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Comment from Ricky:

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Riccardo Malincarne


Comment from Riccardo Malincarne:

Fili che legano questi destini le chiamano coincidenze, ed è per questo che non credi ed è per questo che non speri. Il caso racconta molto più di quanto pensi il fatto è che non puoi capirlo neppure con 5 sensi. Immagina di essere nel punto in cui dovresti essere che tu sia un mosaico composto da infinite tessere, non cercare per forza di comprendere se puoi ti prego tu non ti arrendere. Sappi che se qualcosa ti capita è perché puoi superarlo, infondo esiste una lezione dietro ogni sbaglio. Fili riccardo_malincarne poetry poesia pose poetsofinstagram poesiaitaliana post summer sardinia script scrivere art arte authorsofinstagram author edit riccardomalincarne

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Zhang Yufei


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Daddy Zhang


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✅Mehmet Burak Sarıgül


Comment from ✅Mehmet Burak Sarıgül:

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Comment from LOGOTIX:

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Anders Alstad


Comment from Anders Alstad:

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Comment from PSTLU:

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Tatuagens Pequenas ✏


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❁ S.N


Comment from ❁ S.N:

{29/07/17} ↠ sorry for the lack of uploads! I've been busy with assessments 😩 anyways,these are my math notes! Yes I am aware I over outlined the word "angles" in the title 😭

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julian - tigerstyle


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Michael J Falotico ✌️


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Just Inked tattoo studio


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Aris Maulana Ichsan


Comment from Aris Maulana Ichsan:

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Alex Tattooist Chapman


Comment from Alex Tattooist Chapman:

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Adelina Laura


Comment from Adelina Laura:

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Comment from Memetor:

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Stacey 🖤


Comment from Stacey 🖤:

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Comment from Alie:

Still frame of my last video. It has been incredibly hard to find time to pair and letter the last few weeks! So I sneak in a few quick pieces when I have the chance! 😋 watercolor watercolorwash emboss embossing alieletters letteringchallenge handmade handlettered handletters handlettering letter letters letteringart lettering moderncalligraphy moderncalligrapher calligraphy calligraphyart calligraphypractice brushlettering brushpen brushpenlettering brushpencalligraphy script scriptlettering

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Maka Rios


Comment from Maka Rios:

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