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Comment from New_Genration😍:

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Comment from margo_fitlife:

Пять минут удовольствия 😂😂😂😂 Плюс этой мини тренировки в том,что для неё не требуется никакого снаряжения;и в дальнейшем хотелось бы рассматривать тренировки с минимальным задействование спортивного инвентаря,так как далеко не все из нас хотят покупать гантели,эспандеры и пр.спортивную снарягу 🏋🏾🤦🏻‍♀️ Итак-вот и сами упражнения: 🔸20 отжиманий(для тех кому тяжело,можно делать облегчённые отжимания с колен) 🔸20 бурпи 🔸20 прыжков из приседа (не люблю это упражнение,но делаю,так как оно одно из самых эффективных на сжигание) 🔸15 отжиманий(терпи детка,это ведь быстрая тренировка и это скоро закончится 😂👌🏻) 🔸15 бурпи 🔸15 прыжков из приседа (прыгай,оно все ещё эффективно😹🤣) 🔸10 отжиманий(осталось совсем немного) 🔸10 бурпи 🔸10 прыжков из приседа И наконец-то последний подход(да-да,мы дожили до этого😂🙌🏻🏋🏾😱 🔸5 отжиманий 🔸5 бурпи 🔸 5 прыжков из приседа 🙆🏻🏋🏾 Ну вот теперь тв можешь ползти и делать себе кофе ✌🏻🙈☕️ selfienikeselfietimegumsportysportskinnyfitgirlfitnessfitspirationworkoutfitstagramtraininghealthtflersfollowinstagirllflabsvscovscocamvscogridigersfitspirationabssportsmotivatefitnessmotivationfitlifeniketrainingmotivate Рита_отчаянная_домохозяйка

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Fit Realm


Comment from Fit Realm:

If you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again . . . shredded workout fitlife fitfam trainhard cardio goals lifestyle noexcuses gains running coach dreams fitspo muscle singapore workhard sg health crossfit progress passion beastmode training abs weightlossjourney gymlife healthylifestyle cleaneating

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Łukasz 😎


Comment from Łukasz 😎:

Definicja wjeżdża 👌🏼 warsawboy warsaw zoliborz polishboy cut gym fitness training passion motivation chest asthetics arms abs fit followme instagood instadaily happy check workout

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Comment from F.Aniela.H:

English text below... Guten Morgen zusammen. Challenge Tag 21... Heute bin ich richtig motiviert😬 Und wie sieht es bei euch aus? Und bei dir Bruderherz the_cr7_challenge ? . Good morning guys... Challenge day 21 Today i'm really motivated😬 And what about you? ... .. . weighloss arms bauchbeinepo instafit instafitness instahealth health training trainhard workout gym diet abnehmen healthylife fat2fit fattofit fatburning burnfat burningfat fatburner bodybuilding abs abdominals abtraining workout fitness fit fitnessstudio bauchbeinepo training

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Comment from Sterling:

When you find a mirror that lets you stretch and take a post gym selfie lol just me things - hit some legs (lunges 4x40 -- leg press 4x10 -- goblet squats 3x15 --single leg RDLs 3x12 each leg) and then did some inclined speed walking 30 mins and stair master for 10 mins while I watched the fosters 😻. Forgot my earphones but managed to still have a killa workout. 👊🏾and yes my face looks like a 🍅 and yes that's sweat aha . . . . . . . . . . . . fit fitness lifting abs obliques health healthy lifestyle motivation strength onedayatatime strong muscle workinprogress lifting weights gym gymmotivation selfie girlswholift squats deadlifts legs shoulders arm upperbody flex nike nikewomen sweat

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Comment from New_Genration😍:

hot boy sexy white abs girl legs love blue indian

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Comment from Lisa:

Morning! Zo eerst lekker naar de gym, vanmiddag uit lunchen en vanavond op stap, wat een heerlijk dagje!♥ . . . . . . . . health getfit fitjourney fitspo fitfam fitfamnl fitgirls fitdutchies dutchfitness girlswholift healthybody lifestyle workout workforit gymlife gymshark gymaddict foodie fitnessmodel cardio shapeoftheday weightloss abs fitspiration fitlife bodylove motivation gymjunkiesnl fitgirlsnl bootybuilding

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Flora Cheng


Comment from Flora Cheng:

Absolutely love this scary transition to pdrussianlayback 😃 sadiesgym . . . polefitness poledance poleart polesport poletricks poledancenation fitness workout excercise fitspo circus cirque cirqueway muscles lift girlswholift abs strength strong flexible flexibility aerialfitness practice nopainnogain noexcuses fun lifestyle latergram

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Comment from frezewitte_m:

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Guido fitness


Comment from Guido fitness:

Keeping it old school. Always tracking, always searching for improvements. Gym healthy motivation bodybuilding instafit workout aesthetics train fitfam ukbff abs fit fitspo natural mensphysique health inspire physique instagood instadaily picoftheday foodporn food fit lifestyle instahealth flexfriday dedicated family

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Comment from New_Genration😍:

hot boy sexy white abs girl legs love blue indian

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Mr Delts


Comment from Mr Delts:

wcw ? Yeah thats my woman crush Wednesday ❤️ Tag your and let them know what they mean to you 💪🏼 ____________________________________________ gym gymrat weightlifting abs aesthetics cute couplegoals diet enjoy fit food fitspo fitness fitnessmotivation healthy happy instagood inspiration love model photooftheday

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💋 Mel x GB 💪


Comment from 💋 Mel x GB 💪:

""You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.""......""Love the life you live, live the life you love"".... Two of my fave quotes from the legend that is Bob Marley. 💪👊 fitgirlsofinsta fitfam ukfitfam fitfamuk fitgirl fitmom fitmum fitmums muscles abs girlsthatlift girlswithmuscle girlswithabs shoulders arms workout gym gymlife fitlife instafit igfit igfitness shredded

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Dan 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 🇷🇺


Comment from Dan 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 🇷🇺:

You gotta give 110% if you want to succeed. Always aim higher because no one ever said dreaming big is wrong!!! 💀 coresthetix

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Comment from DEZEYNER ©:

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Comment from bodybuildingproblog:

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Kristin Berkenkamp Van Duzee


Comment from Kristin Berkenkamp Van Duzee:

Biceps and 5 miles of cardio ❤️ with only 4 hours of sleep. Had to go lighter on the dumbbell weight with the limited energy progress strongereveryday strongnotskinny stronger strongwoman whataduzee beastmode navywife bbg bbgcommunity bbggirls bbgprogress transformation trainhard weightlifting weightlosstransformation bodybuildingmotivation tactical tacticalgear lawenforcement fitcops thinblueline guns sunsoutgunsout vizsla abs bicepcurls biceps armday transformationtuesday

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Shun Kanai


Comment from Shun Kanai:

今日は天国の海でシュノーケリング🐠 ウミガメにあえるといいことがあるんだって🙃✨ めっちゃ楽しめました😆 新婚旅行ハワイ天国の海筋トレ初心者 ワークアウトフィットネスシックスパックジム腹筋プロテインhoneymoon hawaii workout fitness sixpack gymabs

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2Brothers 01


Comment from 2Brothers 01:

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