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Comment from 毎日さぶろう(yghr豆富店):

タイメックス。 以前腕時計を購入した時に プレゼントで貰ったものです。 中には何が入ってるんだろ? 考えてみました。 アメリカを感じられるものと いえば、そうだな‥、 土? ‥ホントにアメリカのかどうか 確認出来ないな、うーん‥。 空気? ‥景品で貰っておいてなんだけど、 詐欺でしょ、それ。 銃弾? ‥いやいやいやそーいうの マジ怖ぇーから!ダメだって! ‥。 とまぁ想像を膨らませて遊んで みましたが、裏に記載されてました。 【BANDANA OR CARDCASE】 ‥銃弾の方が良かったかなー‥‥。 豆しば三兄弟 豆三郎 ぬいぐるみ ぬい撮り タイメックス TIMEX 腕時計 アメリカ AMERICA アメリ缶 銃弾

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♡ ariana grande ♡


Comment from ♡ ariana grande ♡:

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Country Life/Southern Attitude


Comment from Country Life/Southern Attitude:

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Katie O'Rourke


Comment from Katie O'Rourke:

Come find us at 38th and West for some shopping fun!! We have Americana and the Mouse will be in the house 😘 lularoekatieorourke lularoe america usa oceancitynj ocnj summer beach oceancity simplycomfortable minniemouse saturday vacation shopping popup

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Comment from fumwata:

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Comment from 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍FOLLOW👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸:

Y'all always have to be careful who you trust, don't forget that

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Comment from bitterest_pill:

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Life As A VIP


Comment from Life As A VIP:

Our time in Orlando for the first part of our honeymoon was made even more magical by how amazing the customer service and in particular their disabled access services were. Not having to queue out in the sunshine or inside their dark castles and so on, meant that I didn't get a migraine the whole week and felt safe and independent. The staff were extremely helpful and people seemed to respond well to my symbolcane. At the Kennedy Space Center the lady even helped me to sign my name in the right place and read out everything I might have needed to make me feel independent and gave me a free audio guide specifically designed for the visuallyimpaired which made my day there even better. disney kennedyspacecenter universal universalstudios florida orlando visualimpairment vi vip partiallysighted stargardts maculardegeneration rnib henshaws fightforsight macularsociety customerservice cane sightloss sunnies america usa disability disabledaccess holiday honeymoon disneymoon

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Sailors Say What?!


Comment from Sailors Say What?!:

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Comment from Heatherchastyles:

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Travel around in the World

Comment from Travel around in the World:

Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The medieval history of the Czech Republic, rich in dates and events, gave us a colossal number of interesting facts. mountains sea ocean bestphoto traveler traveltotheworld Earth beautyplanets travel animals wildlifeconditions plants wildanimals wild west america europe asia desert theeverlasting treasure treasureoftheplanet beautifulpeople bestday inthewild kingdomofnature yacht travelontheroad prague

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Henrikke Kongsten


Comment from Henrikke Kongsten:

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Comment from Ian EHR:

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Comment from L:

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Comment from Scott:

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Mansour Sa


Comment from Mansour Sa:

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Mathieu LC


Comment from Mathieu LC:

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Wellness Pain, M.D.


Comment from Wellness Pain, M.D.:

The AMA (American Medical Association) adopted new policies targeted at aggressively improving the country's nutrition earlier this month at their 2017 annual meeting. They took action on several incredibly important issues. ___ The first being sugar-sweetened beverages offered to adults and children. They also resolved to make healthy, plant-based foods available at all hospitals and to remove all processed meats. ___ They also passed an incredibly important resolution on improving healthfulness of food banks and food assistance programs (the SNAP program). They are advocating the SNAP program not only distribute fresh fruits and vegetables but that simple meal plan instructions and education be handed out, as well. Every American should be given access to healthy food, and this brings us closer to making that a reality. ____ I was so happy to see this, and I think this is an incredible step towards prevention of chronic disease (including pain) in the U.S.

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