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Angela Schwartz


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Ugh MyStruggle

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mylife mystruggle

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Let's get it started. Took out the ponytails shampooed put in oliveoil & conditioner, combed it out and put plats in it. Time to wash out the conditioner and style. mystruggle naturalhaircrush naturalhairkid natural afro afrokids afroholics afrolicious berrycurly mhckids littlebrowngirl blackgirlsrock blackgirlmagic beautiful

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Kelz M


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More cardio tonight. No Friday nights off!! weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation weightlosstransformation weightlossgoals weightlossinspiration myweightlossjourney weightlossstory weightlossprogress fitness workingout weightlossfood weightlossjourney2017 healthyweightloss weightlossstruggle weightlosscommunity weightloss fitnessfam diet gettingmyselfbetter icandothis gettinghealthy fatnomore myjourney mystruggle loseweight betterdecisions exercise cardio fitfam

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Ashlee P. Thomas


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Trust me when I say that THE TONGUE IS A VERY POWERFUL THING! Anything that you put out into the universe can and most likely will happen. Speak positivity, speak truth, & speak your Dreams N Aspirations out loud everyday. Believe in yourself and in your abilities...I 100% believe in you! MyLife Motherhood Wife Dreamer Achiever MyBluePrint ILoveIt Blessed ThankfulForMyNewOutlook GodIsSoGood PerfectlySaid MyStruggle AlwaysEmpoweringOthers SeePastTheSmile IHaveVictoryFlowingThroughMyViens DNAItIsInAllOfUs

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CJ Small NPC Bikini


Comment from CJ Small NPC Bikini:

Progress pics from today. Last week I stuck to my reverse plan like boss. This past week. Life happened and I got sick so I hardly ate.(my face is how I felt😂) Today I hit legs hard and finally got a good sweat. Happy that prep is around corner! teamsbm reversediet roadtomiami vegetarian vegetarianprep nationals thisisit mystruggle mytestimony godswill hispurpose hisplan hischild bikiniprep bikinimom bikini npc texasmade

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Literary Bound


Comment from Literary Bound:

I listened to Karl Ove Knausgaard read on The New Yorker's fiction podcast yesterday. He read some of Jack's Garden by V.S. Naipaul. The deep timber of his heavily accented voice moved me. The story itself prpgresses at a glacial pace but is so beautiful that each sentence lingers in your mind. I enjoy slow reading the best. Books that stories are obviously laid out for you. They are comforting and feel like home. Perhaps it's the reminded to slow down, that everything doesn't have to be digested at lightening speed. Proust fulfills that need for me... and when I need a little more anchorage - Knausgaard is my man. I read the first book of his My Struggle series some time ago. I enjoyed the first more than the second which didn't match general consensus but I didn't pick up number 3 right away but hearing the podcast drew me back to him. He somehow taps into the the sides of humanity we don't have time to think about or are too ashamed to acknowledge. Knausgaard goes there and he makes you go with him. It is a magnificent series so far and his take on the modern memoir should be canonised. Although slow is my favourite kind of reading, sometimes I need quick wit or structured story telling. So many books came in between but I am back in Knausgaards familiar arms. ❤ From the first few pages he has me in his grips and explores ideas that fling me toward my journal. His non-fiction prose is as captivating as Steinbeck's which is the highest standard that I keep. I think everyone should read My Struggle just as I think everyone should have some Proust to slowly deliberate. Happy Saturday!! ☀️

11 Hours ago

Vanessa Parise


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Noooo!!!🙈 Don't do it. Stay focused my friends. Why is that I can do so well for 5 days, but those last 2 days of the week I crave everything under the sun. 😬 Trust me those calories count!!!! struggleisreal beingrealwithya Have a great weekend everyone! 🦋 * * * * weekendfeels goals cravings stayingfocused mystruggle weightloss weightlossjourney noteasybutworthit fitmom fitspo fitlife fitnesshumor fitnessmeme weekendpost fridayfeel pkdwife mindovermatter helpmejesus momoffaith bodyshape healthylifestyle notadietbutalifestyle foodie sweettooth lovetoeat momwhoworkout socallife stayingaccountable

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wojciech j. sobolewski


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Comment from jenn:

Ugh. . Confession time. . REALITY TIME. . I have not handled my interview stress well. I haven't been to the gym today or yesterday (planned rest days because of the interview and an appt) but I feel gross. I've been stress eating. . I feel like a blob. Back on track tomorrow. . So full. No more food today. . . . It's crazy how I can tell myself a thousand times that shit food will just make me feel worse. . But in the moment I don't care . . This is binge eating disorder. . . Triggers. Eating crazy amounts of food despite knowing you'll feel sick (or already feeling sick). Despite already feeling guilty about it. It's like watching your body from above and not being able to get a grip. . . . Tomorrow I will start again. . . . For today. . Water and sleep. . . binge bingeeatingdisorder eatingdisorder mystruggle mylife stresseating triggers emotionaleating fat2fit fitfam myjourney myweightlossjourney diabadass t1d hashimotosdisease thestruggle real reality confession tomorrowisanewday accountability fuckbeingfat

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Rob Tracy


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mystruggle pizza

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Альмина 🕊Al'mina


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скоро ...как так лето незаметно пролетает каждый год,непонятно 🤦🏻‍♀️📚🎓🍂🤧💀mystruggle august fallsoon учебаа

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Clare Lee Davis


Comment from Clare Lee Davis:

Me having realised that we are only just HALFWAY through the bliddy school summer holidays.

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Comment from Ösel:

"You know too little and it doesn't exist. You know too much and it doesn't exist. Writing is drawing the essence of what we know out of the shadows. That is what writing is about. Not what happens there, not what actions are played out there, but the 'there' itself." -Karl Ove Knausgaard amwriting writingquotes mystruggle karlovekanusgaard amreading

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Finalmente he decidido entrenar piernas y aquí va mi primer récord en 1 RM. 100kg 💪🏻 Esperad que no se acaba aquí. El esfuerzo y la paciencia darán sus resultados 😎 vamos a por los 105kg ➖➖➖ motivacion nevergiveup gym entrainement trainning 100 strong mystruggle imabeast

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Justin Legette


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When your ringtones My Struggle by Boosie and everyone stares at you in the gas station cause your phones ringing and ya can't get it out of your pocket fast enough.😒 torrencehatch boosiebadazz mystruggle firstworldproblems

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sophia • london • academic


Comment from sophia • london • academic:

So, my feelings remain pretty mixed now that I've finished volume two. There is a great deal that impresses me about Knausgaard's writing, especially his ability to genuinely keep you engaged when narrating the most mundane aspects of life. Moving from daily life to big ideas, he somehow manages to blend the ordinary with the profound in a way that genuinely feels very real. It's this that keeps me reading. Nonetheless, I do continue to struggle with how introspective he is. I mean, I get it, this is a six-volume series dedicated to narrating one person's life, it is obviously going to reach pretty peak levels of self-absorption. But lives are so bound up with others! And, beyond that, with society, class and politics. Of course all of these things feed into Knausgaard's writing but they are so strikingly secondary to himself; everything short circuits back to him so quickly and I just wish he'd stepped back more, because it would have enriched the work in my opinion. And while I don't at all believe that a writer is obligated to write about a particular subject matter, I do nonetheless think it's important to think critically about the choices writers make when it comes to what they will and won't focus on. Especially when it comes to a series as celebrated as this one, with so many critics treating Knausgaard as if he provides a blueprint for everyone to learn about themselves. I'm not going to go into it here because I don't have space, but I can't imagine a female writer being praised in the same universal terms that he has been. Instead, the commentary would be framed around issues of gender and the domestic. This all probably sounds a lot more critical than it's meant to (and that's possibly because not enough people write critical opinions about books on here imo, but that's another conversation). I don't at all regret reading Knausgaard and I'll certainly keep doing so because he intrigues and frustrates me, and I need books that do that sometimes. And I'm definitely looking forward to hearing him speak in London next week, although going by what he writes in here, it sounds like he hates literary events and talking to people 😬 SophiaStoriesReviews

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Matt Kynard


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Val 🇭🇹


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Happy 13th Birthday 🎉🎁🎂🎈🎊 to the first boy that made my heart skip a beat ❤️❤️ MyFirstBorn myson mystruggle mylove teenager

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