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Comment from SalusBody:

Early to bed, early to rise. salusbodybedtimeyoutimequietrestrechargerelaxponderdream

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Comment from 🖖:

〰💠In the aura of our soul°°°lives a beauty that grows☸⭕The light broadens perspectives that bloom in time🔄⚛A place where our enlightened hearts never dies🔽 We see each other in new colors of life🔹 Filled with beauty that comes alive🔵gaze complex perogative stirring thought ponder change challenge accomplished overcome fire depth outdoors nature birchtree birch trees orange white black intensity emotionbeauty peace serenity self concious aura growth bloom

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Striking A Balance


Comment from Striking A Balance:

A Lot can happen over coffee ☕️. Having a busy morning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . coffee bangalore india caffeine workaholics routine artsy picoftheday coffeeholic coffeeday instafame foodblogger instapic travel travelphotography happiness littlethings busylife ponder

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Comment from 🖖:

gaze complex perogative stirring thought ponder change challenge accomplished overcome fire depth outdoors nature birchtree birch trees orange white black intensity emotion

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mc gouws


Comment from mc gouws:

thoughts frommetoyou ponder newlife myhappywall lovecolour lovelife mcmakeupforyou

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Chloe Nicole


Comment from Chloe Nicole:

One of the Gold Coasts hidden treasures 🐮🐮 thefarm property myjob lifeasaPA peaceful hidden land everyonesaphotographeroninstagram green tall grass fence clouds treestagram instafarm aussiegirl worklife ponder bonogin outback goldcoast queensland australia

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Janet Orilua


Comment from Janet Orilua:

Good morning to family fashion nasajiglasses It's great when you can ponder on the sand and see that God has made the day beautiful oluwakemifolarin03

2 Hours ago

Simone Parley


Comment from Simone Parley:

Food For Thought! ponderthinkthursday

2 Hours ago

hi im mon 👋🏽


Comment from hi im mon 👋🏽:

do you know what i think is really amazing? as human beings, we look to one-another's creativety for inspiration. if it wasn't for the photos we see, art that is made, conversations that are had, friendships that are forged, love that is felt, happiness that is shared - we wouldn't be able to come up with half of the creative things that we do 'on our own'. what you see, hear, smell, feel and do effects everything you do. aka: what you input = what you output. 🌊💭 thought . . . . . ponder creativity art photography life love friendship fun weneedeachother bekind behelpful beloving happiness humanity quote qotd instagood instadaily

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Comment from AL:

Thinking .. My worst enemy at this time in my life. But at least I look happy in this photo.. pondering which filter I'm going to use of this picture turned out decent. 😂 ponderlifeenemythoughtsstrugglemissingyou

3 Hours ago

Joni Lively Mitchell


Comment from Joni Lively Mitchell:

Things I find humorous about healthcare. We talk about germs, infection & cross contamination yet we walk around with lanyards handing from our pockets in every room we go in. We use the same gait belt on every resident we transfer & then put it back around our waist. We carry trash from an isolation room from one end of the building to the other Just saying healthcare ponder hhmmm medical cna cnaproblems lpnstudent

3 Hours ago

Fi Glover


Comment from Fi Glover:

A long time ago a little vine was planted in a garden bed, enclosed by a fence. Slowly the vine grew and took over as the fence aged and began to fall apart. It's now so entwined that it's impossible to remove the fence without removing the vine, and vice versa. There's beauty in its wildness and I'm sure it's a metaphor for something deeper, I just don't know what. Maybe it's simply that nature will always find a way 🌿

4 Hours ago

Zaahid Appoles


Comment from Zaahid Appoles:

“Do they not observe the birds above them spreading their wings and folding them in? None can uphold them except (Allah) Most Gracious: truly it is He that watches over all things” (Al-Quran 67:19) birds in houtbay capetown southafrica nature blessings ponder begrateful quran

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Daniel Snow


Comment from Daniel Snow:

Sometimes lunch can also be a date with yourself, your thoughts and your plans ahead.

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Comment from Fashion|Music|Art|Lifestyle:

qotd wisewords to ponder

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Comment from Sam:

Humans evolved when primates expanded their thoughts.. ponder thinking thoughts primate evolution darwin painting thane skywalk

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Chris Garvey


Comment from Chris Garvey:

pickled pickles cucumber sour draw art feelings questions ponder log unfinishedart progress doodle injured depressing sad lights morecoming ink copic feet butt pose nose

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The Wandering Minstrel, Inc.


Comment from The Wandering Minstrel, Inc.:

Writers Block? Pick up a Stick Dulcimer to unleash your creative energies ⚡ 🎶 ⚡ 🎶 Check out foundomaha for great vintage decor! writersofinstagram singersongwriter vintage typewriter oldschool folk indie country guitar shopomaha create energy ponder positive art

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MagniEssence by Bolutiwi


Comment from MagniEssence by Bolutiwi:

inspirationsparksmagniessence - To be or not to be? That is the question. When you think about it you may wonder why we would need to ponder about simply "being". You see the sky is blue, grass is green, the bird simply flies, water flows...they are simply are what they are! What if we humans simply were? What if we remembered how to simply "be" instead of always "doing"? What if we remember that we are magnets of all that we intuitively vibrate in...what if we remember the "power" of simply being? How liberating! Can you imagine the energy we would save if we spent less time pondering and more time simply being? Today, let's start practicing the art of being. Share the miracles you experience as you reach deep within and tune into your "being" as you "do".... inspirationalquotesbeingfrequencyenergymagnetspiritualnatureinstagoodinstalikeshakespearskybluegrassgreenbirdflywaterflowhumannaturalponderrememberbemequestionyinyangfeminine

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Comment from Kevin:

~Oscar Wilde What a profound thought. Are you truly living? Or are you caught in the routine of survival and existing? Please share your thoughts. . . . . . ------------------------------- thesuccessflow successflow successfulminds routine routinelife thoughts profound profoundwisdom thegoldenticket oscarwilde oscarwildequotes oscarwildequote action passion passions dreams💭 dreams dreamscometrue photography goals goals😍 goals❤️ goals💯 livingtothemax cantgetenough limitedtime successprinciples smile😊 ponder whatismypurpose

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