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Corey Cochran


Comment from Corey Cochran:

2 types of fitness. Both equally awesome in their own way. This is what I want. 💪 health fitness top.tags fit tags fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation progress determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean exercise

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Jack Riley


Comment from Jack Riley:

So a game of pig resulted in me learning how to 360 dive roll and back full, both need cleaning up but I'm so happy I'm actually learning to twist🙌🏼 seannewsham thetroydillon harry_tagg ashsavigar training progression freerunning parkour 360 diveroll backfull trampoline energi twist pig streetmonkeys academyteam

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duncan walker


Comment from duncan walker:

Seeing a better shoulder to waist ratio. Should probably be stricter with my diet 😂 weighttraining weights weightlifting weightlifter bodybuilding training train stronger strengthtraining strong gym gym💪 gains gainz fitness instafit bigguy bigguns guns arms biceps triceps powerbuilding powerbuilder adidas power geekswholift 40plus

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Comment from RoberTheHardcore:

Rugby health fitness fit fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean exercise

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arm Lôc


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khendan7ans drill jjb mokateam training kidsbjj

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Sydney Insta Runners


Comment from Sydney Insta Runners:

Reposting nicstaru2:⠀ ...⠀ "Ahhh such nice views on my way home from work! sydneyharbour.👌⠀ .⠀ And in other news, am pretty sure my hydration vest is too big. It will do for me at the moment, but if I start training for longer events, thus will be wearing it longer, it will need to be replaced. Otherwise I really like it. Just a few sections that gape a bit that would be annoying if I had to wear it for a super long time...⠀ .⠀ .⠀ run runner running runnerslife runnerproblems motivation fitness training health sydney sydneyharbourbridge sunset sydneysunset runchat sydneyinstarunners⠀ instarunner⠀ instarunners runtoinspire runningmakesmehappy runningcommunity"

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HIT THAT LIKE BUTTEN IF YOU ❤️ A GOOD PROTEIN PANCAKE! ESPECIALLY IF ITS REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER 😜 SNAPCHAT 👻:THELEANCOACH It's a REESES PROTEIN PANCAKE kind of night 😍👌🏽 igfitfam igfitness fitness lifestyle SheLifts gym health fitfam Manchester girl guyswholift girlswholift training bpisportsuk fitnessgirl motivation cheatclean personaltrainer workout ukfitfam abs followme instafit fitspo fitspiration nutrition fatloss bpiathlete evening fitfood

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James Paterson


Comment from James Paterson:

trainingtips liquidnutrition restday much needed day off training today guys, I trained the last 7 days on the bounce and my body was definitely feeling it. My nutrition is still fairly similar on my non-training days however without the need to maximise food volume or carb intake I do throw in a few different things. I tend to get in a few higher fat meals as my fat intake is typically low on my training days in favour for carbs (good for performance but not necessarily best for health), additionally I may throw in some liquid nutrition like this smoothie pictured which I made with frozen cherrys and a couple of scoops of whey. One thing remains constant with me and that's a focus on whole foods and micronutrients, I believe in hitting daily caloric targets but never in hitting those targets with junk. I save the junk for my weekly cheat meal. bnbf ukbff npc ifbb wbff pcaarmy bodybuilding training cardio fitness gainz gym gymlife gymmotivation fitfam smoothie instafit instafame natty naturalbodybuilding protein iifym flexibledieting cleaneating

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HOP Team Athlet #gent_the_body


Comment from HOP Team Athlet #gent_the_body:

Guten Abend Liebe fitfam Community. ---------------------------------------------- Und wenn ihr gerne wollt könnt ihr mich gerne mit den zwei Rabatt Codes unterstützten. 💊Suppshop: durako10 =10% 🏠Houseofprotein: gent10 =10% --------------------------------------------- Snapchat: 👻 gent_durak 👻 Facebook: GentDurak Youtube: GentianDuraku --------------------------------------------- health Fitness fit shredz TFLers fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday healthy instahealth healthychoices staygolden swoldiernation motivation instagood optimumnutrition lifestyle houseofprotein shredzarmy nessentialwayoflife probrokitchen probroarmy

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Comment from mauromaurzen931:

Ma ki so Tony?! pitbike crf50 pbs dirtbike motocross supercross troyleedesignsanarchy troyleedesigns braaap training allenamento mxgp scorpionexo gopro 4stroke rockstarenergy skull cross offroad bikelife tcx michelin lucasoil italia italy

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Comment from Ardanan:

Instag_app health fitness fit fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean excercise followme girl

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Andy Wooten


Comment from Andy Wooten:

Check out the sign! Today was a cross training day. I rode the cruiser 39.7 miles in 3:05.01 all the way around the island. runaspen running runner ultrarunning training trailrunning marathontraining marathon crosstraining bicycle cycling islandlife mexico cozumel vacation springbreak beachbody beachlife fitfam gym fitness fitspo ironman goals winning signs cruise happyrunner runnerscommunity runnersofinstagram

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Gym, Sweat and Protein shakes


Comment from Gym, Sweat and Protein shakes:

How to wear a pair of jeans.. the right way... maya_fitness_diva ..... FIT IS BOOTYFUL.... fitness gym fit workout fitfam bodybuilding training fitspo abs strong body muscle train gymlife fitnessaddict fitnessmodel fitlife gains fitgirl girlswholift muscles shredded fitnessmotivation fitspiration gymrat trainhard physique gymtime bodybuilder fitisbootyful

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Street Gym


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David Hohmann


Comment from David Hohmann:

Az utolsó mérés. Készen állok. Megcsináltam!!! imready jelentsdteakulombseget allwaysforward neverslowdown soccer training foci csakamargitsziget CsakASziget forzanapoli forzanapolisempre MFC reszkessgoldballfc

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Ken Bam Bam


Comment from Ken Bam Bam:

Chillmode..... afterhardtrainingsessionmmaboxingwrestlingfeelinggreathookahrelaxingchillmodefashionfashionistafashionbloggerinstagraminstagoodinstamoodinstagoodfollowfollow4followfollowmeworldnewyorkmiamilasvegaslondonfrankfurtmannheim

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Comment from MICHAEL JAMES:

👀👀 gotta get the gains 💪 gainsmodelmalemodeltattoostattoomodeltrainingdoubletapphotoshootnorwegianphotographergreatshootfollowingbackblackandwhiteworkhmu

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Golden_hill Pilates


Comment from Golden_hill Pilates:

İşte Bu 💪 bu saatte en iyisi 💪full enerji 💪süperrr 💪🏃‍♀️💪

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Find My Personal Trainer


Comment from Find My Personal Trainer:

Great post from vinnierehab on head positioning when deadlifting. Check out his page for more useful content. . RepostBy vinnierehab: "WHERE TO LOOK DURING DEADLIFTS! [neck injury prevention] . Let's get this out of the way right now. Can you lift heavier when you look up? Absolutely! . But unless you're competing in powerlifting, is it worth the injury/degeneration risk? In my opinion, ❌NO! . If your goal is general fitness + staying injury-free then it's best to keep your neck in neutral when performing the deadlift . If your goal however is max PRs and you understand the risks involved, then go crazy and 🏋🏻🏋🏻🏋🏻 with your neck braaaah! 💪🏼 . Like caligirlgetsfit would say "if that works for you, great, but getting injured = pain and no gains, because you won't be lifting anything if you wind up straining your neck or back!" . When doing neutral neck deadlifts, she recommends looking down at a spot on the floor slightly in front. Most importantly don't look straight down, rounding the spine or straight up at the ceiling . For you anatomy nerds out there, when you look up under strain, you run the chance of pulling the following neck extensors . 🔹upper trapezius 🔹splenius cervicis 🔹splenius capitis 🔹longissimus cervicis 🔹semispinalis capitis 🔹semispinalis cervicis 🔹spinalis cervicis . There is other muscles in your neck that can be strained as well, such as the levator scap. and sternocleidomastoid even when they don't directly extend the neck! .

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Charles 53y


Comment from Charles 53y:

I love countdowns and ladders. Knowing you get to do one rep less each round makes you push a little harder. As far as the 'breath rests' go it's just something I came up with to taper my rest periods without having to look at a timer. Plus it teaches you to control your breathing and not let it get control of you. My time was under 22 minutes. Give it a shot and tell me what your best time is. Start out with a weight that about 2 to 3 reps short of failure with good firm. Stick work it all the way through. On the overhead sledgehammer swings instead of going 10, 9, 8 etc I went 20, 18, 16 and so on down to 2. It's a 10lb sledge so I'm able to generate more reps, plus I'm alternating shoulders anyway. strength fitness traintowin noexcuses fitforlife intensity workout healthy training athlete performance strengthandconditioning cardio hiit garage gym weightlifting exercise

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