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Comment from Aki-Z:

ハヤクハヤク!立派に育ってね~(*´∀`)♪あはは~🤣まだ時間かかる個体となにか交代しタイかも~(*´∀`)♪billbergia domingosmartins dm plants bromelia bromeliad plantstagram工厂 식물 bromeliads leblancchateau plants plantes พืช cây plantas rośliny planten растения aki bromélia leblancchateau oki cafe za GREENLIGHT 植物 ブロメリア ビルベルギア spine

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Lexi Babadelis


Comment from Lexi Babadelis:

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David Peragine


Comment from David Peragine:

It all starts with the spine...move it everyday...doesn't have to be like this but oh this is a great one....take a minute and sit up straight, lengthen your spine, spread your vertebrae and the pains fade away....happy training city!! 🙏

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Dr. Neal Houston


Comment from Dr. Neal Houston:

⚕♆ We want to share our Spinal Cord Research initiative with you all. We are in the beginning phase of embarking on creating the first detailed atlas of the human spinal cord. The atlas will be available to all in order to further the research on spinal cord injuries. We want to thank you all for the support as we begin this journey of helping find the cure for paralysis. human body amazing med medicine medic medschool medicalschool medstudent medlife doctor nurse nursingschool doctors doc SCS md medical Science surgery anatomy IntegrativeMedicine IntegrativeHealth usmle BackPain Spine interesting hospital PainManagement IntegrativeHealth IntegrativeMedicine --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to check out my friends at: seattlesciencefoundation

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prachi vc.


Comment from prachi vc.:

Do ☝Thing Every Day That Scares u.. doyoga..!! variation ardhchandrasana halfmoonpose🌛 quadstretch benifit : Strengthenstheabdomen, ankles, thighs, buttocks, spine Improvescoordination & senseofbalance standingpose variationlover BalanceBuilder CoreStabilizer FocusesAwareness yoga yogainstuctor yogamom fitmom yogalove yogaeverywhere yogastudio yogalifestyle powerlabfitnessstudio

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Teresa Grace Fourre'


Comment from Teresa Grace Fourre':

Life... Full spine ter4aoriginals chiropracticartwork chiropractic watercolorpainting watercolor health spine bone love heartfelt heart vibrant vitality

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Moni GinasticaNatural


Comment from Moni GinasticaNatural:

The spine defines the quality of our lives. Joseph Pilates once said, "you're only as young as your spine is flexible" and what I found to be true, not only physically but spiritually as well. Our backbone is an important channel for all the bodily stimuli that are transferred via the nerves to the brain, it also serves as the base for each energy portal from bottom of the spine to the crown of the head and carries kundalini energy. Out of the five parts of the spine, the sacrum (the base) is the most important as it connects the lower half to the upper half and helps direct energy. It's said that when we experience lower back pain it's because we are being disconnected to the center of ourselves. One way to alleviate pain is to meditate. When sitting up, meditating requires us to have our spine erect in order to keep the flow of energy moving uninterrupted. Another way to keep your spine free of stagnant energy is to do exercises that require us to stretch, bend, and keep alignment. ginasticanatural is wonderful for this movement, as is Yoga & Pilates. If you find yourself at desk 5/6 days a week for hours a day, then look into an intelliskin shirt. It helps you keep your shoulders back and keep a straight posture, literally, helping you "stand tall". Take care of your spine and it will help you feel young despite the physical years in your life. . . . flexible spine highervibrations loveyourself bodyweighttraining yoga pilates kundalini energyhealing meditation standtall flow

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Brian Rossiter 🍉🏄🙋


Comment from Brian Rossiter 🍉🏄🙋:

I just went for a short walk after doing the tower exercise in my Pain Relief and Postural Alignment Method. The fluidity my body feels after this exercise is remarkable. If you're in chronic pain and want out of this state, let me be your guide. Posture is one of the most overlooked elements of peak health: FruitPowered FruitPoweredLifeForceCenter PainReliefAndPosturalAlignmentMethod health wellness pain chronicpain painrelief painfree functionalbody peakperformance posture alignment posturalalignment spine stretches exercise betterresultsthanyoga feelssogoodyoucantbelieveit

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Comment from trying:

i really want to die rn

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Natalie Ball


Comment from Natalie Ball:

I can't find who did this, but I love it because it makes me feel hope. Do I think little birdies are going to come fix my back? 🐦 Nope. I'm waiting for someone to invent the miniature hydraulic system (that's in my head) that would work kind of like those birds. No rods for me. scoliosis spine

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Dr. Mellman


Comment from Dr. Mellman:

Frustrated with how you feel 😡 Re-Think Chiropractic & Experience The Difference - This person did. 🔥MUST WATCH🔥 full video on our blog (link on the bio)

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Dr Anita Chopra


Comment from Dr Anita Chopra:

sbngroup had a great time at event yesterday! Even better we came in 🥈

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Comment from CliniquédeLavenir:

Três sessões em quase seis meses, primeira consulta realizada no dia 08/11/2016. Antes de cogitarem qualquer intervenção cirúrgica, venha bater um papo sobre a metodologia (Alinhamento Corporal) e sobre os planejamentos de fortalecimento com os nossos Coachings Parceiros. Pacientes tem pedido orientações com relação à postura ao executar atividades física, em especial a própria musculação e sempre recomendamos praticarem através do RT (Resistence Training), modalidade esta, pautada em aumento do nível de contração, otimizando assim, tempo e qualidade muscular por meio de uma cadência maior e explorando a máxima de contração/recrutamento tanto na concêntrica quanto na excêntrica, cujo os movimento são conscientes e um tanto vagarosos. Agende sua avaliação gratuita e saiba mais! qualidadedevida colunasaudavel colunavertebral heathylife heathlyliving heathly spine herniadedisco bemestar saude scoliosis escoliose science bulletproof biohacking biomechanic biomecanica cinesiologia kinesiology kinesiologist treatments tratamento

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Mz. Jones Curiosities


Comment from Mz. Jones Curiosities:

** Swipe 👉 ** Fruit bat terrarium. PICK UP ONLY DeadThings HomeDecor FramedSpecimens Morbid Bat Skull Rodent Snake Spine Vertebrae FruitBat Terrarium Oddities Curiosities CabinetOfCuriosities MzJonesCuriosities Animal Oddity Taxidermy TaxidermyArt MorbidArt Gothic Dead Curiosity Nature VultureCulture EthicallySourced

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Dr. Neal Houston


Comment from Dr. Neal Houston:

Don't forget to check out my friends at: _neurosurgery_ - 273 Re-anastomosis after bypass thrombosis 💊💉🔬Restoration of cerebral blood flow by neurovascular_surgery . . ❤Vascular Neurosurgery . ........................................................... weneuro neurosurgery neuroanatomy radiology medico medicine ddx diagnosis doctor neurology usmle surgery mri ct xray quiz pathology medicalschool spine craniotomy spinesurgery brainsurgery brain

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Inner Balance Pilates


Comment from Inner Balance Pilates:

"Wait...get my DAB in there". Seriously?!? Only dance buddy ever!🕺💃 - - - ibpilates IBP pilates pilatesmen pilatesbody pilatescadillac pilatesreformer pilatesstyle pilatesinstructor strong posture stottpilates stott merrithewhealthandfitness merrithew pilateslover core abs fitness workout erie eriepa eriepilates exercise workouts pilatesstudio spine kids

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Inner Balance Pilates


Comment from Inner Balance Pilates:

Stretching the weekend long as possible. Most of you may! Nah! I ❤️❤️Monday. That's right...The double heart✌️ - - - ibpilates IBP pilates pilatesmen pilatesbody pilatescadillac pilatesreformer pilatesstyle pilatesinstructor strong posture stottpilates stott merrithewhealthandfitness merrithew pilateslover core abs fitness workout erie eriepa eriepilates exercise workouts pilatesstudio spine

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Leif Lujan


Comment from Leif Lujan:

Debut pro xc mountain bike race next Saturday! 🏁 cycling mtb PC:

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Comment from PEMALIFE:

Thank you life, for in such a difficult medical diagnosis I've just received, allowing me to receive it from my best chilhood friend and the best neurosurgeon in the world. No matter what happens, I am already blessed 💏 Grata à vida, por num momento tão difícil, colocar no meu caminho e momento de receber um diagnóstico tão difícil para mim, especialmente enquanto atleta, o meu grande amigo de infância e melhor médico neurocirurgião do mundo, o Dr. Vítor Moura Gonçalves 💕💚💞 Não podia pedir maior apoio e benção neste momento.. pemalife friends childhood hug healing doctor love joy happyness celebrate athlete plantbased vegan plantpower recovery spine

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