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Comment from Elizabeth:

Just having some fun with my greyscale pens, lol skull jackinthebox boo skeleton spine halloween greyscale illustration doodle sketch art drawing traditionalart artwork differentkindofnormal elizabethbradleyart

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Dr. Jason C. Black


Comment from Dr. Jason C. Black:

Celebrated serving DFW for 18 years while showing off my amazing team! Showcased our remodel &!upgraded office with our practice members, our amazing sponsors, & the Irving Las Colinas Chamber last night! sunstonelcv zoeskitchen irvingchamber bestlife chiropractor chiropractic choicesmatter crossfit dallastx fitness goals health humanpotential irvingtx lifestyle lascolinastx nerves organic paleo primal wellness results resolutions spine subluxation truth yoga 18 ribboncutting

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Cheri Dostal


Comment from Cheri Dostal:

My new ergonomics. Pillows stuffed behind sacrum and rib cage, legs out to lengthen hammies and elevate feet somewhat (compared to sitting 90 degrees in a chair) and a pillow under my laptop to raise screen closer to eye level. Doing my best to be neutral in mind and emotions (and not averse) to my sore pelvis and legs today and continue to follow through on the stuff dreams are made of... Tomorrow and Sunday I teach a 10 hour intensive called Fundamentals of Asana for our 300 hour YTT group. Yes! Then in March I cocoon and taper down from work and prepare myself and our home for baby. So grateful to be self employed and flexible! In all ways 🏃‍♀️💃😊👁💫 - Thankfully, my belly's never been this big before. Kicked booty in my Franklin Method banding class this morning, moving 3D and working out wth my pulse, strength and, rest. - franklinmethod imagery move movement 34weeks work ergonomics posture spine sacrum baby body selfcare entrepreneur

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Comment from IamFranii:

My baby max is almost paralyzed from the waist down now 💔 please share his story maybe someone somewhere have seen a similar case before and has a cure 💔

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Elise Blair


Comment from Elise Blair:

For those that don't know, I have a popular blog where I write about my disability, and being a disabled horse rider. This was a difficult one to write, as it's quite personal, but it's also an important side to being disabled that not many people understand😅! blog blogger wordpress youtube youtuber lifestyle health wellbeing disabled disability disabilityawareness spine spinalinjury spinalcord mentalhealth degenerativediscdisease scoliosis

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Two Names


Comment from Two Names:

So I have decided to start something called fascinatingfriday where I post little know facts about the human body! Here is the first one ever 🤓🤗Ok, these are actual vertebrae, being exposed during a back procedure the nature of which I am unsure. Anyhow, isn't it crazy how how perfect they all fit together? Did you know that the vertebrae in our back are some of the strongest bones in the human body? So cool!! 🙌🏻😍🤓 Photo credit williamg_med repost anatomy vertebrae spine surgery studycave hospital surgeon orthopedic medstudent premedmommy premed happyfriday

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Comment from Canyon:

The future is now! . . . . laser spine spinesurgery twitter tweet laserspine tomscott

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Jumpin Jivin Gypsy


Comment from Jumpin Jivin Gypsy:

Still found time for an adventure today; a new bundle of goodies.

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Pain Academy


Comment from Pain Academy:

Scoliosis Unlocked: Amazing changes with rb18_ in 3 months. Let’s say you’re driving a 🚗 on an icy road.  A 🦌 jumps out in front of you, you slam on the breaks..what happens?  They lock up. The same exact thing happens with the muscles when the body is out of balance and moving on an unstable slippery surface (aka a bad hip position). The brain actually locks up the muscles and contorts the body as an effort to “pump the breaks” and prevent movement, or in the 🦌 example, a catastrophe.  Essentially, you’re brain is protecting your body from further harm. To prevent yourself from hitting the 🦌 and getting into an accident, you crank on the steering wheel and try to swerve.  With back pain and scoliosis, your muscles crank on your spine to try and avert danger.  Why?  Because muscles follow orders, if they are tight, they are tight and responding to the bad position. They don’t know any better.  Brakes follow orders the same way.  They do what your foot tells them to do. If you want to fix your scoliosis, or back pain, give your body different orders to teach it how to drive better in any condition. painacademy neck thoracic spine pain fitness scoliosis straight fit fitness

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Chiropractic Central


Comment from Chiropractic Central:

EXCITING NEWS!!!! The whole team at chiropractic central are so excited to welcome our new chiropractor to the team........ Dr Mandy!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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Comment from Manasek:

Small steps to goal muscle gym fitness brno slovakboy steps to goal unstoppable back spine afterworkout dontgiveup enjoyit

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The Joint Sandy Springs


Comment from The Joint Sandy Springs:

Feeling a little apprehensive? Nervous for your first treatment? Guilty because its been a long time since your last adjustment? Don't worry! The Joint Sandy Springs is redefining the chiropractic consumer experience by providing quality care - on your terms, not ours. We make staying healthy-affordable and convenient. We are happy to welcome you to our chiropractic practice and appreciate the chance to take care of you and your family. newpatientswelcome welcome healthandwellness back spine chiropractic yoga stretch gym exercise

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Posture Braces & Correctors


Comment from Posture Braces & Correctors:

Posture Core Trainer is a balanced seat that encourages you to exercise your core and posture. By balancing you improve movement and flexibility while doing other things. Posture Core Trainer can transform your desk or couch to a low intense mini gym.

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Tara Pierce


Comment from Tara Pierce:

Blue Whale vertebrae skeleton spine backbone exploretocreate science whale bluewhale

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Dr Tanner J Schulze, D.C.

Comment from Dr Tanner J Schulze, D.C.:

Check yourself! chiropractic healthyeating lifestyle brain body exercise eatclean cardio diet doctor gym health healthy lifting mind nutrition organic power spine subluxation wellness friday fridaynight friends

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Comment from heather:

Sinking down into Eve's Lunge🌾 teekigram

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Aaron Renfroe


Comment from Aaron Renfroe:

Peek. ---- redhead alt altgirl boudoir nature gemstones spine dress implied topless sexy beautiful peek pale goddess art Artistic fun weekend makeup by miranda.sapp --- darkwoodphotography photography georgia atlanta atl alpharetta always looking for new collaborators!

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Comment from SoldierStrong:

At SoldierStrong, we purchase and donate state-of-the-art technology to veterans’ hospitals around the country, giving tens of thousands of heroes access to life-changing rehabilitative advances. To find out more and help us in our efforts go to america soldier usa exsoskeleton spinalcordinjury spine medical armedforces

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Ange Maloney 🍉


Comment from Ange Maloney 🍉:

Rise and shine over the spine moxiskateteam moxirollerskates moxiskateshop w/ bozocakes

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Chiropractic Central


Comment from Chiropractic Central:

It's Friday!!!! Put on your sassy pants!!!

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