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medical medic


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In honor of performing my first pediatric spinaltap today (although i'm sad to say I wasn't successful but luckily my resident was there to help me out...i'll get it next time!!) a review of the spine and spinal anatomy neuro neurology ED EM emergencymedicine humanbody medschool medstudent medical medicine premed nursingschool medicalschool smartwork

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Lucas West


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Drew Segal


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Studying spinal nerves and I get a Chicago reference. Amazing. Chicago study education CEU personaltrainer personaltraining teamESF elitestrengthandfitness workout train spine nerves fitness workout

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Dr L & Dr A are off to talk to the teachers at Lara Lakes Primary School today! Have fun!! larachiropractors vitalhealthchiro healthtalk combatbackandneckpain exercise spine

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Dr. Mecca Fayad


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Stay tuned, this week we will be covering ways on how you can relieve tight muscles at home! • • • • • • yeg yegchiro yegchiropractor yegfit yegfitness allsporthealth yeglocal yegdt edmonton edmontonchiro edmontonchiropractor chiropractic chiropractor physicaltherapy yegsports edmontonhealth wellness fitness spine therapy healthcare muscle rehab healing health quiropraxia Relivemuscles muscle

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Allison Tournay


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Skulls By Kortney


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Finished some cleaning of bits and pieces. Now to figure out how to put the teeth and spine back together. With my little helpers. bones duckskull rabitskull jawbone spine nevadaartist yorkiesofinstagram yorkie bonecollector

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友人から誕生日プレゼントでマイプロテインのホエイプロテイン5kgクレアチン頂きました! 味はぼちぼちですね。甘過ぎず、飲めなくない感じ。タンパク質含有率80パーセントですし、セール狙って買うとかなりお買い得に買えますねマイプロテイン! 整体 整体院 都立大学 都立大学駅 駅近 腰痛改善 肩凝り 頭痛 根本改善 sacrum spine ゴールドジム fitness gym training muscle workout diet anytimefitness フィットネス ジム トレーニング 筋肉 筋トレ ダイエット エニタイムフィットネス プロテイン protein myprotein マイプロテイン

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Misalignment causes irritation of the spinal nerves, and this irritation, in turn, often leads to more muscle tension.... Get In Line! UpgradeYourSleep * * * * * Follow 👉👉👉 killapillaaus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- killapilla onlinebusiness entrepreneurminds hustlehard australia chiroaustralia quote comments instahealth igersoftheday lifeisgood motivated lifegoals goodlife lifeisgood instamood quotesfortheday wannahelpigd44

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Charlie Badawy SPT, CSCS, USAW


Comment from Charlie Badawy SPT, CSCS, USAW:

To follow up on last nights post we've got two killer stability based core exercises in today's video. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 1️⃣Stability Ball Mini-Rollouts 2️⃣Stir The Pot Plank ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ This classic exercise from backfitpro (Stuart McGill) is designed to enhance core endurance, motor control, and spinal . The unstable surface creates mini-perturbations that your muscles need to adjust for in order to maintain proper position. Add in the forward/backward and circular motions and we further increase the challenge. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Adding the ball to your standard plank increases the difficulty without having to increase external load. This is an invaluable concept because constantly adding weight to the bar, or plank in this instance, will eventually wear you down if you don't time it with periods of decreased loading. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Lastly, an important concept here to to maintain a low-threshold environment with an exercise like this. In other words, don't forget to breathe! Focusing on calm, diaphragmatic breathing will enhance activation of your deeper spinal stabilizers, which play a HUGE role in preventing back pain and injury. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ dptstudent clinicalathlete stouttraining coretraining

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Nia Imani Ziaire


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To conform is to lose sight of self. "Birth of Who" -Nia Imani Ziaire •Digital

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monica kurpinski


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Who said it was nap time! 🤣👀🙄😜😜 just kidding!! my peoples deserved this break after a hiit workout for transformationtuesday over at the fun pad💪💨💨 💥 spineandsportrehab ! Do it right get it tight! traincorebalanceturfunctionaltrainingcorrectiveexercisenutritionmotiv8fitmuscularsymmetry spinehealthwellnessplantationsoflo

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Happy world turtle day! Although it's illegal to keep 99% of turtle species here in Singapore, we still have some wild ones to see! Such as this lovely little softshell found in a shallow stream at night. Because every other amphibian or reptile pet is illegal, we appreciate every amphibian or reptile we come across in the wild. Still tryna find my wild snakes to photograph, but they sneaky. . . . natural nature soft shell softshell turtle worldturtleday cute yellow spiny spine shallow stream beautiful beauty amazing gorgeous

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Own your shit. Whether it's good or bad or courageous or sexy or shy, just own it and do you. polefitness poledancer liquidmotionct liquidmotion aerialdancer dancer floorwork floor kneepads spine pelvis ownyourshit

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Inst. de Patologia da Coluna


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Tratamento para osteoporose aprovado pela ANVISA e FDA para mulheres em menopausa e homens com alto risco de fraturas. Saiba mais no blog do IPC (acesse por meio do nosso site - link disponível na biografia). osteoporose IPC tratamento saúde coluna qualidadedevida mulheres homens menopausa fraturas Spine spinehealth

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The spine is designed with 3 natural curves. Learn how to use the body how its designed and see how good you can feel. core spine training

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CW Total Performance


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Day 2 QL and Erector Mobility. Static stretches for some lower back muscles. mobility mobilitymay spine ql

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Marta Rodrigues


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Desafio dado, é desafio cumprido! Posição da Cacatua!!! É cada bullying q eu sofro!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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