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Brian Stirling


Comment from Brian Stirling:

Have back pain? I have just received advanced training in HVLA techniques for the spine (High Velocity Low Amplitude, aka spinal manipulations). We went over the following HVLAs: -Lower & Mid-Cervical Up Slope -Lower & Mid-Cervical Down Slope -Upper Cervical -Seated Cervicothoracic Junction -Prone Cervicothoracic Junction -Prone Thoracic Rotary -Supine Thoracic -Lumbar -Correction for Anteriorly Rotated Pelvis HVLAs can be very helpful for individuals experiencing limited range of motion (ROM) or pain. I'm motivated to continually practice these techniques to offer premium care for my patients! spt dptstudent pt physicaltherapy dpt2 ortho orthopedic orthopedicphysicaltherapy manipulation manip HVLA highvelocitylowamplitude spine cervical ctj thoracic lumbar pelvis apta continuingeducation ceu thrust

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DJ Spine


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Stephan Michaelis/Photography


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Roanne Roie


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Spor & Terapi


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🏡Lar da Evinha/Évila Tarlione


Comment from 🏡Lar da Evinha/Évila Tarlione:

😱 Apenas morta com esse Antes e depois. Mas, eu precisava compartilhar com vocês!! Afinal Segunda-feira é o dia Mundial do "vou começar a Dieta". 📸 Fotos antes- 20/01/17; 📸 Fotos depois- 26/03/17. . . Quando iniciei o ProjetovergonhanacaradaEvinha imaginei que não fosse durar uma semana. Pois, sempre comi de tudo (exatamente TUDO, sem me importar com as consequências). E não é que eu fiz acontecer!! Hoje me sinto bem melhor... Uma junção de fatores contribuíram para minha evolução enquanto pessoa, no que se refere a saúde física e mental. Quase 8 quilos foram eliminados, além da redução de medidas. Nem preciso dizer quão feliz estou e que a auto estima está elevada não é mesmo?? Não obstante, não poderia deixar de agradecer aos profissionais envolvidos que contribuíram para esta evolução. ➡emillyteixeira Personal Trainer- com Treinamento funcional; ➡spinecentrodesaude com Pilates- sob os cuidados do Fisioterapeuta Rubens Filho; ➡danielebrandaonutri Nutricionista- com execução do meu Plano Alimentar; ➡celeneestetica_ com procedimentos estéticos. Sem vocês não teria conseguido, fica aqui minha gratidão por cuidarem de mim, da minha saúde e se tornarem pessoas/profissionais fundamentais para o meu viver. Isso é só o começo, pois o foco continua... Rumo ao ProjetoGêmeosdaEvinha 🎯 Se você deseja muito algo, ACREDITE EM VOCÊ!! Você é mais forte e pode ir bem mais além do que imagina. Dê o primeiro passo. 👉 Você também consegue!! 👈 TeamdaEvinha Acrediteemvocê Gratidão Deusnocomando ProjetoVergonhanacaradaEvinha LardaEvinha Euquero Euposso Euconsigo VaiEvinha Foco Força Fé Saúde LardaEvinha ProjetodaEvinha Derrepente30 2017demudanças Spine Pilates NutriDaniBrandao CeleneEstética TreinamentoFuncional MillynhaPersonal Projetogêmeos Vaivendo ProjetoSaúde Xôsedentarismo Antesedepois

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Rebekah Rotstein


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I spent the weekend learning fundamentals of the Ido Portal method. Such a comprehensive system and we only just tapped the surface of the building blocks. It's not his fancy tricks of one arm handstands or the twisting backflips that attracts me, but THIS you see here - the fluidity, efficiency, articulation and clean movement that I gawk at. The soul is dancing inside the clothing of human form. ❤️ • movement movementeducator exercise balance spine squat squats fitness pilates pilatesinstructor pilatesbody pilateslover fun me yoga instagood instafit trainer health wellness prevention fascia dance hips buffbones spirals mobility knees strength conditioning

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Spor & Terapi


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Roman Kovalenko


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See previous post. C3-6 laminoplasty. нейрохирургия neurology neurosurgery spine

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Roman Kovalenko


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52 years old male patient with a tetraparesis and urinary retention. Despite on a long time progression of the disease the true diagnosis became clear after he stopped walking. Before that it was estimated as a polyneuropathy and encephalopathy due to alcohol abuse. In that case there were some treatment options such as 4-level ACDF, laminectomy with posterior fusion, laminectomy without fusion, laminoolasty, combined anterior-posterior approach. I choose laminoplasty as a simplier and safer option considering neurological status. See a movie at a followed post. spine neurosurgery neurology нейрохирургия

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Frank McGovern


Comment from Frank McGovern:

I think this may officially make me go blind today. Trying to get at least most of the entire full back done today. Rocking some gwar to help this flow. copicmarkers copic frankmcgovernart frankmcgovern funworld skeleton skeletonart bones ribs rush drawing sellinghalloween halloween frankmcgovernart haloweencostume halloweenfun skeletonback spine drawing drawingbones ink marker

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Jake Nicholls


Comment from Jake Nicholls:

Finally re-hit 120kg squat again after a year of rehab and recovering from not being able to train legs at all because of a spine/disc injury. After being told by 3 different physios I'll be 'better in a couple of weeks' paying hundreds for them to give me a couple of stretches to do, I ended up rehabbing myself and have made some serious progress in the last 2 months by myself compared to what physios have tried to help me in the last 10 months. Felt strong so I was able to smash it and got another 2.5kg on top of this the set after. gym squat rehab spine disc healthy legday quads hamstrings xercise4less gains injury fitness

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Echo Jeanelle


Comment from Echo Jeanelle:

If there is a back bend in yoga that does not feel good for you, it may not be that you have "inflexible" muscles or fascia; rather, it may be due to natural variations in the spine. And that is OK! You may need to practice low cobra (baby cobra 🐍) while others in your class do upward facing dog, full cobra, etc. In the figure shown, you can see the man pictured has less space (where the intervertebral disks are found) between his vertebra while the woman has more. This allows her to more easily complete upward dog. For some people, practicing yoga will allow them to become more flexible in the muscle and fascia, and they will be able to do more advanced backbends over time. But for others, natural variation in muscle, bone, fascia and more will never allow that. I try my best to always call out as many variations/levels for poses as possible to accommodate all of my students; when I see a group of students practicing multiple variations of the same pose, I know I've done well. Most teachers do not want to see uniformity, so be as true to your body as possible! And think critically of teachers who do want uniformity or that push you into poses that are not correct for your body. The man pictured still gets a lot of chest opening benefit from doing baby cobra (maybe he can find other ways to feel like he excels in yoga, like perhaps doing tree pose for 3 minutes or learn advanced pranayama). This picture is lifted from a mind- blowing book titled "Your Body, Your Yoga" by bernieclark. The book will send you into a serious dialogue with yourself about everything you thought you knew about alignment. I'll be posting a few more gems from it soon. yourbodyyouryoga yogaforall sfyoga bodypositiveyoga spine bones anatomy vertabrae

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Spor & Terapi


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Tulio Rocha Quiropraxia


Comment from Tulio Rocha Quiropraxia:

BOA POSTURA AO SENTAR-SE! Quando sentamos, a musculatura de sustentação naturalmente tende a relaxar e a coluna vertebral e os discos intervertebrais passam a receber muito mais pressão direta que quando estamos em pé causando dores e lesões. Seguem algumas dicas para você observar na postura sentado: 1. Não cruze as pernas deixando-as ligeiramente afastadas, com os pés bem apoiados no chão. É importante que a altura da cadeira seja a mesma distância entre seu joelho e o chão (a flexão dos joelhos devem formar 90º); 2. SENTE SOBRE O OSSINHO DO BUMBUM (não causa dor e serve para orientar sobre seu eixo de peso correto) e volte o quadril levemente para frente; 3. Mantenha as costas eretas, mantendo a curvatura normal da coluna. A lordose deve existir mesmo sentado e, ao ser observado lateralmente, a coluna deverá formar um suave S; 4. Posicione os ombros levemente para trás; 5. Os braços deverão estar pendidos ao longo do corpo ou os antebraços deverão estar apoiados na mesa de trabalho; QUIROPRAXIA: SUA COLUNA, SUA SAÚDE! quiropraxia chiropratic saude healthy dornascostas backpain meditation energy meditaçao energia habitos coluna lifestyle spine postura mindpower brasilia goodvibes body happiness holistic

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Stanley Dombroski


Comment from Stanley Dombroski:

This is how returning balance affects the low back and your entire body. See full video with the link in the bio. chiropractic nucca uppercervical feelthezeel discoverholland puremichigan health bhcc slinky spine nervoussystem

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Holger (Bad Mood Machine)


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Spor & Terapi


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