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Comment from Anthony:

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ROOTS Liverpool


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When Roots Liverpool goes and supports rootsbjjmilperra grand opening!!!! Well done aleks_stoj great gym and all the best 😊BrazilianJiuJitsu BJJ KidsBJJ AdultBJJ Hitfc SelfDefence MartialArts Lifestyle Respect Honour Loyalty Family ROOTS TeamRoots ROOTSLiverpool Champions Health Fitness BJJLifestyle futureofbjj bjjfuture bjjkids bjjjuniours Berimbolo Rootsrules butterflyguard

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Kinetic Martial Arts UOW


Comment from Kinetic Martial Arts UOW:

Learn the martial art of Hapkido - translated as, "the art, or way, of coordinated power" Email to schedule a free trial class now selfdefence martialarts classes wollongong fitness strength flexibility mindandbody friends fun focus welovethegong hapkido thewayofcoordinatedpower whatsoninwollongong thegong illawarra martialart

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Allan Galang


Comment from Allan Galang:

Working with my Richmond Team on responses on attacks from behind. In reality, these kinds of can be really difficult to defend against because the defender isn't usually prepared to handle a lethal confrontation all the time. It's also better to learn how to beready as much as possible because we never know when moments like this can come out of no where. livefree liveready

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Shane Kinsella


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Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu


Comment from Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu:

Kali Stick attacks and defences.

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Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu


Comment from Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu:

Full cover blocking techniques for maximum defence and confidence!

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Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu


Comment from Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu:

Ben practicing his Kali Stick defences and attacks. revolutionjujitsu mma jujitsu

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Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu


Comment from Revolution MMA & Ju Jitsu:

Basic knife defences. Getting used to moving out of the way and controlling the wrist. Understanding that you have a 99% chance of getting cut in a knife fight is a sobering realisation.

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Muscle & Martial Arts


Comment from Muscle & Martial Arts:

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Comment from Christian:

Good times! Advanced Mano Mano with peter.dahlman when Mark Ganut tngtravelsolutions visited Kombatan Sweden spring 2016. philippinomartialarts eskrima kali arnis kombatan filipinomartialarts presasstyle sikaran sinawali panantukanblackbelt selfdefence martialarts training workout manomano gopro samsung

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Comment from Cookie:

New book, new card. Here's to another year of holds, throws, chokes and wondering how I managed to get down on the mat when I was standing 0.6 seconds ago. Thanks as ever to my family at lbjudodojo. MartialArts MMA Dojo Choke Armbar Throw Discipline Submission Fighting kanojigoro Ippon Training Cardio Judoka JudoThrow JudoLove UFC Grappling Wrestling Fitness WorkingOut LegDay TopJudo JudoLife SelfDefence Sensei Wrestling jujitsu cagefighting

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SAFEInternational Self Defense


Comment from SAFEInternational Self Defense:

Tomorrow we're going to teach self defense to Temagami First Nations! WWW.SAFEINTERNATIONAL.BIZ safeinternational selfdefence selfdefenselesson firstnation firstnationsgirls firstnations violence verbaldefusion martialarts bjj rapeprevention firstnationselfdefence temagami temagamifirstnation safetyexperts teachselfdefense learnselfdefense womenselfdefense temagamiontario mobileselfdefense coollogo ontheroad travel personalsafety grounddefense

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Papo de lutador


Comment from Papo de lutador:

Regrann from legends_of_martial_arts - selfdefense selfdefence defensapersonal segurity protection soldier soldiers marine elite martialarts judo jiujitsu bjj ufc mma karate taekwondo muaythai boxing bodyguard soldado systema kungfu fighter kravmaga mixedmartialarts capoeira sambo silat kickboxing

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KickFit Martial Arts Schools


Comment from KickFit Martial Arts Schools:

Morning Ibis supporter crew for my beach shuffle martialartslife businesscoach martialartsinstructor kickfitconsult blackbelt selfdefence

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Tommy Nichols


Comment from Tommy Nichols:

Thanks so much everybody for the love! 1k followers is a good start. I hope that I can provide value to you in some way. . . healthyfood bodyweighttraining kravmaga martialarts muaythai selfdefence kickboxing exersise yoga calisthenics fight thaiboxing ufc mixedmartialarts wealth healthy flex gymnastics toned mma gym fit jitz training fitnessmotivation fitness progress health flexible stretch

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Jitendra "Vicky" Khare


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Repost evolutionfitnessindia with repostapp ・・・ Celebrations for Women's Day extend to week exclusively at Evolution Fitness! . . . womensday fitlife fitgram fitspiration mma selfdefence fitfam fitness indianmma supportindianmma

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Amen Guns


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Comment from bogdan_bortnyk:

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Comment from Wendy:

Make it a lifestyle! lotusclubmiami bjj bjjlifestyle submission jiujitsugirl selfdefence confidence antibullying miami trainhardfighteasy bjjgi kidsformation

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