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Curls 🦁


Comment from Curls 🦁:

So that's it... For now here is my last shot of beautiful Chicago. Originally planned was only one month New York City but never say no to a spontaneous short trip, right ? 🙏🏽 realtalk : My location already changed over a week ago. Final goodbyes has been said to my big love NYC. ("final" lol.. let's be real, I know I won't stay away for too long anyways.) BUT WHAT NOW? I guess it's time for the next big steps. 🤙🏽 nobreak I came back in mid August, University starts in October. That means I have one and a half month left to like.. be a fucking superhero. but let me explain. MY CURRENT SITUATION: - drowning in paperwork because of all the Universities - working in a marketing company to get this 💸 - going to all the doctors I couldn't go to in two years because of shitty insurance - trying to accomplish the impossible and find a nice located and affordable room in Cologne because there is no way I can move in back home. (No offense to my them.but ❤️) ... and with all that being on my list. What am I doing? I am getting sick as fuck, can't move for 7 days, dying, I am rocking it. 🤘🏽 No but I am doing fine. I honestly can't wait for this new chapter to start. 👉🏽 One month left to do adult stuff, to move to Cologne, to get a new job and then later on to start with my TWO Bachelors (that was an accident but... fuck it. Why not just try it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol. ) outhere

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Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀paul:

Couldn't think of a better place to go running timetoplay

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Comment from Ktang:

hellofredagstilledagvalmuerneblomstrer igenhaendejligdaggoodmorningquietmorningoutherethinkingoffbarcelona wish you all ahappyday☮️

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Chief El Choppa


Comment from Chief El Choppa:

Me n my chica _lady_chop_ love you baby relationshipgoals Outhere lovethehaters successthebestrevenge Faeva 👫🔵💯

2 Hours ago

Shanell Luster


Comment from Shanell Luster:

kimkardshian outhere reppin kanyewest yeezys kicks

2 Hours ago

Richie radaR


Comment from Richie radaR:

Out here... chicagokid chicagosummer outhere squad

2 Hours ago

luke 🇬🇧


Comment from luke 🇬🇧:

Not a bad studying break I guess 🙇🏻 cheers to lairofian for the ride 👌🏼 vsco

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Comment from Ocxxn:

Keep that negativity away from me , fuck boy bigwormvoice friday outhere 33 nights vcidtrvp

3 Hours ago

Cooper Luke Morgan


Comment from Cooper Luke Morgan:

As close as I could get....... - - - - - - - - - sippydowns lit fire forestfire upflames outhere stoppedbyafence smoke scared

3 Hours ago

jef catapang


Comment from jef catapang:

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Stephen Reid Aka Jamin-I


Comment from Stephen Reid Aka Jamin-I:

The other side .. 420 Adventures 😎 fridays natureboy livin raglannz paddleboarder outhere paddle stayfree goodfeels onit blacksand hightide karioi

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Comment from Photosisters✨📸:

The York Sweet Shop🍬. like4like yorktrip travelphotography red sweets candyshop littlegirl outhere wanderlust efmoments

4 Hours ago

k a t e t i e r n e y


Comment from k a t e t i e r n e y:

It's hard to tell but the Tahoe wild flowers are how you say: 👌🏼 Also, here's another photo of patinaeater looking at more sick granite. . . . climbing tahoe wildflowers outhere itsamega

4 Hours ago

Richard Perez


Comment from Richard Perez:

Yesterday's fishing adventures 🐟 sanpedro outhere fishing beachlife oceancity views boatsandhoes lmao latepost

4 Hours ago

🌻Brittany Ramirez💫👽


Comment from 🌻Brittany Ramirez💫👽:

How's this for tbt ?!! 4thgrade ? outhere hulagirl secondfam yagirllillie 💩😂😂

5 Hours ago

Kyle Poirier


Comment from Kyle Poirier:

Tried to take a photo of my car the other night photobomb wife outhere gang mkv jetta shitbox turbo boost low

5 Hours ago

Natalia G.P


Comment from Natalia G.P:

I love you Seattle 😍 🌈 see you in a week ✈️ Seattle sunset sunsetsinseattle seattlelife magnolianeighborhood outhere happylife blessed livingitup

5 Hours ago

Tiarha Cruz


Comment from Tiarha Cruz:

Fuck the hate, we dont hear the bullshit, we know theres more than one way, we do our own thang, steady elevate, we know we'll make it someday. 💯 photoshoot unplanned organic 530 775 ttfever bubbhubba outhere moves reno rezkids

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Namaste 🖖🏿


Comment from Namaste 🖖🏿:

Don't be fooled by the babyface 😝👑 qing babyface illtakeyourgirl noiwontyoucankeepheritwasjustsomethingtosay namaste chakra goodvibes goodenergy kiss slimthick vans baltimore dclesbians bmorelesbians atllesbians inked tatted tattoos freshcut letmebegreat single singlelife outhere randomtrip ❣️🤞🏽

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Comment from NOVA OFFICIAL:

🐾💥🎬🎤actionshot of the day hardrock blues singer heavymetal rocknroll

2 Days ago