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Vanessa Marie


Comment from Vanessa Marie:

Really excited to have been working on Snapdragon Brand the past few days - website launches on April 1! Check out the shop then 🤗

59 Minutes ago

Max Montesino


Comment from Max Montesino:

I figured out a way to transfer photos from Facebook to IG! I'll put up old photos from long-ago travels. Here is some winter majiang from January 2006. Averigue como transferir fotos de Facebook a IG! Esto me deja poner fotos de viajes antiguos. Aqui va un juego de majiang en el invierno del enero del 2006. 我發現了怎麼從Facebook移送照片到IG,所以我會上傳舊旅遊的照片。這是2006年一月的冬天麻將。 waylatergram latergram nofilter street streetview majiang winter china hunan wulingyuan 麻將 風景 中國 湖南 武陵源 invierno traveling travels travel viajes viajando 旅遊 travelgram igtravel instatravel

1 Hours ago

Julia Mangione


Comment from Julia Mangione:

Getting back to photoaday: I gave myself the unnecessarily difficult challenge of picking one favorite photo from Xmas eve, and though it was tough, this one definitely wins. The parents arrived in the afternoon from California, and my sisters arrived in the evening from the East Coast. Oma Gretel hosted us for a special spätzle dinner, and we muddled through the bilingual, multicultural meal while my incredible family fought jet lag to be there with me, Adrian, and his family. My favorite moment was after dinner, when Sonya and Allegra asked about the way that Oma had folded the napkins into the shape of stockings, and she did an impromptu workshop at the table. Having my family come all the way to Germany to have Xmas together was the best gift I ever could have wished for 🎄☺️❤️ day124 waylatergram twasthenightbeforechristmas

3 Hours ago

Julia Mangione


Comment from Julia Mangione:

Getting back to photoaday: On the last night of the Xmas market in Darmstadt, we went out for a last crepe and hot chocolate, savoring Darmstadt at its most merry and bright 🎄☕️❤️ day123 waylatergram gonnamissthis

3 Hours ago

Julia Mangione


Comment from Julia Mangione:

Getting back to photoaday: Our couch finally arrived! Now all we have to do is build it... 🛋🛠💪🏼 day121 waylatergram xmaspresentforourselves

3 Hours ago

Julia Mangione


Comment from Julia Mangione:

Getting back to photoaday: The amazing spices booth at the Darmstadt Xmas market, where I got a full spice rack's worth of flavors for under €20 (and where they were exceedingly patient with my complete lack of knowledge of the German names of spices) 🌶🎄😍 day120 waylatergram thankgoodnessforonlinedictionaries

3 Hours ago

Julia Mangione


Comment from Julia Mangione:

Getting back to photoaday: our first Xmas tree = Suki's new favorite water bowl 🎄🐺❤️ day119 waylatergram tistheseason

3 Hours ago



Comment from Lena:

"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Jesus in John 16:33 peacethroughJesus waylatergram regram

4 Hours ago

Steve Solecki


Comment from Steve Solecki:

Candid capstone faces forever whywagner webcamfail allovertheplace wegetitdone socandid googlehangout waylatergram

4 Hours ago

Lena Qu


Comment from Lena Qu:

Warmer weather is nearing! happyhumpday waylatergram 📍Portland, Oregon

6 Hours ago

Stephanie Yonkovich


Comment from Stephanie Yonkovich:

I love "bring your friends to work day" Hashtag blessed! waylatergram spiritfingers columbiauniversity

6 Hours ago

Kelsey Middlebrook (Armstrong)


Comment from Kelsey Middlebrook (Armstrong):

On this cold and snowy day I'm really wishing I had this giant Lite Brite to keep my active toddler busy. Seriously, this was the coolest toy ever! waylatergram iwishiwascrafty

6 Hours ago

Christiana Glenn


Comment from Christiana Glenn:

Going through my photos and remembering how much I loved this little hike needtodothismore waylatergram

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Comment from ´elena:

One of us is the best chef in town 👩🏽‍🍳💕🍫👩🏼‍🍳 noti cookinglessons gottastartsomewhere startedfromthebottom veganchocolatecake yumminess matchingbracelets vscocam waylatergram

11 Hours ago

Monica Fyfe


Comment from Monica Fyfe:

Day 2 waylatergram(Tuesday): halfmarathontraining treadmillintervals. I hate when the treadmill and fitbit aren't even in the same neighborhood on mileage. I mean I know I the time is off about 3 minutes but I can't run over a mile in that. 😐 halfmarathonpr sub230pr indymini Day 3: fitgirlsbootcamp supersets superduper and 2 sets of extracredit upper done. Able to increase weight on everything and maintain good form. 😃 28dayjumpstart fitkinibodychallenge fitgirlsbootcamp fitgirlsguide FGG WorkYourQuirk fitgirlfollow fitgirlsdontquit fitgirlvarsity fitgirlrevolution fitgirlsdoitbetter indianafitgirl indianapolisfitgirls fitgirlindianapolis fitgirlindiana circlecityfitgirl naptownfitgirl hoosierfitgirl

13 Hours ago

My Awesome Everyday


Comment from My Awesome Everyday:

The Opera House from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was cloudy and breezy when we decided to walk the Harbour Bridge. Fab weather and gorgeous view. waylatergram discoveringaustralia sydney harbourbridge operahouse travelgram travel travelphotography gypsy traveldiaries gypsyfeet wanderlust happiness

14 Hours ago

Nick Holmes


Comment from Nick Holmes:

Hanging out with my favorite judies while Tyler is totes feeling his oats. These bitches have become some of my closest friends lately. Hella thankful for them in so many ways. Love you guysssss

16 Hours ago


Comment from Lynmarie:

denver waylatergram

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James Savier


Comment from James Savier:


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Comment from Christina:

Mom produced this photo of my brother and I captivated by bark beetle pathways on a southwest desert trip circa age 10...I suppose I have remained relatively consistent! waylatergram

19 Hours ago