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Comment from Rikke Skelgaard:

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Comment from Sana's Henna Designs:

Women's rights are humans rights. Sending love to all my sisters marching today all across the country. Much respect to all the folks who are a part of not only the @womansmarch but also the movement. Together we will rise up. # #onwashington #womenunite They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds. #mexicanproverb # #pride #sisepuede I really wish I could attend this!!! So bummed I am not able to, but I'm there in spirit.🙏🏼

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Comment from DJ Darviz:

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Comment from Lesbian™:

Have fun and be safe if you are going to the women's march today! I really want to go but I have work and we also got two feet of snow last night so yikes catch me getting snowed in for an entire day 😬

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Comment from Cate Becker:

Great times with amazing people today! Respecting ALL of our voices and our right to speak them! This is what democracy looks like!

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