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Миг-29УБ явно модернизированный и Ауди. На МАКСе были гонки, кто кого, понятное дело, сто наш Мигарик сделал ауди, но вот незадача, после первого взлета выигрышного, маркетологи видимо просили слезно проиграть автомобилю, что и делали летчики. А иначе, как продавать еще тачки?) В итоге это смотрелось забавно, сперва Миг-29 побеждает, а после проигрывает. ввс ввсроссии миг29 оак ауди макс2017 гонки полеты шоу авиация canon planes canon_russia aviation russia military audi races maks2017 uac

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Donald EQ Fields Jr.


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Well look at that Indianapolis lol 🇺🇸 My Son standing in front of the Monument we have here in the 2nd picture . . . . . . uss ussindianapolis paulallen billionaire navy cruiser warships ww2 usa military armedforces trump patriot patriotism sea

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B-52 Stratofortress refueling from a KC-135 Stratotanker. Video from AiirSource Military on YouTube. fly air plane airplane aircraft us usa usaf usairforce airforce military b52 kc135 b52stratofortress refuel bomber jet aviation aviationgeek aviationdaily flight pilot sky =============================== Follow these people: globalairliners the_next_pilot international_aircraft aviati0n1

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Tony Deliz


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america military. It's not a fistfight, It's your freedom.

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Jonathan Herrera


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Beautiful Description. marines semperfi military

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Reno Air Races


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Whether it's a day at the races, a trip to the gym or a hike in the woods, an official STIHLUSA National Championship Air Races cinch pack is the perfect way to carry extra gear. Visit our online store to purchase this bag or to see all of our official merchandise. RaceOn17 NationalChampionshipAirRaces NCAR RenoAirRaces avgeek avaddict plane air_things aviationimages aviationphoto aviationismylife planespotting aviation airport planeporn plane air_things instaavia aircraft avpix warbird military militaryaviation

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Kip Ramsey


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Chillin with the Corpsman. The Corpsman is the only person that has extensive medical training amongst Marines. The Marine Corps doesn't have any MOS that deals with medical or Chaplin duties. kipramseyphotography navy marines usmc usn military photooftheday nikon doc

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Ejército Mexicano 🇲🇽


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Un elemento del Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales del Ejército Mexicano, junto a uno del Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO) de la Policía Federal y a un miembro del antiguo Agrupamiento de Fuerzas Especiales del Pacífico (FESPA) de la Armada de México. Como dato, el FESPA desde el 2014 formó la Unidad de Operaciones Especiales (UNOPES) de la Armada de México, junto a otros agrupamientos como el del Golfo, el del Centro, el Batallón de Comandos Anfibios del Golfo y Pacífico, el BIM 27 y el Batallón de Fusileros Paracaidistas (BIMFUSPAR). - SEDENA EjercitoMexicano Ejercito EjércitoYFAM FuerzasEspeciales FuerzasArmadas Army MexicanArmy Mexico SpecialForces ArmedForces Exército Esercito 军队 армия Armée 軍隊 Armee 군대 軍 Vojska Soldados Militares Military Soldiers Navy Armada Policia Polizia Polizei

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Raül Vázquez, Tarragona '97


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📷 jasmartin95 fence model sad tarragona spain militar military grmy lines composition

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Dempsey's Resolution Fitness


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Captain Dan doing parachute sprints. New blog post is up: misinformation about strength training in the Army. Use the link in the bio to read it on the blog. fit exercise strengthtraining cardio sprints powerlifting weightlifting bodybuilding martialarts athlete military sport personaltraining dempseysresolutionfitness

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Desert Eagle .44 Magnum. CRÉDITO: old_booze firearms guns rifle pistol weapons strongman gunporn ammo usaarmy specialforces army military marinesgunriflesbestgunfireusa Legitimadefesa_br Brasil Brazil

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Morgan Kimbarow


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United States US Air Force CCTs with an A-10 aircraft in Estonia. Via: specialforces_archive ______________________________________ If you want to see more American pictures posted by us, check out this hashtag: Mighty_America

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iHome ™


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Skateboarding to your favorite sounds.  iHome skateboardingisfun shockproof

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Added a little twist to this "Lucille" bat! With a touch of AMERICA!👊🏼 . . . edc lucille bat america military pistol rifle shotgun 2a fashion fun american paracord starsandstripes stars stripes southflorida south florida barbwire glock carry

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Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas


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Cañones antiaéreos Oerlikon GAI B01 de 20 mm pertenecientes al Ejército Argentino. . El Ejército Argentino dispone desde hace algunos años de 220 cañones antiaéreos Oerlikon GAI B01 de 20mm cedidos sin cargo por parte del gobierno Suizo que oportunamente los dio de baja debido a un ambicioso plan de renovación de equipos, pese a ser nuevos sin uso. . Argentina EjercitoArgentino EjércitoArgentino IGArgentina Soldier Oerlikon AirDefense AntiAircraft 20mm AA army armedforces instaplane instaaviation AirForce followme like instalike photooftheday picoftheday instapic military Aviation flying Suiza Switzerland pic instagramaviation war freedom

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here it is guys Follow My Main Account: skate_or_die_brother Follow my partners conservative__daily funnyrednecks conservative_cola dumb_liberals that_conservative_girl republican_conservative_news right_wing.conservative 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 _________________________ Follow Me:👉👉 conservative.comedy --------------------------------- bluelivesmatter backtheblue whitehouse politics lawandorder patriot republican goverment capitalism usa ronaldreagan trump merica presidenttrump makeamericagreatagain trumptrain trumppence2016 americafirst immigration maga army navy marines airforce coastguard military armedforces ---------------------------------

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