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Fernando Fernandes "NANDÃO"


Comment from Fernando Fernandes "NANDÃO":

Treino do meio dia na xcoachgym Deussempreafrentedetudoedetodos ryangracieteam xcoach celsinhovenicius bjjforlife jiujitsu nogi

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Matt Sole


Comment from Matt Sole:

Looking forward to meeting this legend tonight! ricksongraciejj jiujitsu mma brazilianjiujitsu muaythai oss fitness bjjlifestyle ufc boxing grappling jiujitsulifestyle wrestling kickboxing martialarts judo followforfollow competition repost nogi training bjjlife crossfit bjj4life gym lifestyle fight gi jiujitsulife ibjjf workout

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Divas Do Jiujitsu


Comment from Divas Do Jiujitsu:

Regrann from roxane_bjj - Ne demeurez pas dans le passé, ne rêvez pas du futur, concentrez l'esprit sur le moment présent. Bouddha. . Les choses progressent, petit extrait d'une séquence sur la X garde par mon professeur adoré yvan_bjj , y'a encore du boulot mais les choses avancent et le moral revient, les efforts continuent ! . drill progress oss professor jiujiteiras jiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsulife lifestyle practice kimono ctrlindustries shoyoroll fitnessgirl focus repeat blackbelt bluebelt artesuave world training workout train mma nogi grappling judo newaza wrestling

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Comment from Legs2luv:

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Jun Rico


Comment from Jun Rico:

nogi nogiatnoon nogibeasts nogitraining nogigrappling grappling grapplingnation training 918 bestinthe918

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Comment from Quetlencarvalho@:

Armadura para uma batalha diferente ... top nogi

6 Minutes ago

Finnfighters' Gym


Comment from Finnfighters' Gym:

Leglock escape! Repost elinaattori ・・・ FFG n peruskurssit alkavat syyskuun alussa. Käykää ilmoittautumassa kotisivuilla, niin opitte näin hienoi temppui. 🤼‍♂️ ffg finnfightersgym fitness bjj mma onelegged heelhook jiujutsu nogi

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Legion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Comment from Legion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

After a great sparing session! ვარჯიშები ტარდება ძიუდოს აკადემიაში ყოველ სამშაბათს, ოთხშაბათს და შაბათს საღამოს 8 საათზე. მისამართი: აკაკი ბელიაშვილის 5, დიღომი. . . . . . . გრეფლინგ ბრაზილიურიჯიუჯიცუ ჯიუჯიცუ საბრძოლოხელოვნება legionbjjtbilisi legionjiujitsu jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu grappling bjj gentleart bjjmotivation nogi martialart gym georgiabjj tbilisibjj crossfit mma winners ufc jiujitsuknows blackbelt

7 Minutes ago

Natascha Coerper 🇩🇪🇵🇭


Comment from Natascha Coerper 🇩🇪🇵🇭:

On my way to Finnland! I'm so excited to compete at the FBJJF Finnish Open 🙃🤙🏼 Always happy to meet charlotte_jiujitsu around the world to see her compete and have her in my corner! If you're in Finnland don't miss her Seminars on the 23.8. & 28.8. at sportsacademyno1 greger_forsell . . . . . . . . . . brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu bjj nogi grappling newaza girlpower fitgirls girlsingis bjjgirls jiujitsulifestyle worldtraveller girl love happy checkmat crossfit judo blackbelt bluebelt mma finnland finishopen ibjjf fbjjf oss checkmatberlin.ringsidegym

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Jose Llanas


Comment from Jose Llanas:

Small but productive no gi class! Inching our way toward our goals. teamtooke nogi takedowns leglocks

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Comment from Paulina:

legs serdelki nogi selfie ruda followforfollow bałagan😳 polishgirl instagirl sypialnia summer lato pozanumer129

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Megan Nevill


Comment from Megan Nevill:

Between the best middleweight and lightweight of all time 🙌🏼 Not to mention just awesome all around individuals that I admired long before I came "under the wing" of alliance 🐦 legends marcelogarcia . bjj mginaction nogi poolparty marcelosnitched jiujitsu training nyc jiujitsuparamulheres bjjnogi dying fullthrottle

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Comment from Raul:

No Gi training. brazilianjiujitsu bjj bjjforlife brazilianjiujitsulifestyle bjjlife nogi submission jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle

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Quotes And Chokes


Comment from Quotes And Chokes:

dank_jits_memes providing us with some footage of the recent Polaris event. As much as I dislike Dillon Danis, avoiding the leg locks of Tonon is no small feat. . martialartist martialarts 10p kimura mma mixedmartialarts ufc bellator kotc bjj bjjlife bjj4life bjjlifestyle jiu jits jiujitsu grappling whitebelt oss armbar submissions wisdom nogi gi blackbelt artesuave thegentleart leglock

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Comment from Agnieszka:

Noga na masie no to taaa 😈 legs strong legstraining gym gymgirl gymlover training nopainnogain nogi muscles najlepszytrening fit fitmotivation sport sportfreak power traininghard gymholic niemogechodzic polishgirl active passion siła

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Miguel Cuevas


Comment from Miguel Cuevas:

Back-attack week continues with this super-secret technique: "Transcendent Back Control". Only at the Shark Tank. 😇 TheSharkTankBJJ VitorShaolinAffiliate VitorShaolin BJJ BrazilianJiuJitsu JiuJitsu Gi NoGi JitsLife Grappling SubmissionWrestling Sweep Backtake Grips WhiteBelt BlueBelt PurpleBelt BrownBelt Guard OpenGuard BackTake Transcendent BackAttack

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Jose Mordan Sanchez


Comment from Jose Mordan Sanchez:

Trabajando No-Gi en el pantano. ======================================== RanaBjj TeamMordan Nogi Bjj AlguienteMiraFullHD FuegoCarajo yamasakiacademy BrazilianJiuJitsu ArteSuave BjjDominicano

12 Minutes ago

Marcelo Cattermol PQD


Comment from Marcelo Cattermol PQD:

Treino de thai 100% ✅👊💀 jj teamnogueiracg ufc mma bjj muaythai jiujitsu boxing tattoo wrestling teamnogueira ink seivatattooink training boxe fighter fightnight oss k1 sparring sports nogi cage champ

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Martial Arts Frequency


Comment from Martial Arts Frequency:

One of my all time favorite undercover classic fight movies, BlackDynamite along with "FootFistWay"📽 Repost from officialmichaeljai - Black Dynamite is my baby. I have never been more proud of a film because I created the character, wrote the script and starred in it. Who knew it would become a cult classic with a huge following and then become a cartoon? Here is some advice I like to give to aspiring filmmakers...With my own resources, I shot the trailer for it myself just to get it sold...I wasn't given any handouts and I didn't wait for someone to come knocking at my door. If there is content you want to see in films and on TV, YOU have to create it yourself and put the work in to make it happen. 👊 . . . . . bjj nogi ufcfighter kickboxing muaythai karate kungfu boxing jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu submissiongrappling neverbackdown judo wizkalifa wrestling demilovato mmafighter taekwondo mixedmartialarts submission kravmaga mma jiujitsu sambo

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Comment from varvara_egorova_:

Наслаждение 😻 . . . . . . крымотдыхдевушкаgirlrussiangirlcrimeaдвериfollowmeсчастьеестьспасибоmoodhappyphotoofthedaynogilegssea

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