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Your Local Trash Can


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A bitch is soft rn.

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Mary Pershall


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Trying to fly 🦅 wings

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wingfuzion wings happycustomers

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Your Local Trash Can


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Comment from jungshook.bitch:

Idk why but I have a sudden urge to express my feelings about these boys. Okay I was in a place in my life where I felt I had no purpose like at all. I had no hobbies no interest then all of a sudden these 7 men changed my life , ik that's a bit too extra say but honestly I have something now I can invest my time into ,meet new friends who understand my feelings :) one I day when i meet them I will honestly thank them so much for being so influential❤ - - - - bts btsarmy namjoon rapmonster seokjin jin yoongi suga jeonjungkook jungkook hoseok jhope jimin taehyung v l4likeforlikesback l4l amazon wings qotd kpop kpopf4f kpopl4l

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call me meme recycler


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oK IN MY BIO IT SAYS SELECTIVE-- THAT MEANS I SELECT WHO TO FFF OK 😩😩😩 -m- • • for more posts like these, follow : bangtanboys_012 comment if I'm your ghostie!👻 •  nottoday springday v taehyung jungkook jin jimin jhope suga rapmonster btsarmy army btsmemes beyondthescene bangtan bangtanboys kpop kdance kpopfff l4lKpop kpopmemes 방탄kpoplover bts billboard  wings memes bts.bighitofficial

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Sebastian Ledesma


Comment from Sebastian Ledesma:

Grub time wings

3 Minutes ago

212 foodies and roomies!


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Calories don't count on weekends 🍟 cluckyeah friyay brfc cheatday 212diet blueribbonfriedchickenfriedchickenfrieschickenwingschickenwingsdrumsticksfrenchfriesfriedfoodfastfoodlesnycfoodiefoodpornfoodilysmfoodstagraminstanominstagoodinstafoodinstadailyalwayseatingcantstopwontstop

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Scott Spicer


Comment from Scott Spicer:

Another vermilion flycatcher, possibly the same one since I was in the same area. vermilionflycatcher bird wings nature naturephotography belize servicespringbreak morespringbreakpicturestocome

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Buffalo Wing Coalition


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Straight 🔥 from Eddie Brady's tonight. buffalo wings chickenwings

5 Minutes ago

Along The Way.


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Stunning lucifer wings sdcc sdcc2017 comiccon comiccon2017

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💜 "Love Yourself" 💜


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ลูกชายมี้ ... คิดถึง🐰😍 เจ้าตุ่ยฟันจอบของมี๊ เด็กน้อยน่ารัก เพ้อเพราะคิดถึงลูกชายหหนักมาก ลูกชายเค้าน่ารัก ตัลล๊าคคคค แสบเล็กของเค้า นางน่ารักเลยรักนาง เจ้ากาตุ่ยตาแป่วของเค้า กาตุ่ยกุกกี้ 방탄소년단 전정국 정국 JUNGKOOK JK jeonjungkook jungkookie kookie rapmonster jin suga jhope jimin v bighit bangtan bangtansonyeondan BTS army wings you_never_walk_alone

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آن/ 에데르؛


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||BANGTAN ✨|| - - - جلطه صغنونه متضر💛💛 jikook_47 1004_chohee juunad jungkokii . - - - bts army rapmonster kookie v suga jin jimin jhope aabangtan minsuga bangtanboys bangtansonyondan minyoongi taehyung jikook wings parkjimin vkook yoonseok agustd . - - س : كومنت _ ●! 🍃 فايتينغ ✨ لوفيو ال 💜

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Kyle Thron


Comment from Kyle Thron:

My little angel chichi ! cat cats catsofinstagram wings 😻 😺 gato baby babygirl girl dragonball dragonballz dragonballgt dragonballsuper dbz tuxedocat tuxedo kitten kittens meow purr pet

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Jennah Justeen


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DateNight justus jawneybakers torontoeats foodinthe6ix lovefood dinnerdate foodporn calamari wings chickenparm stripsteak yummy

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Comment from 소니아 ALEJANDRA 💜:

당신이 사랑 감사합니다 💙 wings lie you_never_walk_alone mochi chimchim jimin jiminie love myoppa myboy teamo instagram instalike instafollow instabts instakorean instachilean chile korea asia perfectman perfectinfinity kansamida annyeonghaseyo

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11 Gs Low Frost,cream White V2

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dome !


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|qotd below| ; i watched yoongi and jin videos i honestly can't with them oml ; 솝~ ♡ ''` qotd: favorite ionic line your bias has said? aotd: kkaepjang ♡ _ . 슈기 민윤기 yoongi SUGA tae 뷔 방탄소년단 bangtan BTS 져이홉 jhope hoseok 랩모스터 hawaii wings btsynwa sope yoonseok bighit

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Comment from to_the_pain:

flashbackfriday Found this from forever ago! Is there anything better than reading on the beach? I dare say no. 🌹 Also, am I the only one that apparently reads with a weird look on my face?? Lol, I guess my concentrating face looks a lot like my angry face 😜 🌹 bookstagram bookstagrammer booknerdigans booknerd bookdragon bookworm read reading bookish beachreading readingonthebeach booksandbeaches lakesidereading booksandsand booksonthebeach bibliophilelife bibliophile yalit instabooks yabooks aprilynnepike wings wingsseries teamtamani alwaysreading books bookishgirl beachday bookreader

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