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Comment from wildfoersterin:

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Judit Gyenis


Comment from Judit Gyenis:

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Christer Torstensson


Comment from Christer Torstensson:

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Andrew Shellard


Comment from Andrew Shellard:

Very Frustrating not being to go to the gym because of an injury, my shoulder has been like that for 3 months now and it's hard to be patient 😫😰 But at least i'm not loosing motivation 💪🏻💪🏻 motivation fitfam westiefit fitness fitboy fit gym musculation workout teamshape frustrated injury shoulders belfast puregymbangor bangor northernireland instafit dancer dancelife fitnesslifestyle nopainnogain

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André Dre


Comment from André Dre:

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Comment from Fasiongaines:

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Comment from 27end:

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Comment from Keepthepump:

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Comment from JETRON LAUD:

Starting tomorrow!!!!! :) Thank you Lazada!!!!! lazada biceps triceps shoulders

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Comment from Fitness:

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Comment from Kristin:

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Comment from Harry:

Time to work 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 aesthetics abs bodybuilding chest cardio cheatday dedication fit fitspo fitfam fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessphysique fitnessaddict gym gymlife gymtime gymaddict gymrat gym health instafit instagood motivation physique mensphysique sheds shredded train shoulders biceps

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Dee Harrington


Comment from Dee Harrington:

I haven't practiced a pull-up for a few days as I was out of the office lots. I am seeing an iota of progress, there is some bit on an 'up' here isn't there?!! 😂🍑💪😶😶 pullups gym trying arms shoulders guns progress

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Marco Cortinovis


Comment from Marco Cortinovis:

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Nick Moskowitz


Comment from Nick Moskowitz:

The first time I've hit 225lbs seated shoulder press since November 2015 when I injured my shoulder doing the same exercise. Was a fast/clean press too beastmode powerlifting shoulders progress lift gym gains

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Ted M.


Comment from Ted M.:

3... 2... 1... START! 💣 To jsou mé základy, na kterých teď začneme stavět. fitness gym czech czechboy workout body shredded beast abs sixpack liberec healthy life funny shape czechfitness boy gainz shredz muscle home sport bodybuilding strength strong nutrioncz protein shoulders fitness aesthetic food

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Luca Glaser


Comment from Luca Glaser:

Eines Tages wirst du aufwachen und keine Zeit mehr haben, für die Dinge, die du immer wolltest. Tu sie JETZT!!!

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Christopher Day


Comment from Christopher Day:

Day of Shredding Episode 7- Chest, Shoulders, Triceps workout. Video includes some ready to eat meals that I picked up from clean Eatz! Click on the link in my profile to watch! Thanks for the support. Please like and subscribe! youtube summer shredding lean ripped abs diet cleaneatz healthy mealprep plan cutting motivated determined gym sweat exercise mensphysique macros npc review proteinbar chest shoulders triceps nutrition snack food fitness

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Kim Jones IFBB Pro Figure


Comment from Kim Jones IFBB Pro Figure:

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