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Comment from Roy:

Night Ridin' surreal surrealism surreal42 lockedliving lightedlight lights light lightplay colors colorful night storm cloud clouds highway

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Viri Romero


Comment from Viri Romero:

museodoloresolmedo green nature naturaleza forest woods light noon outdoors trees

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Anna-Lynne Clemente


Comment from Anna-Lynne Clemente:

Cross it. Just don't burn it.

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Comment from Alicia:

Repost danielle.1111 with repostapp ・・・ 💜COMING FORTH INTO THE LIGHT💜 I was born the day I thought: What is? What was? And What if? I was transformed the day My ego shattered, And all the superficial, material Things that mattered To me before, Suddenly ceased To matter. I really came into being The day I no longer cared about What the world thought of me, Only on my thoughts for Changing the world. Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Diary of a Lightworker🌟🌟🌟👸🏾👳🏾🕉🙏🏾👁👑👑👽👽🔮📿💥❣️❣️❣️Vibrate Higher 📡🔋🌌📱💻🌍 🌐 1111 5d Universe Creator Source JAHGuide Oneness Meditation Love Light Yoga Consciousness Vortex 528hz LoveFrequency AncientEgypt PinealGland KnowledgeofSelf Lightworker PoeticJustice Peace TwinFlames SelfLove HigherSELF LawofAttraction SpiritualAwakening DivineFeminine DivineMasculine

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Comment from Since20160924:

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Felipe Zamorano C


Comment from Felipe Zamorano C:

Yo sacando fotos casualmente nature l4l sky sun summer lfl beautiful pretty sunset sunrise blue flowers night tree twilight clouds beauty light cloudporn photooftheday love green skylovers dusk weather day red iphonesia mothernature

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Comment from RakaFitnez:

Kedalaman 9meter. Pake pelampung biar aman 😀😁🏄 nature sky sun beautiful sunset sunrise blue tree twilight clouds beauty light cloudporn photooftheday love green weather mothernature lake danau wisataalam wisataalamindonesia pangandaran citumang jawabarat swiming liburan holiday air

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Genrik ✠ LuX ✠ $huminsky


Comment from Genrik ✠ LuX ✠ $huminsky:

Цените тех, которые умеют видеть в Вас три вещи: печаль, скрывающуюся за улыбкой, любовь, скрывающуюся за гневом, и причину Вашего молчания. © Ошо... odessa garnadivka poddubnaya ha followher likeall life joker followhim friends fun future luxhappens garnadivkaua follow the light nwo garnadivkaua P.S. open your eyes wake up to lies

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Comment from chi_who?:

• Diodato • Lanificio25 - Napoli. diodatocosasiamodiventatinapolilanificio25musicathebeautychi_wholistenmusiclightshadowslivemusicdiodatomusic

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Comment from 지네작가🎗🇰🇷:

🍊 . . 캐논 100d daily portrait profile light 少女 しょうじょ canon film follow girl f4f photo concept lookbook daily selfie movie 필름 flower model photographer 소녀 인물 촬영 일반인 일반인스냅 스냅 스냅촬영 지네작가

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3y3 Kreations


Comment from 3y3 Kreations:

3y3 Kreations is dedicated to high quality adornments made with love. Pictured here is an Aventurine Choker. Aventurine is a prosperity stone that manifests abundance in your life if you are receptive to it! Great for opening up your heart chakra when used in meditation! Message to order! Handmade with copper and hemp. Copper, as a conductor, amplifies the energy of the stone and you are apt to feel the vibrations more immensely. 3y3Kreations 3y3nity lovelace lovemade healing adornments love life light cooperation economic growth

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Joey Anderson


Comment from Joey Anderson:

✨Paddle towards the light ✨

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Comment from lyric.chris:

Gooooddd night... Not😂. light tbh instagood follow4follow

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Lisa Bayer


Comment from Lisa Bayer:

lightson lightshow light rendezvous rendeer red hanging haningaround

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Comment from han:

Giọt nắng bên thềm 😌 vsco eyeem light morning ray explore hoian asia vietnam

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©Chang Martin (Paris, FR)


Comment from ©Chang Martin (Paris, FR):

Reynivellir, Iceland. . L'Islande est une terre aussi belle que mystérieuse, aussi hostile qu'inaccessible... Ce genre de lieu vous replace dans l'immensité et la diversité de la nature bien que nous soyons toujours tentés d'aller plus loin. C'est souvent seul face aux éléments de la nature que nous nous retrouvons avec nous-mêmes. Mais même dans les endroits les plus reculés de la planète, l'Homme laisse son empreinte... . is a land as beautiful as mysterious, as hostile as it is inaccessible ... This kind of place replaces you into the immensity and the diversity of nature even though we are always tempted to go further. It is often alone with the elements of nature that we find ourselves. But even in the most remote places on the planet, Man leaves his imprint ... . Travel trip voyage islande nature land beautiful magic landscape earth clouds sky light sun mystery elements desert planet panorama landscapes landscapephotography landscapelovers instaplace instatrip instasky travelphotography naturephotography photooftheday

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Comment from solongmaryann:

Notice any familiar faces? Video made by directedbydiego for the sexy sensual sounds of o.___.e starring nuntheless and the dulcet voice of omararagones sexy tainted musicvideo supportlocalmusic OE detroitmusic sexywomen dream nightmare beautifulmusic light lighting sounds nightime

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Comment from Ryan:

Welcome light

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Menvydia Cosmetics


Comment from Menvydia Cosmetics:

"...Apples are not just only delicious fruits for eating. Apple Extract contains natural compounds which are beneficial for skincare..."

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J.X.YONG (Alexious)


Comment from J.X.YONG (Alexious):

Morning walk series. Part 2 snapshot . . . . . . analog film emulsion vsco vscocam filter customized custom colour morning light trees sky blue warm vibrant sunlight lensflare dx fseries hue highlights shadows modification dye up angle

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