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108 RECORDZ/ T2OUCH'e Mgmt


Comment from 108 RECORDZ/ T2OUCH'e Mgmt:

Do it looks like I give a Fuck Imhere2win👑 wearethefuture GetThatBag‼️💰💰

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Comment from Martin:

No doubt she's my Woman crush for today. GLORIA OLORUNTOBI. Uber talented, her expressions are over the top and she's just 20 (I barely believe sha). Shoutout to young peeps crushing their goals. Get ready people for this is just the beginning, for we the millenials are coming strong. . . WCW millenials dreamchaser dreamchatcher wednesday wearethefuture

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Comment from Wearebinars:

Union makes us powerful! knowledgeispower wearethefuture technology

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Comment from AFAS Live:

✚ Meet & Greet nieuws! ✚ HabibaHabiba! Rapper Boef geeft een show op WeAreTheFuture en is daarnaast ook aanwezig in de Meet & Greet Area! 💥

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Matt McGibbon


Comment from Matt McGibbon:

Says it all... wearethefuture milesdosher

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Violeta Ayala


Comment from Violeta Ayala:

firstnationswomen power strength resistance wearethefuture blackpower alwayswasalwayswillbe aboriginalland Australia

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Morgan's Official Account


Comment from Morgan's Official Account:

Flashback to the time I created a special doughnut for the australianopen 🎾🍩✌🏼✌🏼

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Dorien Lammar


Comment from Dorien Lammar:

We are the future! manchester 💔 staystrong hopingforbetterdays wearethefuture axl

5 Hours ago

Lapid Leaders Africa


Comment from Lapid Leaders Africa:

Become the difference! The LapidLeadersExperience give you a firm foundation of business skills and access to a world of new career opportunities! InvestInTomorrowToday JoinTheTribe WeAreTheFuture WeAreLapidLeaders

5 Hours ago

Lapid Leaders Africa


Comment from Lapid Leaders Africa:

I joined Lapid Leaders Africa mainly because of the entrepreneurship aspect. On my vision board entrepreneurship was on top of my professional goals meant to be achieved in 5 years but, I didn’t know how to go about it. Everyone I confided in about my endeavors had an opinion but not a suitable piece of advice hence, when I joined Lapid I finally got the answers I was looking for. Read more of Joan Orino's story here -> BusinessPitch EndlessPossibilities WeAreTheFuture WeAreLapidLeaders

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Comment from Hydraulics:

And it keeps getting better ThePulseOfFashion WeAreTheFuture CountyOfMilan

5 Hours ago

Bo + Aro Ⓥ


Comment from Bo + Aro Ⓥ:

We Are The Future. Vegan Is The Future. Now available in purple! ⏺⏺⏺ vegan govegan happyvegan crueltyfree plantbased vegetarian plantbasedpower life organic ethicalfashion vegan🌱 vegansofinstagram vegansoflondon vegansofig dairyfree meatfree bestofvegan vegancommunity plantstrong veganism veganlife bekind givepeasachance bethechange veganclothing veganapparel veganfashion wearethefuture

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]When Saul saw how capable and successful David was, he stood in awe of him[.....momentnodull landofarts landofentertainment noDULLmomentparty oluwaisinvolved lagosmysuccessstory asiwaju STOPDOMESTICVIOLENCE nDm Owambe naijaboys wearethefuture

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Yayasan Jantung Indonesia


Comment from Yayasan Jantung Indonesia:

Pada tanggal 18-21 Mei 2017 YJI mengadakan TOT Outbound untuk adik2 klub Jantung Remaja kjrindonesia di Batu Tapak Camping Ground, Cidahu Sukabumi Jawa Barat. Pelatihan tersebut diikuti oleh 17 orang perwakilan dari medan, Palembang, Bengkulu, Banten, Jakarta dan Jawa Barat. Peserta TOT ini nantinya akan menjadi garda terdepan YJI untuk mengembangkan Outbound baik untuk KJS maupun KJR di seluruh pelosok Indonesia. Semangat terus! Salam Jantung Sehat. JantungSehat JantungId KJRIndonesia KlubJantungSehat KJR KJS WeAreTheFuture KerenTanpaRokok LoveYourHeart LoveYourLife

10 Hours ago

Hard Rock DJ | NUEVEX


Comment from Hard Rock DJ | NUEVEX:

Dedicated to you.! Dear friend!. I wanted to let you to know something, when you say DJs are not artist you're completely wrong. We are artists. Because we work so hard to make our own music BTW we work so hard to transform your music in something better 90% of the time. We called this (Remix). You say that what you see in the picture is not an instrument but.... I do not have to explain what kind of instrument it is because if you say that is obvious that you have no interest in being informed. (Don't criticize what you don't know) We are the reason of your expansion. And also we are constantly producing. At the studio, home, live performance, everywhere. Oh yeah!, I almost forgot. In every studio where you make your music there is a dj as a producer. We are the reason why more than 500 thousand people meet in one place every year because every one of us have the same message. Unity, love and friendships. In summary. We are the future. I don't try to make you enter into reason. At the end. I can't lower myself to your level. Just remember we are artists, sometimes more than you. Peace!. djlife dj artist singer love festival unity friends friendship producer pioneer live edm edmforever bootshaus boothausfamily blacklist amazing wearethefuture

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Comment from ⚡️Boylieber⚡️:

I'm finally out of some shit I've been in almost my whole life, and now I'm finally free. While I we're in that shit, I couldn't see any good in humans. Let's just take the cops. I've always hated them. I've never respected them the way we actually should, but the truth is, when the dark and danger comes near us, they are our Supermens. Their are our Superheroes. I've never thought I'd talk so nice bout any cops, but now when I'm out of all the evilness I've been in for 4-5 years, I can see clear. I'm more happy and more smiling too. Today I catched myself smiling to all the ppl I met. I met a homeless guy I USED TO walk pass by, but today I stoped and gave him my whole wallet, with over 700kr in it, plus credit cards. I could have walked pass him like I USED TO do, but I felt so bad when I saw him. I actually started to cry bc of the way I've laughed and walked pass him. Many of ya'll call me God sometimes which is far from the truth. It's a big honor of being called God, but God isn't someone u can go around and name everybody. I'm am far away of being one of God's angels. I believe in him, but I ain't one of his. I've done more bad than good, and that ain't no God to me. I maybe acted like small version of God today, but a true God is like that everyday. I've got a more bright feeling inside me for living. The world is cruel, but if we teenagers work hard already now, we can change it! Don't forget we're the future! I often say that to myself. "Ur the future Justin, think of ur actions." And that have helped me alot. If I didn't believe in God and tell myself that line in the mirror every morning, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't be free. I'd be a evil 17 year old who did the worst actions. When I look at myself from just a few months ago and now, I can't believe I'm the same person. I had black hair, only dressed black and my eyes we're like glass. I have a photo of myself that express all of that, but I don't wanna post it. I'm not proud of the way I used to be, or look. I looked dead. If u looked into my eyes u could see all the pain, the anger, evilness and much more. I never smiled. Never. If u took time to read all this, I thank u sfm!!❤️ -J

14 Hours ago

Grateful Yavil Sending U ❤️&💡


Comment from Grateful Yavil Sending U ❤️&💡:

Sending love and light to the world. 💕✨🦋

14 Hours ago

London FA Young Referees


Comment from London FA Young Referees:

For a catch up on today's live feed at ah.referees with our youngref Dajour, follow the link to our Facebook page wearethefuture lfafutures london referees development learning football sport sports EASports premierleague referee reflife soccer futbol futsal calcio fussball voetbal arbi arbitro arbitri arbitre arbitres support livefeed londonfa

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vrame consult gmbh


Comment from vrame consult gmbh:

our Office berlin office berlin remise berlinmitte summervibes consulting workinghard vramestagram engineering future engineering collaboration buldinginformationmodeling wearethefuture

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Ateeq Shafiq


Comment from Ateeq Shafiq:

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