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Comment from Shiro:

Wow. Um. Cool?? Should i be worried? Prob ☆dm's are always open if you want to make a friend, rant , or just talk, if im busy i will always reply later!☆ spamaccount spacedad space dad voltron takashishirogane shiro keithkogane pidge hunk lancemcclain ddadds meme memes zarkon lotor princelotor altean galra robert craigcahn

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lili marcus


Comment from lili marcus:

QOTD: What's the biggest book you own? Mine's not actually this..I have a huge copy oy Illuminae. But when I was tagged by _mauy with biggest book, my mind went to Stephen King right away. His books are kinda intimidating when it comes to the size. this is actually 816 Pages.😱😱 Also I was tagged by younglyricallit with bookseveryday.. here it is: 📚FOREIGN OR NATIONAL: Both😊 📚BOOK YOU COULDN'T FINISH: ahm I always see to it to finish the book once I flipped the cover open 📚WHAT BOOK SUMS UP YOUR LIFE: ahm can I just go with a poem?😄😄 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN BY RObert Frost 📚PHYSICAL OR EBOOK: Physical..😀😀 📚FAVORITE VILLAIN: LOKI of Marvels.😍😍😍 📚A BOOK YOU WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE: Plenty but I think I want to recommend THE PICTURE OF DORIAN is a stpry with moral lesson and also has something to do with Beauty.😢😢😢 has anyone read it? okay, tagged or not, you guys can do this one...😊😊happy reading everyone. and thanks for all the tags you guys 😘😘😘 Now, Im off to take care of my beta reads.😊 bookstagram books bookish bookaddict booklove bookphotography bibliophile instareads instabooks stephenking nightmaresanddreamscapes thepictureofdoriangray theroadnottaken robert frost Loki marvels liliswordyplanet

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Comment from Lau:

Happy birthdayRobert Plant😘🎁

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mia san mia


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Happy Birthday🎉❤ _rl9 Robert lewandwski 9 rl9 fcb Happybirthday

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Daddy, loml💍❤🔐


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My bby boy😊😍 jonasbridges woahits_jonas jonasbridges jonas robert bridges jb jonasb jbridges jonasrobertbridges woahsquad woahitsjonas

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lol you're not tom holland


Comment from lol you're not tom holland:

💫💓// as i scrambled through my book sack for my lucky pencil the teacher cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. i looked up only to be staring at a boy maybe a little taller than me. we made eye contact and then he quickly looked away. the teacher asked him to introduce him self. "i'm,um,peter. peter parker." then he took a seat. luckily the seat next to me was taken. don't get me wrong, he was cute but i can't have any distractions this time. not after what happened last year. i already finished my class work and homework so i just read my book for the remaining of the class. as i started to pack my things up the teacher called my name. "y/n, i need you to show peter around school for me seeing as you have the same schedule as him" great. just great. "yes ma'am." "parker" i said "lets go" "um where are we going" he said nervously. "second period, where else?" // sry this is short it's my first fanfic :,\ not sure if this is good or not but i thought i'd give it a try. and sry the format is shit i couldn't get it to stay the correct way. _____ fanfiction tomholland peterparker spidermanhomecoming avengersinfinitywar quackson tomsfrog samholland harryholland paddyholland thomasstanleyholland ironman tonystark robertdowneyjr chrisevans iron man tony stark robert downey jr chris evans captainamerica civilwar marvel marvellegends spidermanhoco2

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Michael Kelly💯


Comment from Michael Kelly💯:

Still miss you G . Gotta couple more years to go . But ill see you soon Family💯 shit still aint the same w/out you pahtna . Robert Family MissYou BestFriend

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❤High functioning fangirl❤


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Happy birthday to this handsome and talented singer! I admire you a lot. It was an honor to have the chance of being at a concert of yours. A lifetime experience! I wish you a lot of happiness. Never change and continue making great music. Love you ❤ . . . robertplant plant robert happybirthday ledzeppelin rock singer musician lollapalooza

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Eliane Lili


Comment from Eliane Lili:

Filho melhor presente que Deus me deu.. amo muito 💙Robert

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Comment from Shiro:

I want to adult but I do not want To adult. Ever. ☆dm's are always open if you want to make a friend, rant , or just talk, if im busy i will always reply later!☆ spamaccount spacedad space dad voltron takashishirogane shiro keithkogane pidge hunk lancemcclain ddadds meme memes zarkon lotor princelotor altean galra robert craigcahn

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Tonight 💚💚 I know many of you already watched the leaked episodes but it is always good to support HBO 😘 gameofthrones westeros hbo bran memes life yolo cersei whitewalkers king game thrones beautiful season 7 robert stark sophie GoT a memes poster posters HBO dragonstone s7 juegodelostronos beyondthewall

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Comment from KASEY💚:

He makes me so happy *cuddling sam* - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - jacksepticeyesmolbeanantisepticeyejackaboymarkiplierswagwiishujackspediceyjackrobertidkRobertyoutuberscrankgameplayspewdiepiedarkiplierdanandphil

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Blacchyna💄 Rob Kardashian☘️


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Blacchyna snapchat story💓 8/20/17❤️ day1 teamchyna chynadoll chyna robkardashian tokyotoni chyro dreamkardashian kardashians kardashian bundleofjoy miami chyrob keepingupwiththekardashians kuwtk bodyrobkardashianblacchynachynadreamdreamkardashiankingcairochyrochyro4lifeblacchynasharpieblacchynaobsessedrobertrobandchynablacchynasnapsblachynadailychynrob1

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bella emilia


Comment from bella emilia:

Robert crais , suspect My new one <3

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If u want to play go 2 the original post ayanna_alva ouatouatfan onceonceuponatime daggerteacup roses🌹 rosebeautybeautyandthebeast robertcarlyle beastrumplestiltskin rumplerobertbellefrech belleEmilieDeRavin rumbelle empire

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Arturo Pérez

Comment from Arturo Pérez:

'Cause I love you, baby  How I love you, darling  How I love you, baby  My beloved little girl, little girl But baby, since I've been loving you, yeah  I'm about to lose my worried mind, oh yeah robertplant hbd 🎂 longlife instagood ledzeppelin rocky fanart fuckyou loving songs favoritesong lyrics word 69 legends foreverlove robert plant

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Roberto Piña


Comment from Roberto Piña:

Nunca digas adiós a algo que haces con el corazón dj music robert mexicocity

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D Louis


Comment from D Louis:

This was to funny not to post 😂😂😂Repost officialbonnetchronicles ・・・ Soooooo.... got a call bonnetchronicles youcalledMe Robert HadUsThinkingItWasKandi WeGotTheTrueTeaNow SexDungeon Teenage comedy AgeAintNothingButANumberHandcuffs Kellz thisaintforeverybody Written/Produced by erndukes tamiroman

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The Rebellious R-I-C-H


Comment from The Rebellious R-I-C-H:

"I'm a businessman." -Robert Dinero as Al Capone in THE UNTOUCHABLES

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Comment from K:

vine dreamdaddy Robert

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