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Nancy Natale Cress


Comment from Nancy Natale Cress:

My childhood house.....walking through it today I was thinking it could be my last time. Letting go is going to be tough. I feel like I'm letting go of all my memories. This is a photo I shot in my moms house wearing her wedding dress. I believe her and my father will guide and bless me through my challenges in life. I know they are with me always. ❤ Miss you Mom and Dad mystruggle hurt heartbroken memories rip toyoungtodie myguardianangel mom dad parents neverforgotten ineedthemrightnow 🙏🏻

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Sayed Adriyyan Mawismi


Comment from Sayed Adriyyan Mawismi:

After plenty of mass-loading, it's time to make it 'LIGHT'. I know it's not as light as some fitness junkies might say, but still I need to hande my 'sugar-craving' syndrome... . HuaweiP9Plus eathealthy getfit like4like follow4follow MyLifeasIKnowIt MyLifesaStruggle MyStruggle TheBigC MeMyselfandI TravelWithaPurpose TraveltheWorld Travel IWannaSeetheWorld CrutchTraveler WorldDestination GreatBritain Scandinavia EastCentralEurope Iberia Balkans TransJava IndoChine WestLesserSunda Angkor Backpackers Flashpackers TravelBuddy

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Comment from Alex:

This is staying taped to the door. mystruggle help myart scribble pencildoodle

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Sabrina Bailly


Comment from Sabrina Bailly:

veggiepatty ... 🔹like a burger but NOT. 😐truthbetold ... I'm a newly turned vegetarian: 8 months to be exact. it's a struggle. The challenge of not inconveniencing those around me in anyway. Im grateful for my loved ones, and I don't want them to think I judge them for their decision to keep eating meat. 🔹 Then comes the challenge of "taste". The acquired taste/texture which I've savored my entire life. Since a young girl in Haiti, then New York, San Francisco and finally now, living in Miami, meat has been a staple of (almost) every meal I've had. Surely I am proud of my choice of being a vegetarian but I sometimes feel distressed about this newfound lifestyle. I know so little about how to personally keep my body nutritionally healthy and balanced. truthbetold 💙mystruggle mychoice mybody mylife .......... no animalcruelty

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Amber Faye


Comment from Amber Faye:


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Comment from Yvonne:

Choosing what my body NEEDS is definitely a struggle especially during that time of the month when all you want is 🍫. Nothing worth keeping comes easy, including good health or a fit body. Fitness EatClean GymLife Organic Health Goals Thick Fit TeamCurves Happiness MyStruggle LAsunshine94

11 Hours ago

Tiny Satan


Comment from Tiny Satan:

I don't have to "work on my body" the way most people would. I don't have to go to the gym or workout to "look healthy", my "workout" routine is all mental. While you struggle with a new exercise or push yourself to do another rep, I'm pushing myself to get out of bed. While you meal prep and watch your calorie intake, I'm pushing myself to merely eat. You struggle to lose weight, while I struggle to keep it; or gain it for that matter. My body is not my temple, but my prison that I work tirelessly to survive! Judgement serves no one; lift each other up depression endthestigma cptsd socialanxiety mentalhealthawareness cptsdproblems bodyissue mystruggle dontjudgeme pinkshirtday endbullying

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Toya Renae


Comment from Toya Renae:

Woke feeling so damn grateful! It has been 365 days. 161 pounds. A new opportunity at life. I appreciate you so much more than words can ever say. Thank you for supporting me. Investing me. Encouraging me. HAPPY SURGERVERSARY to me. This time last year I was in a hospital bed. Today I am going to the gym 💪🏾. The new chapter. I STILL STRUGGLE EVERYDAY to remember to take my vitamins, to remember to eat, being aware of my eating choices and times. Fighting the urge to emotionally eat. But everyday I am grateful. Today will be filled with lots of tears, happy tears, greatful tears, and a few sad ones for the woman who was lost for all those years under all that weight. And thru all these tears I am still smiling. Be encouraged all. surgerversary wls wlsjourney sleevelife ainteasybutitsworthit mystruggle mystory myjourney recognizeroyalty queening goddessvibesonly

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Comment from UT🌲((diewolfin))🐾:

Im a fighter & a survivor for a reason so when i say its not easy literally its not...its been 3 yrs & im still have many issues im dealing with fron this Auto pedestrian accident..i dont think yall understand what it feels like to have your life changed in a matter of seconds from someone's else recklessness...on top of it all it just seems like nothing every goes how i want it at the end of the day i know who is for me and who is not.. getting hit by a car feels like nothing to what I've been going through since that day my world got flipped upside down but i will rise to bigger and better im taking back my control ♡ warrior strong unstoppable mylife mystruggle tbi braininjury braindamage

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Comment from delina:

wordsoftruth mystruggle life imtryingtolive itsonlytemporary anxiety anxietydisorder

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Ashlie Peak


Comment from Ashlie Peak:

For a few weeks now I've been questioning a few professional decisions asking for a sign to just point me in the right direction. Yesterday was...interesting. A few mind blowing things happened and I got home SUPER confused as to how to process the information I was blindsided with in the office and which direction I needed to go in. I just kept telling myself "I just ready for my sign of direction." and "I just need to know this is what is suppose to be happening." People are ugly and hateful and LOVE to make people think they are untouchable...but they are not. Life also likes to throw things at you that seem to be ridiculous and so far out in left field that you are literally left speechless. But it's usually in that moment of TRUE confusion and loss of direction that you get your "sign". Before before I went to sleep a check my email and opened one that hit home. It spoke to me in ways I've been hoping something would to know that I'm on the right path and this was picture posted at the bottom. It's just what I needed.💕

19 Hours ago

Maronda "Lyric" T'Pring


Comment from Maronda "Lyric" T'Pring:

Pulling out my WomanWarrior this week for Ciaa2017. BeStill ImOnlyOnePerson ItsOk iDoMyBest PushHarder BeBetter Balance Prayer Patience Strength Humilty Fierce Observant Aware DontMakeMeAngry YouWouldntLikeMeWhenImAngry MyPeace MyLife MyStruggle MyHighs MyLows MyYes MyNo

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Jenny Lie


Comment from Jenny Lie:

With my everythinggg😚😙😘💞 GWS my boy😇😘💋 Good Night everyone... Wednesdaynighttireddaybusydaymystrugglemylifebutthankfulalways

19 Hours ago

Jennifer Smith


Comment from Jennifer Smith:

I did the worst thing I could do on Monday. I stepped on the scale at the Dr office. Since then I've put myself in a complete tailspin. I can't let the numbers on the scale do this to me! I know I'm still down inches. I know it's muscle. But those numbers still haunt me. Just when I thought I had kicked that fear, it came back. Sometimes I too still need these reminders!! •Everyday is a work in progress! •I am more than a number! •I will not allow myself to go back to my old ways! momlife momofthree fitmom fitgirl fitchick toddlermom stopselfdoubt didnotmaxout nomaxout max30 insanitymax30 iamgoodenough strongnotskinny strongisthenewskinny killingit quads workout fitness mytherapy mystory mystruggle

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Comment from Bryan:

So true thankful every day we hang out big D your my best friend😊😊😊 damianne1998 and Chad i miss you so much bro the late night drives kammed_slammed92 and my sis if i could have you live right next door id be so haply sykoshay. loveyouguys realfriends life mystrengths mystruggle myheart bestfriendsforever neverchange

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Comment from Bee:

When one of your favorites (Sophie Kinsella) releases a new book... 🏃🏻‍♀️to the bookstore. ibeesbreads

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Rosi Rodriguez


Comment from Rosi Rodriguez:

"Maker, there is none like you." | I will forever and always be amazed at the incredible beauty found in sunsets 🌅 allthepraisehands rosilovessunsets arizona azsunset vscocam

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Gabriel Sanchez


Comment from Gabriel Sanchez:

What's my why?? This right here is why I do what I do from working with youth to building projectunstoppable What do you see in this picture? Perhaps you'll say it's a nice little garden for decor outside these apartments. When I see this I'm reminded of the cold nights I spent against that wall. Because many years ago there used to be a big tree and the wall was surrounded by tall bush. At 12 years old when I got tired of the abuse at home I went to the streets and was lucky enough to find this little hiding spot so for months this was where I laid my head. As unsafe as this was for a 12 year old kid it was the one place I felt the safest. It was some of the worst months of my life from pouring rain nights to a swollen face from bug bites. When I say I come from nothing this is what I mean. I am very far from where I want to be in life but I know that if I can overcome some of the darkest times of my life that I have had then there is nothing stopping me. I am the definition of Unstoppable!!! ThisIsWhyIGrind MyWhy MyStruggle MyLifeJourney DareToDream DreamBig HustleHard LiveYourDream NeverQuit NeverSurrender BeUnstoppable Motivate Inspire Empower MotivationalSpeaker Entreprenuer ProjectUnstoppable

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Lateefah Brown


Comment from Lateefah Brown:

MyLife MyStruggle

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Comment from KimmyFITFitness:

When u REALLY want wine, but u promised yourself no wine this week and today was Leg Day....fancy post workout it is… IDLife PostWorkout WineGlass LegDay Cheers IwantWine sacrifice MyStruggle LeSigh

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