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Joefson Silva


Comment from Joefson Silva:

Papo reto e eu vou te falar, cultura de rua entrou na minha vida eu tava perdido e comecei a me direcionar. rundmc

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Comment from JUST WIN BABY!:

tb to derekcarrqb first season in the NFL, and rundmc20 last season with the Raiders tbt - Made this last Saturday • RaiderNation OnlyOneNation WillToWin JustWinBaby DerekCarr DarrenMcfadden SilverAndBlack Darkside TheBlackHole CommitmentToExcellence R4L RunDMC OnceARaiderAlwaysARaider RealMenWearBlack BlackIsOurColor PrideAndPoise

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Bruce Willke


Comment from Bruce Willke:

That's the way it is. rundmc toddlerrap

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Fabrice Gregory-Belle


Comment from Fabrice Gregory-Belle:

garyvee brings EVERYONE to his NYC vaynermedia office. I expected to see sports agent David Falk there, but it's freaking ridiculous to see the VeganLegend unclerush in there. SuperLIT GaryVee DailyVee Episode194 ADD AllDefDigital VaynerNation VaynerMedia RunDMC RushCard RussellSimmons GaryVaynerchuk DavidFalk ThreeHUGEWinners EntrepreneurLegends AlwaysMotivated

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Eden Ghebray


Comment from Eden Ghebray:

Thanks upperplayground_worldwide Drone Safety Team Member is looking Hella Fresh. . . . . . upperplayground dronesafetyteam hella hellafresh sanfrancisco bayarea fillmore style coolkids cute cutekidsclub goodlife fashion tshirt tshirtlife reflection cat cats catlife hiphop kangol llcoolj rundmc cazal cazalglasses

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Comment from BRONX BAR BER & SHOP:

3月ラスト はりきって営業いたします💈 Bronx barber&shop rundmc 米子barber理容メンズカット米子理容fadeguitarbarberstickerpomadewahlJapanesebarberメンズカットsurfingbarbershopBronx

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Veronika Ivashkevich


Comment from Veronika Ivashkevich:

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DJ Tony TuffTunes


Comment from DJ Tony TuffTunes:

tbt kingofrock rundmc antlive hiphop diggininthecrates tufftunesmedia

1 Hours ago

Cleveland Blog


Comment from Cleveland Blog:

Hip hop influences a lot of our lives. For some of us hip-hop is a place of learning. I've learned a lot from just listening to a album, both positive & negative. None the less, hip hop innovated a lot of dope styles into the universe . Hip hop's influence has effected people of all colors across the nation . It's amazing to see how far it has grown when the roots started in one state...New York. Once exposure blew up in New York , a long with the music the trends started to strike a lot of people's attentions. The styles were authentic, it wasn't like they were being styled. They knew where to get it. Everyone in their neighborhood was wearing it. It was apart of their culture. Once the fame came along, the culture came with them and it was embraced. Speaking about culture, New York is home of the Mecca (Harlem). Clarence 13x brang knowledge of self into​ Harlem in 63' spreaded to other borroughs . Which is the teachings of the five- percent nation. I bring this up because this self knowledge led to a lot of people expressing their self awareness. As you see on Rakim's custom Gucci coat (first pic on the right) the five percent nation symbol is​ on the back of his jacket. A ex stick up kid, that grew up on self knowledge. You can see that the dope boys inspired his wardobe.A lot of dope boys and hot rappers got their suits, coats,cars ect. custom designed from the same spot. Even though knowledge of self was being taught in the "hoods" , dope was being sold in these same hoods. The dope man represented flash. Accessories were key, the more , the better. Fat gold chains​, kangol hats, funky sneakers with big laces, and a radio with a nice system would get you noticed. Who doesn't want to be noticed? So the dope boy/ b-boy trend blew up, Back to Self awareness, the knowledge helped inspire the Afrocentric look, which again a lot of New York entertainers sported. Afrocentric displayed you being in touch with your roots, and just embracing the African culture. Which may have consisted of African prints, meddallions, hats. Pretty much anything thay could repersent the roots. East and West coast styles differ . I'll break that down in my next post speaksoles

1 Hours ago

DipsyMay Lipps


Comment from DipsyMay Lipps:

rundmc are definitely legends.. they started a hype in hiphop and addidas sweats and runners..Their trend is so hot.. it's still on fire. salute hiphophalloffame throwback

1 Hours ago

Sandy M


Comment from Sandy M:

throwbackthrusday rundmc

1 Hours ago

Claudio Utrera Navarro


Comment from Claudio Utrera Navarro:

Old school flava!!! rundmc legostyle pioneers hiphoproyalty👑 ripjammasterjay

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Comment from HIP HOP CULTURE:

MY ADIDAS!!! 6 in the morning, police at my door Fresh Adidas squeak across the bathroom floor. Out my back window I make a escape. Don't even get a chance to grab my old school tape. adidas adidassuperstar rundmcadidas rundmc icet thisishiphop hiphopculture shoegame wegotsoul hiphopcalendardotcom throwbackthursday

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Comment from tajzsmom:

Hard-working coworkers/friends!! I 💙 them!!! transportologist radass rundmc

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Bang Wear


Comment from Bang Wear:

...Léo Rocker - Colisão Crew... Camiseta RunDmc ProduçãoBang wanted Authentic lifestyle ColisãoCrew LéoRocke

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Theresa 🍒Haines


Comment from Theresa 🍒Haines:

Channeling my inner Run DMC. adidas addicted bringingitbackoldschool adidasbuckethay adidastrackjacket asos rundmc

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Comment from Alex:

Sugarhill Gang. Rappers Delight. Spanish 12"33rpm. Regular black vinyl. The song that named a whole new style of music for the mainstream audience. The one that took a whole new black sound to the ears of white idiots like me. Before Beastie Boys, or Run DMC with Aerosmith... Eminem... or Asereje. There were these guys (and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, obviously). Found it many moons ago craving, but all copies of this spanish edition seem to be well kept at their original owner's shelves. rap hiphop sugarhillgang rappersdelight rundmc grandmasterflash vinyl vinilo 1979 70s seventies musica music juliaonvinyl instavinyl nowspinning vinyljunkie vinyligclub vinylcollector vinyladdicted maxisingle 12inch

1 Hours ago

Fredrick Alanzo


Comment from Fredrick Alanzo:

Let's see what song shall get me through traffic today...ahhhh...yes....."The King Of Rock" it is..... kingofrock stilldope RUNDMC

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Comment from seddaisy:

"Standin on 2 Fifth St. Funky fresh and yes cold on my feet. With no shoe string in em, I did not win em I bought em off the Ave with the tags still in em I like to sport em that's why I bought em. A sucker tried to steal em so I caught em and I fought em." rundmc

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Comment from TREA$URE:

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