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MyStruggle Selfie Disaster Ugly Delete Post? Never!

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Comment from Jasmin📚🐒:

Finished! 5th was my absolute favourite, also loved the 1st and the 2nd parts.📚Knausgårdin Taisteluni-projekti kahlattu läpi. Erityisesti rakastuin 5. osaan, jossa kerrotaan opiskelijaelämästä Bergenissä ja kamppaillaan riittämättömyyden tunteen kanssa. Se myös tutustuttaa lukijan hyvän musiikin pariin jota kuunnellessa imeytyy kirjan maailmaan kuin olisi paikan päällä kulkemassa samoja Bergenin katuja ja istuisi samoissa kuppiloissa nuoren Knausgårdin kanssa.📚Suosittelen! karloveknausgaard karloveknausgård knausgård minkamp MyStruggle norwegianliterature autobiography novel bookstagram book kirja bookpile bookphoto booknerd bibliophile igreads instabook readersofinstagram

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tiny booktique 🍂


Comment from tiny booktique 🍂:

Sunday reading is "My Struggle Vol.1" from Karl Ove Knausgaard. I have heard so much good comments about this book. It is an autobiographical novel. I am really curious about the book!!! * * Pazar okuması, Karl Ove Knausgaard'tan "Kavgam - cilt 1". Bu kitap hakkında çok güzel yorumlar duydum. Otobiyografik bir roman. Kitabı çok merak ediyorum!! * * book bookstagram bookish books bookworm booklover bookphotography instagood instaphoto instagramers instalike instadaily coffee coffeelover tinybooktique bookishfeatures instabook instamood instagram coffeetime flowers bookgeek kitap kitapkurdu blogger instablogger reading read mystruggle karloveknausgaard

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Terez Sunkyst Gamble


Comment from Terez Sunkyst Gamble:

Trying my best not to play myself but something keeps giving me hope. 😌 MyStruggle

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Lol 12% inclines are kicking my butt, I spared ya from my heavybreathing. 14 mins left. Fearless Motivation in my ears. Struggling to finish but I don't quit. Mystruggle Sharethestruggle FearlessMotivation push dontquitwhenyouretired Youquitwhen you're done Dreadmill CardioInclines indoormountainclimbing

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Sian Lile-Pastore


Comment from Sian Lile-Pastore:

Wine and knausgaard. Kinda all you need. booksandwine books reading karloveknausgaard knausgaard mystruggle dancinginthedark

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My online diary


Comment from My online diary:

In a blink of an eye.. you can lose anything. I lost my entire family, not to death but to drugs, alcohol and the system. The drugs and alcohol clouded their mind. They didnt care everything fell apart. Social services found out about my family and how bad things were. I didnt know better because i lived with it my entire life. They took me away months ago, 6 months and 10 days ago to be percise... I miss them even though they were "terrible" parents, i would take another beating anyday to be with them again.. I still miss my brother even though he sold my sex for drugs... I hate them all but i still love them. Im a broken fucking MESS. depressed mess broken suicidal diaryofme mydiary depression suicide anxiety bulemia anorexia disorders imfuckedup ihatemylife witch blacktheme teen mystruggle killme killmyself

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These little pills.... an asthmatic overweight person with lymphedemas saviour and nightmare, steroids, iv a chest infection, i need them, but they cause havoc with my apitite and causes me to swell so much it can feel like my skin could rip. Only 5 more days left on them thankfully 😧lymphie lymphedema wrapping weightloss fatloss diet down2stone needtoloose 10stone mystruggle mybattle junkfood healthyfood weighlosstransformation lymphie diet fatloss weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney noexcuses cleaneating healthylifestyle bodyunderconstruction myjourney mybattle myweightlossjourney fitfam irishfitfam fitfamuk irish irishgirl girl fatgirl imtrying

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Sabrina Rosetti


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Horaire de malade mais on crée du temps pour soi 💜 mevsmyself mystruggle legsday saterdaymood goodvibes positivemind bodyinconstruction⚠️🚨👙

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Krishnaraj Balakrishnan


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Comment from Elena:

Finally finishing this series. In Swedish. 😜 knausgård karloveknausgård minkamp mystruggle literature readingnow

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Angie Cloutier


Comment from Angie Cloutier:

Every meal should be breakfast. 😎 ° ° ° 1 egg, 2 sp grilled mushrooms, 0 Arnold's Everything Thin, 3sp TJ'S feta spread, 2 TB=2sp Cara Cara Oranges, 0sp ° Total 7 smart points! My goal is a weekend of good choices. 💪 ° ° traderjoes newhome sohappy ww wwhealthy becauseitworks getcookin womensupportingwomen foodstory accountability mylife mystory mystruggle

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KurtVDB/Der spieler'_/_\ _16


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- I dare to live, to have life to live a life before death - . . text mylife bildungsreise objettrouvé photography moodoftheday doordie ich hurt choice leben live mystruggle bildung derspieler mensch humanandworld ....

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I love me some nappy time in the sunny patches of our terrace 😴🌞LastDaysOfSummer SaturdayChillVibes MamiStudies 🤓DaddyWorks 🙄 LackOfAttention MyStruggle PugLife pugnap pug

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Fitria Ramly


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Sayangnya bunda lelah habis renang, gk ada 10 mnit langsung nyenyak boboknya mylovelyweek mypreciousangel mystruggle 🙏🏻😍💗💋👶

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Dave Smiley


Comment from Dave Smiley:

595x3 rev band pause squats. Lightened up things tonight, felt good. I get by with a little help from my friends✌musclebby Doin what i do week in week out💪....moving forward to my goals drama free🤘🤘💪💪💪turning negatives into positives. mystruggle powerlifter oldmanstrong rawstrength oldmanpower provethemwrong overcome nolimits squats perserverance pausesquats powerlifting pittsburgh willpower dramafree nofilter nevergiveup inspiration fridaynightsquats findaway blessed nocomplaints

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Comment from c.almeiidaa:

My life everyday... just taking it one step at a time. Blessed I have such an amazing man by my side to help me through it all. I know I drive him crazy at times but he's always there, I can always count on him. Thank you for everything❤😊 anxiety mylife depressiom onestepatatime everydayisastruggle bepositive breathe takeadeepbreath dontstress keeppositive keepclam fucknegativity helpless lifewithanxiety lifewithdepression teamnosleep sleeplessnights emotional mystruggle mybattle illovercomethis onedayatatime myeverydaylife myeverydaystruggle socialanxietyproblems socialanxiety everydayisdifferent overwhelmed illwinthisbattle anxietyanddepression

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My online diary


Comment from My online diary:

I feel forgotten, by life, by god, the devil and life itself. I dont even believe in god, but damn it. Ive never begged on my knees before and this passed week ive probably been praying to some guy that probably doesnt exist more than i have my entire life. Im lost. [I need some guidance. I created this page to release some steam. Its not to get attention in any way. I just want someway to get my thoughts, frustration and stupid shit out because i have no one to talk to i need to get everything out.] ¤¤WELCOME TO MY DAILY LIFE DIARY I'M UNKNOWN, FOREVER WILL BE¤¤ depressed stressed teen myself mystory mystruggle fuckit thisisme suicide depression killme anxiety bulemia anorexia

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