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Chevelley Bean


Comment from Chevelley Bean:

Got to visit the capitol today!! It was so beautiful!! The ronaldreagan statue was super cool and it was rewarding to see the ambassador hall and the Senator hall. ⚖️🏛🌆🛣 californiaadventure californiacapitol sacramento travel adventures wearethefuture knowledgeispower redwoods iheartmyboyfriend memoriesforlife caliliving

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Comment from BossLadyMrsMayo:

My son's 💙💚 christopher ethan 12yearsold 2yearsold amusementpark havingablast ridingrides myboys mysons teammayo redhair redhead interracial black white redcheekindian marylandboys redheadsdoitbetter wearethefuture phototheday trimpers oceancity oceancitymd oceancitymaryland oceancityboardwalk familyfun

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Comment from Jenna:

I love what Sofia is doing right now. I think all the Sofans should team up and help her spread kindness and love globally through here. We all as a family should help her, and lend a hand to make someone's day better. We can cheer someone up, or leave nice comments on their page. Sofia is truly incredible. I admire her so much and I want to be part of this too. I'm with you Sofia sofia_wylie sofia_wylie sofia_wylie Sofans SOFNATION Empowertheworld wearethefuture united

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Dri Neves


Comment from Dri Neves:

Repost deadline.real (get_repost) ・・・ Great times w/dualmind Não há nada melhor que fazer o que ama e receber em troca toda essa vibe e energia de vocês! <3 WeAreTheFuture 📹📸adhneves

2 Hours ago

Jennifer Weiss 💋💕


Comment from Jennifer Weiss 💋💕:

Yup.... pretty much sums up this crazy crew 😂🌞 wearethefuture youshouldbescared lol lovemygirls thankyoujesus alumni

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Comment from Dead-Line:

Great times w/dualmind Não há nada melhor que fazer o que ama e receber em troca toda essa vibe e energia de vocês! <3 WeAreTheFuture 📹📸adhneves

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Deon Young Skylar


Comment from Deon Young Skylar:

Today is our day. Our day to be proud in the heart of New York City🗽 We walk in the face of danger, we march on the doors of resistance and we out accept ourselves for who we truly inspire to be : PRIDEFUL. Don't you let anyone dare take what you fought so damn hard to overcome - the anxiety of that damn closet door. One more piece of advice to my fellow gays, lesbians, trans, and every LGBT community member our there. YOU ARE SEXY ; ALWAYS OWN YOUR SEXINESS 🕴🏾🕴🏾🕴🏾🕴🏾 gay nycpride2017 pride🌈 menlovegay transpride transisbeautiful trans ftm ftmmodel gaymodel gaylove ftmtransgender noh8campaign noh8 breakstigma breakingstereotypes yasbitch jackwills

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Montrel Purvis


Comment from Montrel Purvis:

Choose you a clip of my new song like share comment working on the whole song now 🙌🏾😍✍🏽. But while I'm doing that. Show supporthowcouldyouplaymechallenge wearethefuture chrisbrown artist brysontiller drake unsignedartist greenville americagottalent newartist omnianightclub jayz usa blacklivesmatter singer entertainment apollotheater warriors odellbeckhamjr steveharvey ellenshow oprah alleyesonmemovie nbafinals musicstars betawards2017 boyziimen newedition neyo

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Matthew Bolus


Comment from Matthew Bolus:

Paris fashion week for the kenzo show pfw icon outfitoftheday fashion style wearethefuture thepulseoffashion hydraulics

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Comment from Hydraulics:

We out here at the Kenzo Paris fashion show SS18 wearethefuture

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Electric Line


Comment from Electric Line:

Imformacion importante sobre las "Preparties" Oficiales de Marenostrum. Tres fiestas las cuales se celebraran durante los dias 2, 4 y 7 del mes de julio, fiestas previas al festival el cual se llevara a cabo durante los dias 8 y 9 en valencia (España) 🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥. Marenostrumxperience WeAreTheFuture Valencia Spain Preparties Djs Artists Progressive Edm House Music Bass DanceMusic FutureHouse.

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Comment from PKFRJUMPS:

Repost valle_sparrman ・・・ This guy has skills for his short age!! I like his movement :D • • • moonfreerun moonfreerunshopoutnow airwipp airwippyouthteam wearethefuture germany parkour freerun adidas farangclothing gainer cork training palmflip freerunning parkour stunts sport flips sideflip tricks

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Comment from ewc4.12:

Nothing moves until you speak! No one will change until the Gospel is preached by you and me! This weekend we have a unique opportunity to do so at Afuaman. ___________ There will be buses to convey us 8am on Saturday! See you soon! itsMOVE2017 MOVEToGive MOVEToSpeak WeAreTheFuture BeTheStandard MOVEhurricane MOVEConference17

7 Hours ago

Valle Sparrman


Comment from Valle Sparrman:

Back in the game! Currently in Germany but I am going to 4tlom also! Will I see you there? • • • moonfreerun moonfreerunshopoutnow airwipp airwippyouthteam wearethefuture germany parkour freerun adidas farangclothing

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Montrel Purvis


Comment from Montrel Purvis:

For all those jacquees fans here go three videos I hope you enjoy like tag friends have fun ✍🏽comment songs you want me to do I'll make it happen howcouldyouplaymechallenge jacquees unsignedartist wearethefuture greenvillenc americanidol xfactor 2017singers brysontiller chrisbrown ayoandteo

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Andi Winter


Comment from Andi Winter:

Thank you Hannover! 😝🔥 SAIO stoneageisover wearethefuture metal electrocore red head redhead

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Comment from WE ARE THE FUTURE:

Lo prometido es deuda... WATF te sorprende por partida doble! En menos de 12 días el EPISODEIV Y EPISODEV de wearethefuturevlc en uno de los mejores clubs de la ciudad, highcube_verano2017. ¿Te lo vas a perder? NEWCONCEPT EPISODEIV EPISODEV WATF WEARETHEFUTURE

10 Hours ago

Bali Lawal


Comment from Bali Lawal:

Sono venuta a Roma pensando di partecipare ascoltando persone che parlavano dei loro progetti e nuove iniziative, mossa dalla curiosità e dalla voglia di imparare sempre qualcosa di nuovo. Mi sono ritrovata ad essere premiata ! Lusingata di tanta stima e ancora incredula, ringrazio il "CONSIGLIO ECONOMICO INTERNAZIONALE DELLA DIASPORA AFRICANA" per questa bellissima e graditissima sorpresa. Di questo ringrazio sopratutto il Prof. Roger T. per la stima e la fiducia accordatami...significa tanto per me ! É molto importante che voi siate qui in Italia per noi.... GRATEFULHEART roma italy me you workinprogress wearethefuture together erything is possible mymood mylife mylifestyle acodedworld

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Alex Jimenez


Comment from Alex Jimenez:

virgilabloh US11 please and thank you WEARETHEFUTURE RBTHVS SOLEKRITIC wdywt ootd solecollector igsneakercommunity sneakerhead hypebeast complexmag shoegame karmaloop kicksonfire nicekicks RTP streetwear nike jordan yeezy love. instagood. me. tbt. cute. follow. followme. photooftheday.

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Comment from _iriemermaid:

Worry bout yoself! 👌

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