민윤기 ♡


Comment from Min Yoongi☀️| Suga 🌸 | 민윤기 ♡:

☀️; EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SAYING × × × × × LOVE_YOURSELF bts bangtanboys kpop bangtansonyeondan suga v rapmonster jimin jhope jungkook jin minyoongi kimtaehyung kimnamjoon parkjimin junghoseok jeonjungkook kimseokjin bighit bias army 방탄소년단 민윤기 김태형 김남준 박지민 정호석 전정국 김석진

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Vincent Van Gogh


Comment from Vincent Van Gogh:

This man stole my hearteu❤❤ I love him❤❤ kimtaehyung v bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys

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🌹 Song Je Mi 🌹


Comment from 🌹 Song Je Mi 🌹:

taehyung v kimtaehyung bts btsarmy bangtan bangtansonyeondan bangtanarmy bangtanboys

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Comment from ❤️방탄소년단 VOTE FOR BTS SORIBADA:

El "final" , creen que mañana BIGHIT siga publicando cosas? O hasta el 2018 ya no sabremos más de love yourself? 👀😨 yo quede más confundida de lo q ya estaba • ARMY BTS 방탄소년단 LOVE_YOURSELF bangtansonyeondan samxbts igers jin jungkook jhope v suga jimin rapmonster junghoseok minyoongi kimtaehyung kimnamjoon kimseokjin jeonjungkook comeback yoongi taehyung parkjimin hoseok namjoon bts.bighitofficial

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Comment from Em:

o bts kimtaehyung taehyung v parkjimin jimin kimnamjoon namjoon rapmonster junghoseok hoseok jhope jeonjungkook jungkook minyoongi yoongi suga kimseokjin seokjin jin bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys bangtanstyle btsfesta2017 btsmemes btsedits btsfanaccount heartsforjinday kpop beyondthescene

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kim taehyung


Comment from kim taehyung:

they look so good 💞

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Comment from ☇여왕☇:

"....Will happiness be ours to stay?" ☆☆☆☆ tags bts bangtan bangtanboys LOVE_YOURSELF bangtansonyeondan jimin v jungkook suga jhope jin rapmonster parkjimin btsv taehyung kimtaehyung jeonjungkook minyoongi minsuga agustd kimnamjoon namjoon rapmon seokjin yoonmin junghoseok hobi taegi hoseok kpopmemes

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Comment from Bantangsonyeondaddy:

And the theories go on 🤔 - - - - jimin jin kimseokjin v kimtaehyung jiminbts rapmonster minyoongi suga btsmemes btsimagines bts imagines kimnamjoon kpop kpopmemes kpopedit kpopedits bighitbts kookiebts kookie bts springday bantangboys kpopimagines jiminbts v love like4like namjin junghoseok like4like fff

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BTS Jimin 지민


Comment from BTS Jimin 지민:

i'm taking a tour of Alcatraz Island rn but i'm looking at pictures of jimin instead loool - bts bangtanboys bangtan bighit jimin parkjimin jin kimseokjin taehyung kimtaehyung v namjoon rapmonster hoseok jhope jungkook jeonjungkook yoongi suga fire bloodsweatandtears bst butterfly dope springday mochijimin wings run boyinluv

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Comment from BT BT BTS:

MEEE XD ☘︎ ☼ ☕︎ ⚡︎ ♥︎ ✈︎ ✎ ✘ ⚾︎ ____________________ Tags: bts bangtan bangtansonyeondan btsmemes btsmemes kpopmemes kpopf4f kimseokjin seokjin jin minyoongi suga yoongi junghoseok hoseok jhope rapmonster kimnamjoon namjoon rapmon parkjimin jimin chimchim kimtaehyung taehyung v btsv taetae jeonjungkook jungkook kookie

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International Army ❤


Comment from International Army ❤:

Not only singer but also actor 😘 beyondthescenesarmy bts bangtan suga jimin jin jhope rapmonster v jungkook bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys ARMY parkjimin kimtaehyung kimnamjoon kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok jeonjungkook kpop lfl kpoplfl bighit maknae hyung

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I'm joon * * bts beyondthescene jungkook suga yoongi jimin v taehyung jin jhope hoseok namjoon rapmonster minyoongi parkjimin kimnamjoon junghoseok jeonjungkook kimseokjin kimtaehyung kpop kpopmemes btsmemes bangtansonyeodan bangtanboys army kpopl4l kpopf4f

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Kore Ruhu


Comment from Kore Ruhu:

Awww 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ~Min-hee bts btsjungkook btsjimin kimseokjin btsjin junghoseok btsjhope kimtaehyung btsv btstaehyung kimnamjoon btsrapmonster minyoongi btssuga bangtanseonyeondan beyondthescene btsarmy btsarmys btsforever btsforeveryoung loveyourself bangtanboys

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Bts Park Jimin 💣


Comment from Bts Park Jimin 💣:

His smile omg i love this smile 😭

3 Minutes ago

방탄소년단 판팍게 (BTS fanpage)


Comment from 방탄소년단 판팍게 (BTS fanpage):

Hi army this is one of the new Admins Kelly, smolangeltae I'll be posting on here and also my main account mostly and also my Ultimate bias is Kim Taehyung! ☺🐯🙌🏻💕 ~Kelly 🐯||v kimtaehyung taehyung kimnamjoon namjoon rapmonster seokjin jin jeonjungkook jungkook jimin suga minyoongi yoongi hoseok jhope bangtan bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bts kpop ||

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