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A reflecting reflection


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I AM A STRONG WOMAN 👁💪💜👑 spirituality spiritualhealing chakras love meditation witchcraft goddess crystals melanin payattention hippie universe starseed alchemy psychology paradigm view lawsofattraction consciousness ankh pinealgland thankful transcendentsoul indigochild strongwomen namaste awake mechiasaidit ॐ

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Unknown Bikes Europe

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📷by nick.sosaa unknownbike unknownbikes bikelover bicycle fixie trackbike singularity paradigm fixed fixedporn bicycle nobrakesnoproblem nobrakes fixedbike fixies fixedporn fixiebikes fixiefamous fixieshop fixielife keirinstreets keirin trackbike trackbikes onegear citybike urbancycling velodrome

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romeo z


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In action: Lost something, again. Last Friday: Zeezout Paradigm ♡ cops can't dance romeo zeezout paradigm dance disco house techno tropical shirt

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Shipping Podcast


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OMG! I think I am making waves, I had no idea that Per Westling had that view on what I am trying to accomplish. In addition, thanks to Johan Brax who draw my attention to this article, I don't subscribe to ShipPax so I would never have spotted it! Very encouraging to have people to lean on when being an entrepreneur & pilot for change 💙⚓️ shipping maritime change paradigm raisingtheprofile

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Ludivine Sauvage


Comment from Ludivine Sauvage:

abolitionistvegan govegan mothersday veganism love antispecism veganlifestyle paradigm peace justice

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Matthias Lenardt


Comment from Matthias Lenardt:

" ... if you are still on fire, never give up ... " 🙋‍♂️ 👍 I'm Matthias Lenardt. People come to me, who want to change a situation. As long as we are not on our success-trip, we are unhappy. We are wondering: why not me ... what holds me back or keeps me where I am. We looking for the solution around us ... but we will never find it ... because the answer lies in ourself... 🤔...😃...👍. Welcome to the Modern Master Class with Matthias (English, German, Portuguese) ... it's all about that urgent paradigm shift that we can choose ... your mental upgrade if you want to. ... with more than 40 years mentoring people (musicians and non-musicians) I know what I'm talking about. You're welcome to visit my website: AskMatthias ( Copyright Matthias Lenardt ) lenardt classic musicinstrument strings subconscious recording practise lawofattraction speaker motivation voiceover music artist clarinet violin guitar violinist paradigmshift geige teaching musician musiclover cello hooponopono piano bluesolarwater classicalmusic inspiration paradigm

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Sundays are for shopping! Our urban_niche Summer Collection drops soon at redsrev, stay tuned ladies! 👙👠💄👑 urbanniche summerstartsnow summercollection enge physicalstore newdesigns paradigm publika comingsoon igshopmy instashopmalaysia potd

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A reflecting reflection


Comment from A reflecting reflection:

💜 POSITIVITY PLEDGE 💜 spirituality spiritualhealing chakras love meditation conscious goddess crystals melanin payattention hippie universe starseed alchemy psychology paradigm view lawsofattraction consciousness ankh pinealgland thankful transcendentsoul indigochild polymath namaste awake mechiasaidit ॐ

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‏⁦ יוה/והוו


Comment from ‏⁦ יוה/והוו:

Can't wait to do this again! Looking forwards to this one ☝️ guyjdiary ! But first on 11th June the last of the last at the old paradigm location: Helsinkistraat. ・・・ Are you ready for another magical journey in August? Check out the Paradigm Festival 2017 full line-up! Get your Step 1 tickets while you can: parfest parfest17 paradigm groningen

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Master your mind!

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Paradigm Ultimate


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Won 2 lost 2. Watchu gonna do... 🍑 day1 abuc australianbeachultimatechampionships beachnationals ultimate frisbee beachultimate disc sport sand beach buns kimkardashian booty talent paradigmultimate paradigm rhombus

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Darlene Nicart

Comment from Darlene Nicart:

I love getting out of my comfortzone. Tonight I put myself on edge- and it's so fun paint painting havefunwithpaint terrorbarrier art "life is what you make it..."-Nasir Jones books trees christmas paint love picoftheday lifeisbeautiful acrylic As an artist I love pushing people's boundaries- especially my own. butterfly metamorphosis beauty paradigm

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Comment from Calzo:

It's GIBSUNDAY and I'm about to try ernieball paradigm slinky's . gibsonguitars lespaul gibsonlespaul guitars electricguitars gibsonsofinstagram gibsongtrjunkie gibsongtrlover gibsonguitar guitarist gibsonposts gibsonguitar guitaristsunite gunsnroses riffwars fender liveformusic slash marshall dunlop gopro GIBSUNDAY marshallamps ernieball

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Comment from Noa:

5/27 beatbox beatboxer japan street dance avalanche warp blackstyle blakescale paradigm akg SECOMしてますか? dance dancer event guest お洒落さんとつながりたいって呟いてる人を前蹴りしたい

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Stay in trend with Paradigm Collection! Made with clear PVC, this bag gives a sneak peak to the secrets to your stylish lifestyle. The collection is available in clutches and bags so there's one for every occasion! Limited quantities available so grab yours now at excluniqueeee Mandarin Gallery or Marina Square now! . . . excluniqueeeephotoofthedaywomenfashionwomenstyleinstastyleigsginstadailysgfashionstylexstyleaccessoriesinstafashionpotdpotdsginstaaccessoriestransparentparadigmstylishgirlfashionbloggerootdootdsgfunsecretuniqueaccessoriesattentiongraberfashionistasgfashionista

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Hossein Gaeeni


Comment from Hossein Gaeeni:

❓چقدر نسبت به نوع مدل_ذهنی خودتان، آگاهی دارید؟ ❓مدل ذهنی چه نقشی در زندگی شما بازی می‌کند؟ کیف‌کو CYFCo کانون_یادگیری_فردا Create_Your_Future کوچینگ مهارت‌آموزی منتورینگ Coaching Mentoring Learning مهارت Skill یادگیری آموزش_مهارت‌محور مهارت_نرم soft_skill توسعه_فردی Personal_Development paradigm mental_model مدل_ذهنی پارادایم growth رشد انتخاب choice مهارتهای_نرم_حسین_گایینی

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High Vibe Retreats


Comment from High Vibe Retreats:

Mother to Mother, heart to heart, spirit to spirit, soul to soul. Aware that our planet requires the heart of Mothers to come together now to raise the frequency of gentle loving kindness to help dissolve agression and control. This is my beautiful soul sister Padmi from Candidasa Bali. All her food is vegatarian fresh from the garden and cooked with a jouful gentle loving heart. We are what we eat and drink.💖vegan vegatarian love consciousness paradigm motherearth awakening

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Comment from निशांत:

farewell 2k17 2017 paradigm pdm university bhaiya 😂junior senior

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Comment from Iris:

Nog een paar dagen! 💻🤓 . . . eindeisinzicht bijnaklaar scriptielife helemaalklaarmee evenertussenuit vakantie freedom paradigm throwback so liefde

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