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Raising Hell ⚡️ Est. 2010


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Oh lookie lookie what we have... Checking out some new samples! pimpstarlife worldwidefamily raisinghell samples

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Chris S


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Off to melbourne for the footy raisinghell melbournefc daysoff fifolife goldmember afl

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Damon Paquin


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Is it bad that this car intimidated me? initiald raisinghell fourthstage

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Lee Hunter


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RunDMC RaisingHell July181986 tbt 31yearsago hiphop hiphoplives

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Allegra Lee


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A few more faves from when we turned up the heat 🌡 milkbbq milkeventsnyc - 📸 vlasta_pilot bfa

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Raising Hell ⚡️ Est. 2010


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Camolicious from imronii and his tasty Husky! pimpstarlife worldwidefamily raisinghell camocandy husqvarna supermoto

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Aaron Lilleyman


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myadidas RUNDMC 25thanniversary superstar 80s raisinghell signed 1ofakind

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💯💵🆙StackinCheeze!! 💸💰


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Shelby Hogan


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Three of my favorite things 😊 Daisies are a quick way to get to my heart 🌼❤ countrycountrylifecountrygirlcountryboysredneckrednecksdoitbetterredneckgirlsredneckguyscountrymusicRHECUpchurchJawgaBoyzJBNationTheLACsmusicDemunJonesChrisYoungNeverlandriverratriverlifeHOGANraisinghellamazinggraceMericaAmericarebelflagcamodaisies

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RoB PaVao


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Happy 31st Anniversary 2 RUNDMC & Their 3rd Album RaisingHell RevRun rev_run DMC kingdmc dmcmakescomics JMJRiP 🙏

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Erin Cruse


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My mom arcruse has been incredibly supportive of my tattooing since day one and has a lot of my tattoos to show for it! She's almost always down for experimental ideas and helping me learn in all the ways I can. Love you mommy! Thank you!!! charmedlifetattoo sharethelex momtattoo tattoomom raisinghell

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From high school to beauty school & 2 matching tattoos later we have been raising hell & bullshitting for so long. Thank you for being a solid person in my life. I promise to always rub your arm as long as you let me rest my head on your shoulder. Love you ugly girl & cant wait to see what kind of trouble we continue to get into. We aren't here for a long time we're here for a good time! bestbuds soulsisters twinflame raisinghell puropincheparty cheesy

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Released 31yrs ago today Salute✌🏼revwon kingdmc RIP JMJ . . . . . . . . . . . . RaisingHell RunDmc JamMasterJay RipJMJ Legends CLASSICALBUMS ClassicHipHop HipHopLegends HipHopGreats hiphopjunkie HipHopHead HipHopVinyl Vinyl vinylporn vinyligclub vinyljunkie VinylAddict vinylcollection vinylcollector CrateDigger cratedigging

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OG 97.9- ATL's Classic Hip Hop


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OGHipHopHistory - On this day in 1986 RunDMC released their third album RaisingHell July18th hiphophistory classichiphop og979atl

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Hip Hop Closet


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On this day 31 years ago the game changing album, Raising Hell dropped... "My Adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land. With mic in hand I cold took command" ....Check out our blog link in bio for the story. hiphopcloset rundmc legends queens icon music history raisinghell hiphop fashionicon walkthisway myadidas shoes kicks classic fashion fresh

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Dave Soul


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*TURNTABLE TUESDAY: Run-DMC's legendary third album, "Raising Hell", was released on this day in 1986... By this point in their career, they became the new standard of what a Rap group was. Everybody wanted to be like them, dress like them and Rap/yell on the mic like them. Their first two albums had already gone gold. They had already performed on Soul Train, American Bandstand AND the "Live-Aid" TV concert event in '85. Of course, I already knew about 'em at this point. Thanks to my Mom purchasing their first 12" single, "It's Like That/Sucker MC's", when it first came out AND taking me to see the movie "Krush Groove" when I was six years young. Fast forward to the Summer of '86... EVERYBODY in my neighborhood had the new Run-DMC tape. Either you heard it from cars drivin' up the street. Or, like me, you overheard it from your neighbor's boombox on your porch. So, I BEGGED my Mom to buy this tape for me. And finally, on a Saturday after watchin' "Soul Train", we walked to our favorite nearby record shop on 54th & Ashland (Chicago). When we got to the counter, my Mom said.. 'what was that tape you wanted?' I said...'RUN-DMC!' The shop owner pulled it & sat it on the glass counter and I just STARED at it for about ten seconds... Well, it became the first Rap tape that I ever owned. I got home and played it from front-to-back in amazement. From the start of "Peter Piper" to the end of "Proud To Be Black". Eventually, I would pick out my personal favorites: "My Adidas", "Dumb Girl", "Hit It Run", "Is It Live" and, of course, "Peter Piper". I CHERISHED that cassette. It never left the house. I played it so much, the song titles on the tape faded off in less than six months... This album, released with three different covers (swipe to the pics to the left), would become triple platinum in less than a year. Thanks to a certain Aerosmith remake, "Walk This Way" and MTV playing the video for that song TO DEATH. "Raising Hell" made Run-DMC & Jam Master Jay worldwide SUPER-stars. And they did it their way...with two turntables and a microphone. SALUTE!! 1986 goldenera rundmcandjammasterjay raisinghell rickrubin russellrush respectthearchitects

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