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First Tae Kwon Do, Perth (WA).


Comment from First Tae Kwon Do, Perth (WA).:

A First TaeKwonDo WA 1st Grade student executing a solid, high section front snap kick during training at our Duncraig branch recently. What is your favourite kick to do, see or photograph at training? For details about our Duncraig branch or any of our Western Australian training centres please contact First TKD WA on 9275-7878 or FirstTaeKwonDo FirstTKD FirstTKDWA FirstTKDPerthWA WeAreFirst TaeKwonDo TKD TaeKwonDoPerth TaeKwonDoWA TKDPerth TKDWA ChangHon TraditionalMartialArts MartialArts PerthMartialArts MartialArtsWA MartialArtsPerth GotKickPics KickPics KeepKickingAlive SnapKick FrontSnapKick Fitness GoodHealth SelfDefence keeptheDOintkd Standards PerthWA JustAnotherDayInWA WesternAustralia

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It's What I Do That Defines Me


Comment from It's What I Do That Defines Me:

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Conor McGregor


Comment from Conor McGregor:

"All that matters is how you see yourself." _ _ _ 📌FOLLOW mcgregormania the best Conor McGregor fanpage !!👍🏼 _ _ _ TheNotoriousMMA TeamMcGregor MartialArts ConorMcGregor UFC205 UFC FeatherWeight Judo UFC194 UFC202 UFC196 LightWeight MMA Follow like4like КонорМакГрегор Fighter Fight KO Knockout бокс Mgmgrand Motivation нокаут Boxing Grappling Wrestling SuperFight Irish Ireland

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Abe Kahae


Comment from Abe Kahae:

Sometimes, our biggest chains come from what we think our limitations are. Didn't think I still had it in me to pull this off considering the last time I attempted it was when I was 13. Goes to show, there are still bits and pieces of our childhood that are still within us. martialarts karatekid childhood childhoodmemories lifelessons breakinglimits limitless limitations

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Capoeira Jornalista


Comment from Capoeira Jornalista:

Atabaque, the main drum of a Capoeira music section! 🎶 capoeira mestretubarao capoeiracvm roda capoeiraregional capoeirista capoeiraarte capoeiralife capoeiralifestyle pictureoftheday picoftheday nikond5100 maculele martialarts berimbau fighter capoeiralife capoeiraarte capoeiraangola

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Olaf Kacak


Comment from Olaf Kacak:

Took this photo two years ago 😂 teakwondo martialarts fighting training sztukiwalki walka owijki throwback oldschool l4l kickboxing fitness blue blackandwhite follow4like like4like

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Alexandre M

Comment from Alexandre M:

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atlas martial arts


Comment from atlas martial arts:

Also, thanks to the Mayor of Victoria for presenting me with this cool piece of paper! atlasmartialarts martialarts victoriacup2017 karate karatedo confidencethroughaction crestviewfl crestview

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MMA Q and A & Play by Play


Comment from MMA Q and A & Play by Play:

Lol it was nice tho... - MMA content updated daily (Athlete Q and As to come, as well as event play by plays!) - Regrann from insta.laugh.or.nah - Lmao😴😂 - ufcnashville mikeperry jakeellenberger

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Israeli Kapap-Krav Maga School


Comment from Israeli Kapap-Krav Maga School:

IKKMS-TKM Israeli Kapap-Krav Maga School - Traditional Krav Maga *** Since 2008.... kravmaga krav fight martialarts selfdefence gohomesafe budointernational slav_masloski firearms kravmagaglobal health lifestyle liotomachida roma🇮🇹 functionaltraining workout mma👊 fightnight israel kravmagavideos ron_rotem_krav kapap moshegalisko el_yella kmdikravmaga israeli royelghanayanskravmaga israel ufc209 roma functionaltraining crossfit

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Azmera 🦋


Comment from Azmera 🦋:

As mulheres que eu tive a oportunidade para aprender e jogar com nesta semana. Dessas mulheres que estão na capoeira, e que me inspirou muito. What an honor and privilege it was to learn from Mestra Baixinha, Contra Mestra Tigresa, Professora Lua, and of course the awesome Contra Mestra Colibri this week. I'm taking so many gems of wisdom and knowledge back home with me. These women have dedicated over 25 years of their life to this craft. Mestra Baixinha is in her 36th year, and shared her story as a women coming up in a martial art that was pervaded by the social norms of her time. Thank you for your honesty, transparency, and love that you gave. Words do not give justice. ❤️💛💚🌱✨ mulheres capoeira women empowered inspiration

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Petteri Kantola


Comment from Petteri Kantola:

The Full Contact Suit and Semi Contact Suit from C.P.E.-Production, absolutely the best protectiveequipment I have come across. Mobility and Protection for the role players on Force on Force -scenarios cpeproduction military police security militarypolice cqb h2h poliisi policemilitaire vojnapolicija voimankäyttökoulutus useofforce selfdefence selfdefense itsepuolustus martialarts artesmartiales

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Brianna and Drew during the grading on Saturday. The smirk at the end says it all. TKO TKOFA TKOFightingArts MuayThai ThaiBoxing k1 KickBoxing Kitchener Waterloo TriCities Ontario Canada Gym Fitness Fighters Sport Athlete MartialArts KWAwesome Nakmuay FitFam GymLife NakMuay NakMuayYing

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Anthony Truong 張翺怒 /// 武館


Comment from Anthony Truong 張翺怒 /// 武館:

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Undisputed Fightwear


Comment from Undisputed Fightwear:

Kimono I

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Christian Reyes


Comment from Christian Reyes:

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Richmond Fitness Club


Comment from Richmond Fitness Club:

Monday motivation 💪🏽 Busy Saturday HIIT & Burn with all partner work this session to keep you pushing that bit harder, and have a bit of fun whilst at it! Get that extra burn in with a HIIT class this week... summer is coming 😏😎 👊🏼

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Sunny Coelst


Comment from Sunny Coelst:

Me and the (bad) girls! ladybloodfight jettranter rosemary_vdb spider_lisa laurenrhoden iamhappyma guerreiramonmon nathaliea921 movie actionmovie kumite badass girlfight martialarts

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Sunny Coelst


Comment from Sunny Coelst:

Here is how I got recruited to fight in the Kumite... 😉 (Always go for the nuts! 😂) kumite ladybloodfight actionmovie muaythai actress martialarts thaifighter kumite girlfight

105 Days ago

Sunny Coelst


Comment from Sunny Coelst:

The movie is finally out! Here is how to try and kill someone with a nunchaku 🤔 ladybloodfight kumite nunchaku everyonewearsultim8 martialarts actionmovie fight ladiesfight actress ultim8fightwear

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