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Weather/Drop/Shock/Dirtproof Metal alloy Gorilla Glass case Cover Military Hard Protective Case for Mobile phone iPhone 5/5s/SE 2721 Rs

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Lalo Roberti 🐸 Navy SEAL 🔱


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TEAM LALO- Last night , gunsbadassery won a $2500 gift certificate from f1firearms 🏆 - 👉The challenge was for gunsbadassery to drink a bottle of fireballwhiskey & halfgallonofchocolatemilk in under 30 minutes without puking. Even though he failed initially 🤢🤢, f1firearms let him finish to win the $2500 gift certificate. - 🆘🇺🇸 So now’s YOUR chance to WIN the same $2500 gift certificate from f1firearms - ✅Post a VIDEO of what YOU would do to WIN and follow ALL 3 👉 f1firearms , laloroberti247 & gunsbadassery and use Hashtag IwilldoItforyouF1firearms 👈 - ✅You have till March 3 to post your video (👉Page must be public👈) and keep in mind, whatever you state in the video YOU will do to WIN, will have to actually do it on video prior to be issued the $2500 gift certificate like the one I won 😏 - 🇺🇸(so if you state you will shave your head and beard off to win…… You actually have to do it if picked as winner) - laloroberti247 will be picking the winner , Good Luck!!! 🐸🔱 _ _ nevergiveup navy army marines airforce coastguard military tactical ar15 brotherhood navyseals entrepeneur lifecoach garyvee guns crossfit wod patriots america merica freedom crusheverything unbroken unbreakable givegodtheglory amen 🙏🏼

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Красота в форме


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irina_gennadyevna777 girls девушка красавица military soldier militarylife power армия россия служба военный armygirl сила army russianmilitarygirls russia miss_armiya

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Royal Air Force planes 2016 📷: RAF (Royal Air Force)🇬🇧British Armed Forces army militaryparade militar military plane aircraft raf royalairforce britisharmy sky takingoff power war warriors skyguardianssoldiers uk armedforces

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Skin & Nail Boutique


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Have you booked your appointment for Spring Break vaca? Our calendar is filling up, call today! Call, text 850-301-0082 or inbox us for an appt.. Locally owned and operated. destin maryesther fortwaltonbeach skinandnail boutique military facials beauty skincare beautycare florida panhandle hairremoval relaxation metime hurlbert hurlbertfield eglinafb skincare beauty esthetician momboss entrepreneur mompreneur smallbusinessowner

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Nina Velez


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Paratrooper Boots (1982) Unique. Synthetic polymer and silkscreen in on canvas, 20" x 16". "Andy Warhol created Paratrooper Boots (Positive) for his Ads illustration series in the mid-1980s. This bold and powerful painting portrays iconic Cold War imagery that Warhol recreated as a series of advertisements. Central to this painting is the imagery of a paratrooper’s boots, reflecting on themes of army readiness. While Andy was most notably known for his celebrity pop art portraits, Paratrooper Boots (Positive) is an example of Warhol’s political artworks, commenting on the commercialization of the awareness of an impending war". Andy Warhol: Revisited at Revolver Gallery. andywarhol andywarholrevisited popart santamonica artgallery bergamotstationartscenter paratrooperboots paratrooper boots military militaryready

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Alberto G.


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Not all heroes wear cloaks, but if they wear parachutes bripac anniversary Paratroopers military 23f army jump

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Jonathan Samoisette


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Why do I support the 2nd amendment? Because bitch your guns ain't gonna wake up one morning to tell you they don't love you anymore. Repost from thetacticalgents trump maga makeamericagreatagain 2ndamendment love freedom usarmy marines army military marsoc ranger navy airforce bitchioperate badass confederateflag pride america murica merica republican heritagenothate bluelivesmatter warriors backthebadge backtheblue guns banidiotsnotguns americansbeforerefugees asherlloyd81 usmc_dumbledore americasmilitary remember_fallin_respect_police

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Turkish Armed Forces


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💀👥💀 _____________________________________________________ army turkey marines airforce havakuvvetleri asker jöh pöh tank military f16 f35 polis asker bordobereli islam turkiye aviation rifle pistol helicopter jet tactical turkiye saudiarabia turkmenistan qatar dubai azerbaijan kazakhstan nato

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LindA MartinΞzⓂ💋💯


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So this us what happens when they are done with us, we allow them to play with each other and interact, getting ready for our adult class, who's ready for coachlinda😏🙄 Im doing the warm up military way🙄😏🤗😉😊😋 armyfresh tlsweightloss isotonix lindamartinezny

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Patti Ennis


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Hayden Skaggs


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7:06 on an 18 obstacle course! Got beat by ONE second by one person. Very happy with my time, but now am even more hungry to improve. Seek out people better than you, and consume yourself with beating them. Skegg VarangianFitness BruteForceSandbags TRX MadFitter TheXBands Motivation Motivate Fitness Fit Transformation SelfImprovement Goals Success TacticalAthlete Army Military GoGetter Hungry

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【Mauser c96 Sniper custom】〓ΦωΦ〓 mauser handgun pistol carbine sniper pistolcarbine guns military realgun airsoftgun エアガン サバゲー ミリタリー 実銃 customgun

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Truly American


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Fuck 'em up 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 isis trump b2 airforce usmc army navy veteran military usa freedom bomb challenge icebucketchallenge 1

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Charlie 🐶🐕 German Shepherd


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I got some hate messages yesterday for teaching my dog a couple hand signals - specifically one that.... well, watch the video. Here is my response to you 🖕🏻🇺🇸🐺🖕🏻 bethepersonyourdogthinksyouare *********************************************** Make sure to follow these fun pages... Some of my favorite amk_gsd.husky kohnen_the_gsd ben.gsd love_the_dog_treats brotherscompletepetfood *********************************************** charlie_the_gsd sendadogaphoto america pewpew puppylove puppygram gsdloversofinsta puppy dogsofinstagram germanshepherdsofinstagram gsd instapuppy puppiesofinsta weird puppyoftheday puppylife airborne puppysketch animal puppiesofinstagram photooftheday servicedogsofinstagram bestfriend army infantry puppysketch workingdogs military bestwoof dog

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Art For The Wanderer


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I don't normally post work stuff but yesterday was pretty cool! My buddy/ photographer ever_exploring and I became the Marine Corps newest paratroopers🇺🇸🛩 • • • • • • art sketch drawing craft tattoo tattoos ink military usmc army navy airforce nature outdoors gypsy travel wanderer artforthewanderer airplane like4like likeforlike

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Brandon Carnes


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Hermann freiherr kovess von kovesshaza field marshal and last commander in chief of Austria Hungary.born in 1854 at temeswar romania his father was was a Military officer.he studied at the hainburg institute then at znaim before moving to the Vienna military academy after graduation he became a captain. He led his first expedition in 1882 suppressing a mutiny in dalmatia.he became major in 1890 Lt colonel in 94.he became one of the youngest colonel's of the habsburg army and one of the most powerful protestants in the empire he was involved in a scandal when 400 Catholics converted to Protestantism he thought he would be retired but ww1 the start of the war he led XII transylvania corps where he fought a brave defence against Russia in galacia and the 1915 spring offensive he captured ivangorod then he led 3rd army under mackensen in the Serbian campaign where he captured 1916 he led the conquests of Montenegro and Albania.the same year his army fought in the arsiero-asiago campaign but with the russian breakthrough in the brusilov offensive. He was rushed to galacia where he led 7th army defending carpathia from 1917 he attacked and conquered czernowitz and radautz driving the russians from 1918 he led 1st and 7th army guarding the carpathian front.after the withdrawal from Bulgaria he was given the poor task of command of the balkans where all he could do was evacuate to the danube sava line.when the emperor gave up supreme command kovess was made successor but there was no army left so he was only in charge of disarmament.he retired focusing on history and art he died at vienna in 1924.he was considered one of the most popular leaders of the old empire.

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art🎨 artwork painting like4like followforfollow cheguevara face revolution military leader 2017

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