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My definition of pain. 🤷🏼‍♂️ be a warrior and fight it. bulking life goals ambition philosophy England America Quote Instaquote Gains Gym Shredz Myprotein Success Failure Sikh business Education Time Truth Arnold Tailopez Garyvee Garyvaynerchuck Vaynermedia Lifestyle lifestyleblogger Education workout swole mind

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The Third Eye Program


Comment from The Third Eye Program:

The President-in-thief will lead his fascist pigs to shit all over our freedom, and afforded freedoms, of which we continue to fight quit, can't stop progress writing jah letsgo JBlittzz socioeconomic blogger sociopolitical music jazz hiphop rap political economics AHCASucks follow jblittzz therevolutionwillnotbetelevised newartsoon learn FuckTrump loser makeracistsafraidagain worktogether feelme politics facts capitalism injustice America fascism credit: nytimes

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AR Holiday 上大岡


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Yanni Davros


Comment from Yanni Davros:

I don't recognize the country I was born in anymore. My only small hope is that when the current lawmakers die of old age, their youthful replacements will bring with them compromise, and creative, educated solutions. politicalcartoon comic webcomic art liberal democracy democrat america usa liberty instagood picoftheday government drawing

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Comment from bosss_302:

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G e m m a 📷


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🐻Shotaro Kumano🐻


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Yusuf Lori


Comment from Yusuf Lori:

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Comment from TAELA JADE:

Looking back on what has just been one of the biggest journeys of my life, I am happy to say that it was 100% worth it. Before I left people were asking me things like "Aren't you scared?" and "Are you sure about going overseas?" and my personal favourite "Why don't you just want and give it 6 months and see if it gets better?" Yes I was scared, nervous, worried and a lot of other emotions about going overseas and get medical treatment done which was going to put me in a large large amount of debt, but can you really put a price on your health and how you live each and everyday? My answer is no... I have no regrets about my decision to go and get stem cell therapy with the amazing stemedix crew they were fantastic and some of the most amazing people I have ever met and so full of knowledge. No only that but I got to visit a beautiful country and meet other beautiful individuals, as well as seeing some spectacular sights when my body allowed it. So here is to being fearless, and living your life with no limits and even if you live with a chronic illness don't let it define you and take every opportunity you can to have great experiences as well as listening to your body!! 💙✌🏼🍃🇺🇸 america immunedeficiency chronicillness befearless livelife noregrets

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Comment from J E S T I N E:

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Comment from DrunkBaldEagle:

Liberals really are messed up and can't deal with reality .......................................................... trump president presidenttrump donald 2 amendment politics america merica freedom eagle drunk beer guns red white blue flag maga Whitehouse instagood presidentDonaldtrump deplorable Hillaryforprison makeamericagreatagain instadaily dank springbreak friday london DrunkBaldEagle

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✈️ Tcas22 ✈️


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Alia Coster


Comment from Alia Coster:

*excuse the bra*. Not that there's anything wrong with a bit of wobble, but feeling really good about body progress from Muay Thai training and eating clean. Even after having 4 weeks off for the recent america trip. The top two are from mid December, and the bottom today. Feeling firmer, my skin looks healthier. My face looks better; I feel more energetic. Even in this ridiculous heat. 😜. My arms and tummy I usually struggle most with so glad I'm feeling happy about em. Back on it. Ladies. It's a good work out. Give it a go! wisarut wisarutmuaythai paimuaythai gym gymlife muaythailadies muaythai muaythaitrainingcamp nofilter fatloss musclegain eatclean traindirty

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Comment from Nik:

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Coin Collecting


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Discount Pharmacy Australia


Comment from Discount Pharmacy Australia:

Gut health is good for your mental health. Stock up on Blackmores Probiotics today!

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IES Lounge


Comment from IES Lounge:

"How to Get Into Harvard Business School & How to Succeed Once You're Accepted". . What a successful event held at IES Lounge by Qontak last night! . They discussed the possibilities of getting into the MBA Program at Harvard, how to face the struggles of Masters applications, how to professionalize and globalize your knowledge and many more! . E-mail us if you want to book our space for YOUR awesome events too! 📧 . . . business harvard mba masters elite usa startup america event community company ies lounge coworking coworkingplace jakarta indonesia

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Comment from SMOKE 🚬 BITCH 🚬:

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