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Jody Lance Abrahams


Comment from Jody Lance Abrahams:

"Summer is coming I know you can feel it " Drizzy ... summerbody leangains leanmuscle delts shoulders chestday gym gymaddict fitguys fitness fitnessmotivation tgif flex flexfriday inked tattoos bodybuilding chesttattoo

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Karn Forrest


Comment from Karn Forrest:

I think im sensing some growth 🤔 funny because my diet and motivation this past couple weeks has been absolute rubbish 😅🤷🏼‍♂️ 104 thick,pastie and ginger 🤙🏼 shoulders goingup growth mylife struggle ownit eat gym lifts muscle hmmm peaceout haters lols 😂

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Nate Swaby


Comment from Nate Swaby:

Common Mistakes 4: Too much scapula Elevation during Lateral Raises ☝🏽Lateral Raise, nearly every gym glee does them, but very common issue I see is people are too concerned with lifting the weight "up" which isn't so bad to begin with however the heavier the load it is only going to force you start elevating your scapula & using your traps for assistance. 🤓One of my favourite cues to avoid such a thing is I say to my clients to "reach for the walls" & "keep shoulders down" this helps lock everything down in place & the only muscle you should be feeling is your medial deltoid. 🤔This isn't to say you can go heavy, as the same argument could be made for barbell Curls vs cheat curls - you can still get strong on the movement maybe not as strong as wouldof you cheated however progressing & lifting heavier means nothing once form goes out the window. Lock down - Engage - Contract

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Train wise. Train For Life


Comment from Train wise. Train For Life:

Happy chest day practicing lats 😂 The posing I was struggling the most finally I am getting right ! Very happy bodybuilding muscles preparation weights weightlifting weightraining personaltrainer shredded shoulders abs backday backposing friday

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Onur Can Cafoğlu


Comment from Onur Can Cafoğlu:

🍀 yeşili sevmelisin❕ natureadventurephysiqueaestheticbehappyrelaxabsbalanceloveitshoulders

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Kunta Kinté


Comment from Kunta Kinté:

Hier c'était épaules/triceps bon ne sensation mais peux mieux faire musculation muscle muscu body bodybuilding bodyfitness nopainnogain nevergiveup aesthetics mensphysique determination xtremotivation motivation follow4follow likeforlike shredded fitfam instafit selfit followme shoulders epaules workout ebonyaesthetics gwada

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Comment from Razvan9n:

genetic fitness traps chest shoulders diet gym

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Rob Coles


Comment from Rob Coles:

Dynamic Lower today for me. Aiming to go into the weekend more explosive. What you training today?? Leave no weakness

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jef l amin


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Comment from L D FITNESS:

SHOULDER burner🔥 Upright barbell row - This was a superset with plate lift & turns but I didn't film those! 12 upright row & 10 plate turns x5 👌🏽 Pause at the top of the movement for 1-2 seconds (this was the last set, with the last 5 reps filmed... my face says it all)😅 _________________________________________________________ workout fitness fitnessvideo girlsthatlift getfit motivation tonedinstafit muscular femalemotivation shoulderworkout shoulders shoulderworkouts

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SuzanneLovett 😊😊


Comment from SuzanneLovett 😊😊:

Happy flex Friday 🏋🏋🏋gymtimeshouldersweighttrainingexercisestayfitbehealthykeepfitfitfamfitover40

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Sergio Estepa


Comment from Sergio Estepa:

La clave está en "no ser uno mas". 😉💪🏼 Buenos días pichones!! hardwork dreams nolimits sergioestepa

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Comment from e.volkan:

Litreyle rakiyi ictiysek gunesin altinda sporuda yapariz 💪💪trx nevergiveup dips pushup triceps biceps gym workout motivation training trainer supplement musclephotos muscle bodybuilding crossfit fitness fit protein run running crunch legs squat core chest shoulders back arm body

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Craig Sw ⭕️ Le


Comment from Craig Sw ⭕️ Le:

Arnold at 16 , I found a love for lifting at 30. Arnold was 6 x Mr O at 28 . Imagine that , 7 x at 33 😮😮💪🏻 I'm 34 now still learning about the sport 🙈 This impressed me even as I sit here typing this calculating it all 💪🏻🇬🇧 biceps shoulders muscle chest shredded gym gymlife bulking triceps oldschoolbodybuilding instagym mrolympia delts bodybuilder bodybuilding workout bigger training bigger gains oldschool legends diet motivation excercise gains worldstar fitness legs arnoldschwarzenegger ifbb arnoldschwarzenegger anthbailes cheachmrusa athleticfactorgym

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Comment from ⚜️ATAKAN ÖKTEM⚜️:

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Comment from Ironstable_athlete:

Fick gjort lite militärpress under hot. (Alltså mina barn var kaos) 50kg x massor.. jag håller ju inte räkningen.. får nog börja med det.. Nästa pass kan jag med självförtroende lassa på lite mer 😎 militarypress shoulders workoutmom workoutwithkids

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Javier Alcaraz


Comment from Javier Alcaraz:

Morning Abs checking to 7 days of Wbff World London! Trying the best posible shape!👌🤘Keep going!💪 wbff wbffpro trainhard inspiration pasion physique playhard Aesthetics shine shredded dreams dedication discipline determination focus fitness followme fitnessmodel abs goals health bodybuilding nolimits noexcuses nevergiveup model shoulders mylifestyle abschecking morningselfie

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Comment from Lataff_bodyfit:

"It is my destiny to accomplish great things. I came into the world in order to shine not to extinguish myself. Life is as fine as a clothesline then go beyond you every day and life has bottom every moment. Regret and remorse are no longer part of my vocabulary." Good day the team ⭕ reste connecté ⭕stat connect ⭕sur la route de Colmar ⭕on the road To Colmar 🏅⭕FOCUS⭕🏅 LES VAINQUEURS L'ECRIVENT LES PERDANTS RACONTENT L'HISTOIRE -------------------------------------------------------------

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Owner @feedthepump


Comment from Owner @feedthepump:

That pump looks good on me 🤷🏽‍♂️ now it's time to fuckin feed it!!! (Today was off day, oops!) • • • • feedthepump brandgoods gains growth nattyasfuck machinemilitia machine marclobliner livesorenation insaneveinz tatteddad bodybuilder bodybuilding shoulders arms itwasoffday blingbling

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Sara Garavuso


Comment from Sara Garavuso:

Working on them traps and shoulders

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