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Jitendra "Vicky" Khare


Comment from Jitendra "Vicky" Khare:

Dayummmmmm!!!!! So true!!!!・・・ teamrelentless evolutionfcsa womenpower iamevolution supportindianmma realmmatraining teamrelentless indianmma mmainindia hardwork evolutionMMA relentlessmma bjjindia wsof bravecombat realMMA indiasNO_1Team evolution_combat_sports_academy selfdefence fightg girlpower bjjgirls strongwomen TeamRelentlessforLife teamrelentless4life

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Gracie Barra Wolverhampton


Comment from Gracie Barra Wolverhampton:

Every parent should step on the mats with their child; to experience the excitement of Jiujitsu, to support their kids and to share the adventure 🙌🏽 Parents & Kids class this Thursday 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👩‍👦👨‍👧👩‍👧‍👦 graciebarra graciebarrakids gbk gbkids family learning sharethelove brazilianjiujitsu selfdefence brazilianjiujitsulifestyle jiujitsuforeveryone familytime growtogether wolverhampton parentsandkids familyclass fun happypeople respect support sharing values confidence

17 Minutes ago

The Grappling Gorilla


Comment from The Grappling Gorilla:


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Dominik Herzog


Comment from Dominik Herzog:

WingTsun Sommercamp, it was great again 👊😃 wingtsun ewto martialarts selfdefence kungfu wushu sifuhans meisterhans ipman brucelee biglove woodendummy siunimtau chumkiu biutse munyanchong lokdimboonkwun bartchamdao practice training belikewathermyfriend sommercamp summer sunnshine

26 Minutes ago

Mr Intense Mma


Comment from Mr Intense Mma:

Young savage 😂😂 he makes me laugh puts everything into every shot like his daddy still only 5 years of age and Defo will buss couple man's nose 👌🏿👌🏿😂😂👀 lil_intenses_mma mrintense tinyintense oneshot knockout boxing pads basics talent kids future champ proud daddy sports mayweather mcgregor ufc fitness fit discipline art control selfdefence confidence

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Comment from pristine_youth:

PRISTINE YOUTH SUMMER PROGRAMME IS BACK!!!! After a successful 1st year of helping to reshape and empower young people in 8-16 bracket, it is only right we continue this fantastic journey into 2017! . . . Pristine Youth summer programme teaches young people skills in; - Photography - Sports & Fitness - Arts & craft - Performing arts - Junior chef - Self development & health and wellbeing - As well as some great offsite trips . . . Ages: 8 - 16 Yrs . . Dates: (14th Aug17-18thAug17) ( 21stAug17-25thAug17 ) . . Times: 10am - 3:30pm . . Venue: Brandramhall community centre 25 33 Brandram road, Lewisham SE13 5RT . . Prices: Per child per day £20.00 Per child per week £75.00 50% OFF Sibling discount per child . . Register your child/children ASAP and give them something great to be a part of this Summer ☀️ 07794196321 Have a PRISTINE DAY! SummerActivities17 SummerActivities photography SportandFitness ArtsandCrafts JuniourChef PerformingArts MentalWellbeing SelfDefence PeistineYouthPristineLDN YouthandCommunity Allabilities CommunitiesGrowChildren

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Comment from effraspace:

Self Defence with teamkevlarfitness is on tonight at 7pm! Join Kes for an hour of mma, kravmaga kickboxing & selfdefence techniques, and learn how to defend yourself in any situation. class brixton hernehill kids women boxing southlondon protectyourself

39 Minutes ago

The Body Master


Comment from The Body Master:

For more information visit our website : Direct contact for advice \ booking \ consultation via E-mail : therapyprogram thebodymaster the_body_master massage therapyadvice massagecairo therapy physicaltherapy physicaltherapist massagetherapy cairomassage cairotherapy cairo egypt selfdefence selfdefense bodymassage fitnessprogram fitnessprograms physicalyfit bodytherapy fitness fit exercises fitnessexercises fitnessexercise fitnesstraining sporttraining selfdefensetraining

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Kungfu Mag


Comment from Kungfu Mag:

Regrann wingchun_martialarts . وينگ چون كونگ فو داراي زير شاخه ها و روش تدريس هاي بسيار زيادي هست و هر كدام از اساتيد ايده هاي خود را با اين سبك بي نظير تركيب كرده و سيستم جالبي رو به وجود آورده با نقاط ضعف و قوت... ولي همچنان كاملترين و كاربردي ترين سبك در بين هنر هاي رزمي است.👊👊👊. we aim to develop on a daily basis by improving wing chun’s forms and techniques in order for them to become more applicable for all to learn and utilize. We believe wing chun is a perfect way to unite the world with the language of martial arts for a better quality lifestyle. . . wingchunfighttekwandokaratebjjwrestlingaikidobesthapkidomartial-artsfreestyledefencesportkickboxingboxingselfdefence. . وينگ_چونفايترزميكشتيبوكسموي_تايتكواندوجودودفاع_شخصيمبارزهآزاد

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AIKIDO ARAS . آیڪیدو ارس


Comment from AIKIDO ARAS . آیڪیدو ارس:

یهویی لای یکی از کتاب های بروس لی. یه خاطره شیرین دوران نوجوانی برام زنده شد. بهونه‌ی اکثرمون واسه شروع ورزش های رزمی همین شخصیت ها بودن _____________☆AIKIDO.ARAS☆___________ aikido aikidoka aikidokids aikido_aikikai sensei dojo japan combatgames aikidodojo aikidoclass aikikai aikidoaikikai aikidoiran iranaikido iranaikidoaikikai selfdefense selfdefence moriheiueshiba japanmartialarts aikidofamily aikidomoscow christiantissier christiantissieraikido samurai aikidoaras brucelee bruceleequotes jackiechan jackiechanproducoes jcvd

1 Hours ago

Bianca Potgieter


Comment from Bianca Potgieter:

I punched that in half☝ WOW what an amazing experience learning self defence from womanINpowered. Thank you for the life changing lesson. . . selfdefence womaninpowered

1 Hours ago

Nippon Dai Martial Arts


Comment from Nippon Dai Martial Arts:

Sokudo is a mixed martial art that develops confidence, discipline and fitness through teaching the art of selfdefence . martialarts f4f

1 Hours ago



Comment from KMTA:

KMTA - LIVE! 24 July 2017. Brisbane City Intermediate kravmaga class running tonight! kmtalive kravmagatrainingacademy kravmagabrisbane ikmf survivalnotsport kravmagaaustralia empowerment selfdefence selfdefencebrisbane martialartsbrisbane kmtafoundation kmtaadvanced kmtaintermediate

1 Hours ago

Andy Tunstall


Comment from Andy Tunstall:

Just back from another three great days of instructor training. This time, under the instruction of master Ze'ev Cohen. One thing I do love about being part of Krav Maga Global, is the chance to train with many different instructors from Israel and other corners of the globe. Although we are all part of the same organisation, each of the expert (and master!) level instructors have their own skills and methods that they bring to the table and share with everyone else. Instructors and students alike. It's really is amazing to be part of this! kravmagaelitecumbria kravmagaincumbria kravmagainworkington continuousimprovement selfdefence

1 Hours ago

Southern MMA Woonona


Comment from Southern MMA Woonona:

The champ! Awesome congrats Rob, Henry and team!

15 Days ago

Southern MMA Woonona


Comment from Southern MMA Woonona:

Guard sequence to shoulder lock (omoplata).

25 Days ago

Southern MMA Woonona


Comment from Southern MMA Woonona:

Monday to Friday 5 - 8:30 PM and Saturday 8 - 10 AM | MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | 355 Princes Hwy Woonona.

34 Days ago

Southern MMA Woonona


Comment from Southern MMA Woonona:

Great sweep setup from kymmyrad! Went on to take gold. Proud of our team for putting themselves out there and achieving the best they can.

85 Days ago

Southern MMA Woonona


Comment from Southern MMA Woonona:

High kicks on the pads

123 Days ago

Southern MMA Woonona


Comment from Southern MMA Woonona:

Uchimata & Kuchiki Taoshi.

131 Days ago