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Ziggy 75%pom 12.5% Chi 12.5% ?


Comment from Ziggy 75%pom 12.5% Chi 12.5% ?:

Nothing like a good roll in the hay err I mean wood chips😂 my mum thinks she's funny... honestly she's sooo embarrassing 😳😑😒rolling itchy pomeranianlovers pomeranianworld pomeranianpuppy pomchihuahua pomchilovers chi chipom chipommix chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahuasofinstagram chipoms chipomlove chipomlife pet petlove petoftoday pets_of_instagram brockwellpark

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Comment from Josie:

That perfect rolling shot! 💦😍 nissan pulsar jap jdm sr20det tuned race nissanpulsar enkei toyo cargirl builtnotbought jdmgram nismo turbo racecar boost racing dailydriven dish sunset rolling bodykit blue paintjob darktint carshow

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Comment from Spaghetti:

rolling spaghetti food delicious yummy

16 Minutes ago

L.A. Artist/Choreographer


Comment from L.A. Artist/Choreographer:

Just two geeky nerds trying not to get their asses kicked. Always a pleasure brother! johnmachadobjj rcjmachado equipe teammachado brazilianjiujitsu bjj jits rolling grapplinggames fightingisfun thisisthefightlife

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Comment from Spaghetti:

rolling spaghetti delicious food recipe eat yummy

18 Minutes ago

Mochi Guo


Comment from Mochi Guo:

BOOF bulldog mochi cute englishbulldog adorable chubby dog dogsofinsta dogs canine roll qt rolling rollingdog sit

21 Minutes ago

Lloyd K


Comment from Lloyd K:

Riding dirty with my chameleon bob 🦎. Took him out for some driving lessons 🚙🤣. He's loving these HOT days 😎. riding ridingdirty cruising sunny hot howweroll howiroll hesagoodboy driving drive turntup chillin calmdown cruisingdownthestreet bob reptile veiledchameleon victorville california hotashell bob rolling kendricklamar humble lol funnyvideos wshh

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Donyea Watson


Comment from Donyea Watson:

This LA bumper to bumper traffic is a BEAST!! 😡It's real out here.. You need a private jet 🛩 especially on this 405 smh. losangeles LA traffic bumpertobumpertraffic roadrage 405freeway 405 calilife california driving westcoast westside afternoon stopandgo benz mercedes boring sunny☀️ 405northbound thevalley sanfernandovalley hot🔥 seatbelts rolling brakes chrome navigation freeway highway blackonblack

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Comment from ChickenManSurfsUp:

Rolling a blunt💨💨 marijuana cannabis weedporn high weed 420 stoner herb vape joint bong blunt maryjane wiet weedstagram dabs thc high mylungslikeclouds rolling highsociety stoned weedcommunity stonersociety dankofengland weedculture gethigh bongrips rawlife spannabis california

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QueDeusNosAbençoe e NosProteja


Comment from QueDeusNosAbençoe e NosProteja:

2pac ajajjajajajajjajaaja😂😂 2pac shakur nigga thuglife instaraper rolling raperstyle fly

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Comment from Juliana:

Don't be afraid to grow slowly, be afraid only of standing still. bjjmmajiujitsufitnessmotivationmindandbodymmaufcgymufcgymfairfaxrolling

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Jay Ramirez


Comment from Jay Ramirez:

Centro Historico 💙 architecture mexico city zocalo downtown waving mexican flag vacay rolling around wanderlust hometown wanderlust

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Gib Rock


Comment from Gib Rock:

sunsettaken from upper towngibraltar🇬🇮dramatic cloudschilling it outgreat view from up hereedithdrrolling style💯%👀🔛🆒😎

38 Minutes ago

Sydney Grace Grubbs


Comment from Sydney Grace Grubbs:

☀️summer here we come ☀️ | | | | |(hey guys so I had my first lesson back today and Ferdi was amazing we got almost all of our spots and lead changes we had three little short spots but they didn't really look like short spots he was so so so good I'm super proud of him😊 so I am definitely coming out tomorrow to free ride and do whatever👍🏻 and guess what everybody ITS SUMMER☀️🌞 finally I get to come out every day now and spend the whole day with Ferdi i'm super excited for the rest of this summer it's going to be awesome😁 so I am going to be coming out in the day tomorrow because it's summer and yeah that's pretty much all enjoy this picture of ferdi rolling he looked really cute in it so we decided to screenshot it😘😊Ferdi was so amazing today😁☀️💞🐴) | | | | |amazing backatitagain backridingagainfirstlessonback soproud lovemyboy lovemyferdi loveyousomuch rolling sumner summerherewecome ferdi❤️️ FERDI

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phos graphê


Comment from phos graphê:

Spent the weekend working on a fun shoot out in the Antelope and San Bernardino county . . . . amoren266millas featurefilm naturallight filmmaking rolling indiefilm quietonset bts photobombed

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Techno & Lust Lovers


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Joseph Macedo


Comment from Joseph Macedo:

Aways my pleasure darling, repost rachelraez coffee au australia aussie coffeetime

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Kate Brown


Comment from Kate Brown:

just rollin' dog rolling cute dogsofinstgram

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Comment from Jay:

I gat dem rolling AnaHaka

47 Minutes ago

Juan Newaza 🇨🇦


Comment from Juan Newaza 🇨🇦:

100 thou

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