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Comment from Lauren:

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" letthatsinkin findyourgift shareyourheart give itmattershowyoutreatpeople lovehard breakyourheartopen altruism findthebeauty besomeoneslight lifegoals powerofpositivity powerful wordsmatter dogood believeinpeople believeingood sharehappiness spreadjoy

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Comment from SuZieQ●pounces😆Original Images:

●○● Give the gift of giving because it comes from your heart ●○● ▪ ▪ ▪ feelsgoodtogive givingback givingbacktothecommunity altruism helpsomeoneinneed alturistic becomeadonor changinglives makingadifference startbychangingonepersonslife yesyoucanmakeadifference tryityoulllikeit 👍 beyourbestyou bekind kindnesscounts 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

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Majid Khojasteh


Comment from Majid Khojasteh:

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Kirstin / #FletchFam


Comment from Kirstin / #FletchFam:

❤❤ Love this. bekind betrue beyourbestself quotes inspire life learn listen love altruism kindness loveeachother smile beautiful credit: bumble

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🌿🍃🍎Eduardo Torres🍎🍃🌿


Comment from 🌿🍃🍎Eduardo Torres🍎🍃🌿:

🌿🍃🇹🇩Agradezco mucho el cariño y apoyo de todos, ya que gracias a su amor incondicional, esta será solo una de muchas aventuras donde la felicidad de TODOS será nuestra pasión🇹🇩🍃🌿 passion sgi friends love kitchen cheflife chef bebetter besutifulday dinner fighting moments flag sky clouds food altruism cancun jovenes caribbean

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nic buchan


Comment from nic buchan:

every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. // martin luther king _____________________________ mlk quote altruism selfishness martinlutherking light darkness fire campfire

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Comment from Ryne:

"Trying" ...... truth life real heart honesty spokenword poetry poem trying SanDiego daygo strength inspire altruism

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Gabriela Dias


Comment from Gabriela Dias:

Só vem Shambhalarecife altruism rainhadotrance minharainha soamor shambhalarecife

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Christopher Rudd


Comment from Christopher Rudd:

I've never been one to seek out attention. The importance of others has always and will continue to be a priority for me. But there comes a point in your life where you look in the mirror and smile with pride at the person you've become. I've a long way to go before I am the best version of myself, but with the help of others, I know I will get there soon. leadership motivation change Toronto torontoalumni confidence altruism

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mercurialism at its best...


Comment from mercurialism at its best...:

어제 우체국에서 택배로 왔다. 누가 경찰서에 반납하고 내 지갑은 내게로 다시 돌아왔다...감동 the post office delivered this yesterday. someone had returned my lost wallet to the police, everything inside intact... goodpeople exist hoperestored feelinggood payitforward altruism atitsbest 착하게살아야겠다 고맙습니다 감사합니다 선행남에게되풀기 용산구 용산구가최고

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Hai África


Comment from Hai África:

Mais uma foto que tiramos em um passeio pela nossa comunidade de Kabiria, que é bem pobrezinha mas nos acolheu. A Kabiria cercada de pessoas trabalhadoras, que lutam por melhores condições de vida e que precisa de mais olhares. É por ela que somos motivados a expandir o Hai e receber muito mais babies aqui na nossa escola. Gratidão a todos que já contribuíram, que contribuem ou que ainda pretendem contribuir com o nosso sonho. Vocês fazem a diferença! 🙏❤ haiafrica socialproject spreadlove love life altruism grateful happiness children africa kenya kabiria

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Nikki Wieland


Comment from Nikki Wieland:

"The love we give away is the only love we keep" elberthubbard goals lifegoals giving givingnotreceiving givingnotgetting lovewithoutreward philanthropicacts altruism love discernment wisdom faith meditation godinallthings

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Comment from SuZieQ●pounces😆Original Images:

● □ ● From Dreams to Degrees●□● A Celebration of csus Scholarships 😃 harperalumnicenter agiftthatkeepsgiving giveagiftofeducation scholarshipdonor collegedegreesmatter ▪ ▪ ▪ scholarships csus sacstate fromdreamstosucceeding dreamsdocometrue altruism altruism2017 Christina (scholarship receipient), doreenlmahoney and I...we had a wonderful time listening to speakers, music & catching up. 😆 😆 😆 michaelcfraziermemorialscholarship sacstate educationrocks

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Milad Kaok


Comment from Milad Kaok:

One of the most exciting moments I've experienced in my hole life! Enjoying TONY ROBBINS here in London with my best man dawwinci upw anthonyrobbins mindfulness motivated excitement unleashthebeast altruism nlpinspired nlpcoaching nlp values goals unleashthepowerwithin

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Daphne Hagadone


Comment from Daphne Hagadone:

Iridescent blue Fairy Cobalt, Copper and Pearl fairies earrings charging on Peppermint Frankincense for romantic,authentic, gentle, compassionate and altruistic (stylish) souls style romantic fairyjewels fairy jewels pearl blue cobalt copper stone crystals creativity compassion altruism values calm peppermint frankincense earrings fashion fairies fashion authentic

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Fundación Big Bola


Comment from Fundación Big Bola:

Hoy tuvimos un bingo a beneficio de Un Ángel al Cielo.

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Comment from Snowflake22:

The catch basin .Where deer and birds got hydrated...snowflake3photography oslove oslobilder innerpeace peace courage nature sky Inspiration naturelover santaritapaoay norway wisdom ideas emotions Thinkbig humble intuition pinoynorsk passion osloskoger skogtur fjelltur opplevelser skog natureismymusic altruism

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Comment from Marie:

Ikväll blir det grisigt värre 🐽 med min älskade bästa vän candibaux ❤️💋 nöffisenough

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The Humane League


Comment from The Humane League:

Hey OliveGarden, The Humane League means business. ✊️ ➡️ Join us in speaking up. Go to the OliveGarden IG and ask them to stop torturing chickens. ⬅️

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