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Chef Tyo


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" Testify " 6th Studio Album From pod 📷 by Me payableondeath 6thstudioalbum testify sonny wuv traa truby warnermusicindonesia originalcd mycollection collectorcd photography photographer

3 Days ago

Leiloona Bricabook


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WeekEnd atelierdecriture du bout du monde 🎋 co animé avec pierreraufast ! 👌 truby vogler scenario

21 Days ago

Samuele Macchi


Comment from Samuele Macchi:

Advices: the simplest the best TrubyHowToWriteAStoryStepForward

25 Days ago



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26 Days ago

Natalie Bunnie Davenport


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trueblood truby fangtasia fangs fangbanger blood obsessed

29 Days ago

Dominika Shadik Šusteková


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Rande 🤗😍☕☕💚💪😈 randevu mamchutnatycinku truby coffetime spojilanas kavoholicky totojenajviac tonepochopis zombie

30 Days ago



Comment from Sophia:

Snapped this on Tuesday to send to my old colleague as part of an ongoing joke we have about the Gherkin. Laughed so hard as I walked to Liverpool Street station I actually cried a little. That was Tuesday. Wednesday night's walk felt a little different. By Thursday we were all back to normal. London is as London does. No mucking around over here. London TheGherkin injokes Truby AV WhenIworkedatTfL hashtagsonlyGPwouldunderstand

30 Days ago

Laura Morgan Miller


Comment from Laura Morgan Miller:

What a week! Yes that's and brother and yes I know he's handsome gross Internationalaffairs london brisbane truby transatlanic BBC 🏴

31 Days ago

Здесь будут танцы на костях.


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Внимание, производство водки загружено на 20%. Выходит, налибоки не нужны?

35 Days ago

Caroline Lawrence


Comment from Caroline Lawrence:

Some of my fave tropes to help ur writing... and MINE! AmWriting amwritingfiction WritingTips HerosJourney tvtropes blakesnyder SaveTheCat Truby JohnTruby CarolineLawrence RomanQuests

42 Days ago

Lukáš Čiči Ložanský


Comment from Lukáš Čiči Ložanský:

makingaphotoofmakingaphoto truby

43 Days ago

Petra Kinclová


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nadherny vyhled a slunnecne pocasi ☀️ ze štramberské truby 🙂

43 Days ago

Petra Kinclová


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krasny vyhled ze stramberske truby 👍🏻👀

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Comment from Fanny:

Acquisition du jour 😜 Pour bosser dur sur le scénario de mes histoires 💪💙 anatomieduscenario theanatomyofstory johntruby truby filmmaker movie anatomy scenario scenariste methode récit cinéma story stories livre book bookstagram booklover écriture writing writer writersofinstagram auteur histoire passion instaday instabook reading lecture

46 Days ago

Riden islem


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mtl📷 book lumiere cinema scenario livre by john truby 😍🤘🤐🗨📘📖🎥

51 Days ago



Comment from Andrew:

Who does this?!! 🤣😂😅trumpmemes truby trump💩 proofisinthepuddin

62 Days ago

Lior Nadjar


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Insomnies & co. : le synopsis long du long-métrage machenien... picoftheday pictureoftheday paris france director movie movies films film script scenario scenary acting actinglife screenwriter writing writer cinema cine kino ambition artwork art artist lovecraft machen litterature vogler truby fantastic

65 Days ago

Mel White


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Happy Engagement Ruby and Tom. Thanks for an amazing night 💍🥂🍾 truby tobydawson

69 Days ago

Aymeric Vincent


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Anatomie du scénario truby johntruby lecture livre plaisir comprendre ecrire

71 Days ago

N A M A S T E , D O L B A E B!


Comment from N A M A S T E , D O L B A E B!:

VO. FIL'TROVANNAYA jvcr vsco vscorussia omsk truby

87 Days ago