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Comment from Nathan Roach:

Loved watching and photographing John Moyer of Disturbed doing his thing (including calling out individuals from the crazy Cardiff crowd)!

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Comment from Salt Arts:

Ahsan Bari and the South Asia Ensemble, live from the jam room. Salt Arts is humbled to be working with this incredible group of artists! Thank you for supporting our whims. Live on 25 January, as the first performance of this ensemble at Cote Rotie for Salt Soiree 9! #saltarts #collaborationreignssupreme Omran Shafique Ahsan Bari #southasia #karachi #pakistan #livemusic #arrahman #ramtajogi #taal #ost @ahsanbari @oshafique @coterotiekhi @tribunedit @sundaytimes @arrahman @raaniad @herby_werby @hamnahaqqi123 @hassanrashid7 #goteam

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Nerd power 👓🤓😂🤓👓

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