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Killer Lips and Epic Skin 💋


Comment from Killer Lips and Epic Skin 💋:

Make Monday your friend. quotes quotestoliveby positivityquotes ponder springday motivationalquotes motivation foodforthought inspiration growth growthmindset creative successquotes success live mlm multilevelmarketing mlmsuccess debate businessmarketing entrepreneur networkmarketing directsales faith confident believe

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Comment from versace_mens_fashion:

Pondering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mensfashion mensstyle mensclothing clothing fashion style swag designer stylish me swagger photooftheday jacket hair pants shirt lux handsome cool polo guy man model tshirt shoes sneakers styles jeans thoughts ponder

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Sadaf S. Ahmad


Comment from Sadaf S. Ahmad:

So much depth in this little word 'pensive'. lettering handlettering handtype brush brushlettering deep ponder pensive contemplation writing script calligraphy calligraphic calligritype calligraph callifriends calligrafriends art artist artwork artsy artstagram instagram instagrammers instafriends instastic instaart instaartist inspired inspire

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Ricky Houck


Comment from Ricky Houck:

"There is nothing in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." PC 📸: get_razzled

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Comment from Rob:

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Marlies Reed


Comment from Marlies Reed:

"I don't need drugs, I'm high enough already" When I envelope myself in a state of gratitude, I can't help but feel amazing! I have so much!💕

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Comment from Monkeybutt-Snugglebuns:

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Sydnee Rasmussen


Comment from Sydnee Rasmussen:

✨Talk of Christ, Rejoice in Christ, Preach of Christ, Prophesy of Christ✨ . . . . beautiful lds Etsy ldsfamily ldsyouth ldsmom ldsscriptures affirmations handmadebusiness mompreneur buyhandmade shophandmade scripture scriptureoftheday prayer scripturecards ponder

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Peter J. Burns III


Comment from Peter J. Burns III:

Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect.

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Hazreel Hasmi


Comment from Hazreel Hasmi:

Ways to win my heart: buy me coffee, make me coffee, be COFFEE. Happy Monday uols 🌻coffee caffein coffeelover coffeeporn coffeegasm coffeeaddict latte soylatte word ponder wisdom positivethinking positivevibe mondaymorning working adelaide sa au blessed

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Comment from penmania:

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Kelly H. 📸


Comment from Kelly H. 📸:

Pondering in the sun 🌞 photography photograph chipmunk rock stairs photo animal cute ponder sunbath

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Chris MH


Comment from Chris MH:

All these haters keep hating, but I keep keeping. I'm sitting here planning my next move like a real G. In this game of chess are you gonna be a pawn or a king? phoenix chess bobbyfischer hatersgonnahate haters haterz nike converse thinker thinking ponder blessed

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Jamaica Moma "Raye"


Comment from Jamaica Moma "Raye":

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Palmhurst Ward


Comment from Palmhurst Ward:

Today's lesson focused on the importance of Joseph Smith and the First Vision. Why do you think both are so important? read ponder pray

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Nyko Pateña ★


Comment from Nyko Pateña ★:

Hello May! ☀️ LaborDay . . . . . . . . page121of365 quote writing written words letters ponder note doodle scribble thoughts realtalk calligraphy typography truth life live carpediem love relationships happiness bliss joy enjoy Monday summer sun vsco vscoph

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Colorless Words


Comment from Colorless Words:

- Daren Colbert Never think of something could last forever. Everything is temporary, happiness, pain, love, and even life itself. People will just come and go and eventually someday will just be a part of your memory quotes word words quotes write writtennote sayings temporary nothinglastforever sadtruth wordporn poem thoughts realize letgo thinking ponder truthslap blackandwhite

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Bitches and Vans


Comment from Bitches and Vans:

Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔 ... ponder deepthoughts deepholes bitches bitchesaintshit pussies diy nofear funnyshit funny thewizardofoz dorothy witches goodwitch gold ladies allthesingleladies kweens done fuckthis fucklove fuckitall

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Fahad Monteverde Suba


Comment from Fahad Monteverde Suba:

Hell o Monday! ponder weekendover backtowork mondayblues weekday filmmaker limitless igers igerph igercebu metro urban urbanlife

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green gazes back . . . . . . . green algae nature pond stones ecosystem path walk meditate chill ponder water beautiful outdoors freshair

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