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Norma J


Comment from Norma J:

You may not see it, but hard work and discipline definitely pay off in the long run... now the hardest part begins. . . . mystruggle fitnessjourney healthierme imworthit cosplaymotivation thinspiration saynotojunkfood dairyfreelife keeponkeepingon

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Comment from Evanthatoneguy:

I do art & stuff "Facts" art arts hiphop sketch illustration artwork drawing draw design artist ugly graphicdesign sad dank inkdrawing ink watercolor bookillustration lonely cute famous mystruggle bitch blackandwhite idoart&stuff funny comic

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Comment from Moltz:

FD in its new sarcophagus. If it is exposed to direct sunlight it will smolder into dust. mazda fd3s rx7 turbo rotary 13B timeattack brapbrap garagequeen 4everonjackstands mystruggle becauseracecar

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Tracye Munoz


Comment from Tracye Munoz:

❤️love this so much! Regram from thegoodquote mystruggle iamamess iamenough iamworthy

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Comment from bennohvl:

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Steve Adams


Comment from Steve Adams:

85 x 15. Form was good I think focused more on my wrists this week and not hyperextending them so much. Felt a lot better. Can't wait to get into some real weight again. I'm happy with my progress so far though six weeks back and nothing but gains so far

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Comment from Katie:

focusonwork mystruggle cannotevergetshitdone

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Guilherme de Gregório


Comment from Guilherme de Gregório:

Treininho feito..mais tarde tem cardio! Vamo vilao!🔪💀💣💪 notimetowaste noexcuses onemoreday tremboligreg psycho vilao hardcore offlimpo teampaulolima bestrong beyourself SelfMade skyisthelimmite forLove forPleasure myLife myStruggle mychoice everyday tatto ink tattoedMan skull comeOn lightWeight yeahBuddy getHuge armsDay

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Comment from Andrea:

When your 26 but really 52 in your heart. mystruggle socialmediaishard

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Comment from sjrob4oh8:

mystruggle 😩🤣

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Amanda Sandy


Comment from Amanda Sandy:

This is who it begins and ends with mystruggle myworth mylife mychoices myjourney myability myvictory mywin my

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Thakur Vishal Singh Sisodiya


Comment from Thakur Vishal Singh Sisodiya:

About last Sunday!! Clean n clear haha! People work to get a beach body and get tan. I just took rest and daily diet. Lol joke I was a jacked monster who lost his muscular dynasty. This is about last Sunday after following my Sunday grooming. A clean cut and a clear vision. A good body gives you a good mind and a good mind gives you a clear vision. Being BEASTORIOUS is a mental thought. This guy in the photo lifts big and eats clean. And this is the moto of my life. I have been asked by people ...I will say my own people why so many shirtless pics, why being so self obsessed.... I just simply answer them ITS ALRIGHT IF YOU DONT WANT TO SEE THIS. BUT THIS IS MY BODY AND I WORKED MY ASS OF TO BE WHERE I AM. WHEN YOU WERE NOT TERE IN MY STRUGGLE TO MOTIVATE ME THEN PUSSYFACE YOUR NAYSAYING WORDS CANT PIN ME DOWN. I say don't follow but learn and earn and grow. 😉 BEING BEASTORIOUS beachbody powerlifter gym gymislife itsalifestyle hobby passion everything beentheredonethat motivation inspirationalquotes motivationalmonday mystruggle inspiration inspire inspirationalwords inspirational insta fitnessmotivation fitness instafitness beards beard bearded BEASTORIOUS

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Gina Colby


Comment from Gina Colby:

Just tryin to foam roll that back pain away! • • • • *Disclamer!* I am in no way, shape or form a foam roller expert! 😆 I'm just trying to find what works best for me and help my posture and back pain.

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Michala Ann


Comment from Michala Ann:

Gotta love a man who leaves behind a genuine piece of himself to remember him by... 🤣 well, actually, I (still) do 😊 MessageOfLove stilllife coffee RealLifeAdventures MyStruggle FamilyLife YesThatsASock 🙄🙈🤦🏻‍♀️

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Comment from heavydirtysoul:

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Brandy Felton


Comment from Brandy Felton:

Couldn't make it to bootcamp or the gym so I made it happen at home! Back to the basics. **402 ACTIVE calories in 35 min** Squats SquatForThatBooty Sprints Burpees Lunges JumpRopes Kettlebell ResistanceBands Weights ToningBall GlidingDiscs WatchMeWork WeightlossJourney MyJourney MyStruggle

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💥Joe Petri💥


Comment from 💥Joe Petri💥:

8 years ago I ruptured my pecmajor tendon from my left arm. I wish I could tell you I bounced right back and maintained my peak level of fitness but that wouldn't be true. I have faced manychallenges since then. I have had my fair share of upsanddowns from weightgain, depression and secondary injuries such as a herniateddisc c6c7 that required a spinalfusion to now biceptendonitis in my left bicep. It feels like I have had more downs then ups but I am still here. I am stilling fighting and I refusetogiveup. Why??? I fight because I know myhealth and fitness is important to me and myfamily. I fight because I know when I don't I fall into a depression. I fight for my health because it is my primary source of income. I serve others by serving myself and if I am not transparent with mystruggle I become unrelatable. If I second guess myself, if I lack confidence I will not post. If I don't share my struggles and then I cannot help anyone including myself and my family. My health is bigger than me. So in order for me to continue to fight, continue to buildconfidence and reach my goals of health I surround myself with others like me. We are not perfect but we show up for one another and we have each other's back. We are Spartans. believe in challenging the status quo health and fitness. We inspire, motivate, and support the Spartan to our left and to our right. We call this "EarnYourShield." It's not about the individual, it is not about judging others but upliftig, empowering, challenging and motivating them so they can do more one day at a time. The ranks are now open. Will you answer the call? Will you be a Spartan? Will you EarnYourShield? To join the ranks just visit the link in my bio and put in your info. I'll be in touch soon. SpartanResurgence

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Asbjørn Oddane Gundersen


Comment from Asbjørn Oddane Gundersen:

"Karl Ove Knausgaard, a one of a kind..." karloveknausgård karloveknausgaard minkamp mystruggle book art kunst instaart instagram satire

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Sayed Adriyyan Mawismi


Comment from Sayed Adriyyan Mawismi:

Finally, 5000+ followers....!!! Though I have been inactive for quite sometimes, to my surprise it has reach the 5k mark. Thank you so much for the support... . HuaweiP9Plus 5000andcounting like4like follow4follow MyLifeasIKnowIt MyLifesaStruggle MyStruggle TheBigC MeMyselfandI TravelWithaPurpose TraveltheWorld Travel IWannaSeetheWorld CrutchTraveler WorldDestination GreatBritain Scandinavia EastCentralEurope Iberia Balkans TransJava IndoChine WestLesserSunda Angkor Backpackers Flashpackers TravelBuddy

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Saki 💪Bay Area 🏊🎬✈️🎥📷


Comment from Saki 💪Bay Area 🏊🎬✈️🎥📷:

fitness workout swimming life mystruggle training cardio 24hourfitness sanjose bayarea warriors 30 laps swimming

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