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Comment from Odditees:

tsunami_mma tanks and tees are available at Tsunamis Decatur location. Located off of ponce de Leon near Sams Crossing! Check them out! tsunamimma decaturga mma bjj mixedmartialarts brazilianjiujitsulifestyle supportsmallbusiness supportlocal atl weloveatl odditees silkscreen graphicdesign

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McBryde Mats


Comment from McBryde Mats:

We are pleased to announced that another team was added to our McBryde Mats Family! ☝Thank you colemillermartialarts for trusting us and being so amazing all at once! Your continued support and suggestions are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful. _________________________________________________ Repost: Thanks to all the awesome team members that cam out today to help put up the mcbrydemats wall pad. We will be laying the floor mats down in the next week or two. Next weekend I will be with working on a podcast, website project, exchanging some martial arts knowledge and just enjoying each other's company. attnation attwarnerrobins TeamMcBryde McBrydeMats homewrestlingmats jiujitsu wrestling mats bjj mma mixedmartialarts ufc bonaire warnerrobins middlega centralga midga via colemillermartialarts

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Kaytlin C Neil


Comment from Kaytlin C Neil:

You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit. I will just fix my ponytail and try again. If you're ready to keep going on your fitness goals, sign up for my FREE 15 day workout challenge here:

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All Things MMA


Comment from All Things MMA:

We've made it to fight week! Would literally lose a limb to see DC beat Jones. Can't see it happening tho. Who you got? 👇

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Jay Levi


Comment from Jay Levi:

Boss... I love this. He's got the Lambo and showing you what it he had to do to earn it. . . . . . . . conormcgregor training heavybag kickboxing mixedmartialarts ufc lamborghini

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McGregor vs Mayweather Aug 26


Comment from McGregor vs Mayweather Aug 26:

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Comment from allamagoosalum:

Best logo you've ever seen, for the best MMA-blog you've ever read. Check out to see what's going on. mma ufc ultimatefightingchampionship ufc214 bjj mixedmartialarts ufcfightnight knockout criscyborg jonjones danielcormier donaldcerrone robbielawler demianmaia tyronwoodley smegmma danawhite jimimanuwa volkanoezdemir ricardolamas jasonknight ericshelton jarredbrooks joshuaburkman danmiragliotta bigjohnmccarthy herbdean

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Xiomara Fonseca


Comment from Xiomara Fonseca:

Now you can pick up your delicious meals at CrossFit Dark Element! 🤤🤤💜💜 Being a member with us only costs you $60 for 2 meals per day. 2 MEALS PER DAY!! And delivery is only $10 extra!—– Swing in and say Coach Z sent you! 💕 prephousemeals crossfitdarkelement visitstockton cleaneating crossfit mixedmartialarts sports busymom busylife Repost

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Comment from ufc480Chris:

Fight Week !!!!! 👊💯 ufc214 danielcormier jonjones ufc mixedmartialarts mma ko tko knockout tapout graciejiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu boxing

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David Kirkland


Comment from David Kirkland:

I like Connor but this is what you will see all night on August 26th. Connor is a great fighter but he's a journeyman boxer at best. I remember a journeyman boxer named Nate Diaz handing his ass to him twice with simple one-two's... Just saying. mma ufc martialarts mixedmartialarts boxing kickboxing muaythai wrestling karate taekwondo bjj jiujitsu sports combat fitness motivation wwe gym fit workout fight conormcgregor mcgregor floydmayweather fighting training fit swag bellator

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Sigue ucc36 . PREVENTA EN ticketshow ucclatam . Este 5 Agosto en solerluxdei thecageproshop fanufcecuador . bellator onefc ucc venum fairtex teamthecage dangerusa tuf ucc36 ufc martialarts mixedmartialarts boxing kickboxing muaythai wrestling karate taekwondo jiujitsu wwe gym fight fighting training train

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UFC Uncensored


Comment from UFC Uncensored:

🔥Brock Lesnar vs Alistar Overeem🔥

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The Beer Spot and Grill


Comment from The Beer Spot and Grill:

UFC 214. Never a cover!! There's only one place to catch all the action. The Beer Spot & Grill!!! thebeerspotandgrill bergencounty fortleenj craftbeerscene njbarscene njbars ufc214 mma mmafighter mmafighter mixedmartialarts

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UFC Uncensored


Comment from UFC Uncensored:

Available for xboxone ps4 atari 😆🔥🕹

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Анатолий Покровский


Comment from Анатолий Покровский:

Упражнения для развития чувства равновесия и координации движений на надувной доске SUP'P 💪🏻🏄🏻 Быть в ладах со своим балансом – это означает всегда контролировать свой центр тяжести. И чем лучше вы его контролируете, тем более продуктивными будут ваши тренировки. Упражнения на баланс помогут укрепить связки коленных и голеностопных суставов, предотвратить бытовые и спортивные травмы, а также укрепляют вестибулярный аппарат и улучшают координацию движений ❗️ Спасибо за тренировку combatswimming ✊🏻🙂👍🏻 тренировкавбассейне упражнениянабаланс упражнениянаравновесие упражнениянакоординацию бассейн swimming pool плавание тренировка тренировканабаланс тренировканаравновесие тренировканакоординацию упражнениядляразвитиячувстваравновесияикоординациидвижений равновесиенашеготела упражнениянаразвитиеравновесия упражнениядляразвитиякоординации развитиеравновесия тренировкадляразвитияравновесия mixedmartialarts функциональныйтренинг mma смешанныеединоборства анатолийпокровский anatoliypokrovskiy lomaygolovu voipscan woozily adjusterspro apaches lomaygolovu voipscan barbershop_

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William L Doss


Comment from William L Doss:

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UFC Uncensored


Comment from UFC Uncensored:

Train Hard everyday Pocket training 🥊

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WILL.I.sAMurai ⚔️


Comment from WILL.I.sAMurai ⚔️:

Gold Medal Match 🔊 Right from the get-go I was in danger and my opponent was going to finish me. Truth be told he was choking me tight. But my incredible corner, coaches & training partner truly walked me step by step on what I had to do to protect myself and get out of bad situations (you can hear the coaching clear & CALM). I'm so thankful and grateful. Thank you jaimer.jaims dragonmedowntoyourlevel stan_kimchi I could've cut the end out where I yelled at the referee LOL 🤦‍♂️ 🦆 as I thought he wasn't going to award me the submission. But I want to put myself out there and be an example of how NOT to act win/lose/draw. I SWEAR I'm not like that but I was SO primal at that moment. But when it's all said and done, I have nothing but respect & love to everyone; my opponents, referee (for protecting us competitors) & all my coaches/training partners/supporters. This is just a win in one tournament in so many different forms of martial s arts. But what we learn from this is applied to anything and everything in life. Hard wook, dedication, perseverance, ability to Win, ability to lose, being competitive, being humble in victory or defeat, taking a shot, putting yourself out there. Most importantly though just showing up and DOING YOUR BEST. As my Jiu Jitsu professor Master luisazeredo said "when you show up we're all winners". Thank you ALL for making me better not just as a fighter but as person. ❤️ 🙏 🥋 Special shoutout to laistheonlyway for taking this video and ALL our vids/photos. youtherealmvp ❤️ . . . . martialartslife mma mixedmartialarts ufc brazilianjiujitsu bjj goodfight fight fighter goodfighttournament submissiononly submission victory kimura defense grappling bjjnyc alreadywinners showingup doyourbest thankful grateful love bethebestyou everydayonepercentbetter jiujitsu humble c1mma fightfamily

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